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March 25, 2021 6 min read

In this article:

  • Definition & causes of fatigue
  • Symptoms of fatigue
  • Supplements to elevate energy
  • Other ways to boost your energy naturally

Definition & causes of fatigue

Fatigue, in its simplest form, is used to describe a feeling of tiredness orlack of energy. Though a lack of sleep can cause fatigue, they are not totally interchangeable. Rather than just feeling "sleepy", fatigue is often expressed as alack of energy or motivation.Fatigue can be mild and short-lived, or it can become chronic and impact your general wellness in the long run. There are three main causes of fatigue:

  • Lifestyle factors:Factors both within and out of our control can make us feel fatigued.Lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, over-exertion, chronic stress (highcortisol levels), certain medications, alcohol consumption, obesity, drugs, grief, consuming too much caffeine, and a poor diet are common culprits of fatigue.
  • Physical health conditions:Unfortunately, fatigue is an extremely commonside effect of a variety of different medical conditions including:
  1. Anemia or iron deficiency
  2. Arthritis
  3. Autoimmune disorders
  4. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  5. Colds and the flu
  6. Congestive heart failure
  7. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  8. Diabetes
  9. Eating disorders
  10. Emphysema
  11. Fibromyalgia
  12. Hypothyroidism
  13. Hyperthyroidism
  14. Kidney disease
  15. Liver disease
  16. Sleep disorders
  • Mental health issues:Fatigue is often tied to many different mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Symptoms of Fatigue

Fatigue can be defined and manifested in many different ways. Common symptoms include:

  • Weak and aching muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Apathy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Headaches
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Slowed reactions
  • Blurred vision

Supplements to elevate energy

Getting out from under fatigue can be difficult. Your first line of defense is to speak with your doctor to see if there are any underlying causes, whether mental or physical. Secondly, try to evaluate your lifestyle and see if there is any room for improvement, like exercising,weight loss, spending time outdoors, talking to a grief counselor, or joining thesober movement. Lastly, no matter what level of fatigue you are experiencing, you may benefit from adding anaturalenergy-boosting supplement to your diet.

  • Ashwagandha:Theashwagandha plant is a small shrub that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Today, it is a knownadaptogen, meaning it has beenprovento help your body manage stress. This mayincrease energy by making you more resilient to mental and physical stress, whilereducing muscle fatigue due to exercise.
  • Vitamin C: There are many well-knownhealth benefits ofvitamin C including support for yourimmune system, preventingiron deficiency,and making you feel more energized.One study found that highervitamin C levels were related to fat burning and inversely related to fatigue.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency, which is estimated to affect 50% of the world's population, is linked to both mental and physical fatigue. Studies have found that patients who tookvitamin D supplements had improved muscle efficiency and decreasedfeelings of depression compared to patients who had not.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):Coenzyme Q10 is found in every cell of the human body. Shortages can be caused by genetics, age, or other nutritional deficits, such as vitamin B6 deficiency. Because CoQ10 is used to create energy within the cells, not getting enough caninterfere with cell functioning all throughout the body. It has been linked to heart disease, brain disorders, diabetes, and cancer. Starting at the cellular level, CoQ10 is absolutely critical for our bodies to be energized.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola rosea is another naturaladaptogen.Rhodiola was found to helpreduce depressive symptoms, enhance physical performance, andease mental fatigue.
  • Collagen: Collagen supplements have also been shown to helpboost energy levels!Collagen is made up of amino acids proline and glycine, the latter of which may help toboost metabolism and energy levels. It's also a great way to satiate your appetite for longer periods, as the extra protein in your diet keeps you feeling fuller between meals. Whether you'refasting or just trying to make it to lunchtime without a snack, collagen can be an asset!
  • B Complex Vitamins:B vitamins, which can be found in meat and dairy products, help our bodies to transform food into energy. Without them, you may develop avitamin B12 deficiency and become more at risk ofiron deficiency and fatigue. Vegans,older adults, and those withgastrointestinal disorders may require adietary supplement to adequately raise their vitamin B levels andboost energy production.
  • Iron: Iron is necessary for our bodies to produce hemoglobin, a protein inred blood cells that transports oxygen from your lungs, to your organs and tissues.Iron deficiencies (anemia) can make you feel sluggish and fatigued. While iron supplements can be a greatenergy booster for people with deficiencies, excessive iron intake can be dangerous, so be sure to consult your doctor first.
  • Creatine:Creatine is a great pick-me-up. It's apopularenergy supplement for weight lifters and sprinters because it provides you with short, powerful bursts of energy.Creatine causes the muscles to hold water, thus it's often paired with weight gain. For this reason it's usually reserved for the gym rather than your morning smoothies.
  • Beetroot Powder:Beetroot is another performance supplement. Beetroot is packed with nitrate which helps increaseblood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles. Beetroot may also decreasehighblood pressure.
  • Guarana: Guarana is a natural source of caffeine, that’s why it can make you feel more energized. It's not exactly for the faint of heart -guarana seeds may contain four to six times more caffeine thancoffee beans! Using too much caffeine can actuallydecrease your energy in the long run by interfering with sleep, so make sure to take it slow and leave plenty of space betweensupplementation and bedtime.
  • Ginkgo biloba:Ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to improve mood by promoting both alertness and calmness simultaneously.Although more studies are needed, by making you more alert and calm, ginkgo biloba may increase your sense of energy and isgenerally considered safe.
  • Ginseng:Ginseng is also considered to be anadaptogen, meaning it helps the body cope with mental and physical stress without causing a crash, like with caffeine or sugar. According to Harvard Health, more high-quality tests need to be done to determine its energy-boosting abilities, but it is considered a safe and healthy supplement. There are many health benefits to reap from a delicious cup ofginseng green tea, but keep a close eye on your caffeine intake to avoidjitters.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps you to boost yourenergy production by regulatingneurotransmitters and promoting better sleep! It hasbeen found to helpalleviate insomnia,and may even help prevent type 2 diabetes and manage weight gain.

Other ways to boost your energy naturally

  • Stay hydrated. Try to drink about 15.5 cups of fluids a day for men and 11.5 cups of fluids a day for women. You can getan app to track your progress and even send you helpful reminders to keep drinking!
  • Swapenergy drinks and caffeine for lemon water to avoidjitters and anxiousness.
  • Maintain healthy eating habits with plenty ofantioxidants.
  • Get enough sleep (aim for 8hrs per night).
  • Try adding relaxing activities such as yoga to your routine to increaseblood flow and alertness.
  • Practice breathing exercises when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  • Try standing meditation to provide mental breaks throughout the day.

When we need a quick pick-me-up, we often reach for sugary, energy drinks or head to the coffee machine because it’s easily available to us. Instead, try adding some healthy, energizing supplements to your morning routine or next to your coffee to get all the energy you need with none of the jitters!

Summary Points

  • Fatigue can be mild and short-lived, or it can become chronic and impact your general wellness in the long run
  • Fatigue is often tied to many different mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Collagen is made up of amino acids proline and glycine, the latter of which may help to boost metabolism and energy levels
  • Ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to improve mood by promoting both alertness and calmness simultaneously

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