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January 03, 2020 2 min read

Amandean’s Back To The Future Savings Are Here.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Michael J. Fox - you’re in good company - or you’re searching for enlightenment through collagen for 2020 - also in good company - you’ve come to the right place. Why? Keep reading.

First, can we just slow down and take a minute to acknowledge the start of a new year, and this time around, an entirely new decade? While a new year can bring with it a bit of trepidation and angst - getting through the January blues, working through holiday credit card woes, becoming younger this year, and discovering the meaning of life - your Amandean friends are here to help where we can!

Let’s go back to the future togetherandwith Michael - we love a good figurehead!

What does that mean? Stick with me, it’s actually super simple. Every time you invest in any 2 of our selectively-sourced Amandean products from Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen or Beef Gelatin, to Vegan Omega-3 capsules, Liposomal Antioxidants, and even holistic healing Boswellia Extract, you save 5% on your order. And, each product you add to your order saves you another 5% up to a whopping total of 20% on 5 or more products!

Here's How It Works

Buy 2 products, 5% OFF: Use discount code: 2REWIND5
Buy 3 products 10% OFF: Use discount code: 3REWIND10
Buy 4 products 15% OFF: Use discount code: 4REWIND15
Buy 5+ products 20% OFF: Use discount code:

Even better? This offer is good not once, butevery single time you buy.

What’s this got to do with Michael J. & his time machine? Actually, quite a bit. We all have our nostalgic crushes of the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, and, dare I say, 60’s. With every order of 2 or more products not only do you save money (admit it, that’s a plus) but you can also turn back the clock on aging and magically transform into your iconic self in the decade of your choice. (I’m into the 1970’s Farah Fawcett version of myself if we’re being honest.)

Make sense? Great! Now take a deep breath, put down your list of resolutions - and your Instagram - and start with at least a couple of containers of your favorite, non-GMO premium supplements. You can’t go wrong!

Michael J. Fox believes in you, and so does your Amandean Family.

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