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    Before we dive into its benefits, let's get a baseline of collagen's role in the body and what exactly marine collagen supplements are. Collagen is one of the most fundamental building blocks of the body. There are many types of collagen, but the most prevalent by far is called Type I collagen. Type I collagen is rich in amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which all serve their own unique functions in the body. The benefits of collagen are far-reaching - literally - from the health of your hair and all throughout your body, including bone health, the tissues in your blood vessels, and the health of your gut.

    If you're shopping for collagen powder, you're likely to come across the phrase "collagen peptides". Simply put, hydrolyzed collagen peptides are just the broken-down form of collagen that can more easily enter the bloodstream upon digestion. They have been hydrolyzed into small peptides which are readily bioavailable in humans.

    Marine Collagen: Why Is It The Ideal Collagen Source?

    There are many different animal sources of collagen such as bovine collagen, porcine collagen, eggshell membrane collagen, and marine collagen. These sources vary in bioavailability, purity, solubility, and sustainability. Marine collagen, aka fish collagen, is, you guessed it, derived from fish! Marine collagen is extracted from fish skin and scales of wild-caught fish. These parts of the fish often go uneaten and unused, making it a more sustainable keto, paleo, and gluten-free supplement that can easily be incorporated into almost any diet.

    Compared to grass-fed bovine collagen (another popular type of collagen usually found in bone broth), marine collagen is richer in type I collagen and is more bioavailable, meaning it’s more effectively absorbed by the body. For good reason, marine collagen is a popular choice for anybody who wishes to restore their skin’s elasticity and improve signs of aging as their body's collagen production slows.

    Marine Collagen Prevents Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    Since collagen is responsible for keeping the connective tissues and skin healthy, plump, and bright, marine collagen is essentially the fountain of youth in powdered form. Unlike a lot of tall claims out there, the health and beauty benefits of marine collagen are backed by science.

    When collagen levels drop, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, cellulite, and uneven skin tone and texture increase. In addition to our body's natural slowdown of collagen synthesis, free radicals caused by ultraviolet light can also cause skin cells to become damaged. Marine collagen, in particular, is loaded with the amino acid glycine, which is often referred to as the ‘anti-aging amino’. Glycine, in turn, helps to increase the production of even more collagen in the body to speed up cell regeneration and slow signs of aging.

    Marine Collagen is the Fountain of Youth

    Oral intake of marine collagen peptides has been found to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by ramping up elastin and collagen synthesis. The effects are extremely long-lasting and can be noticed even four weeks after supplementation! Collagen also helps to fight free radicals by protecting the skin from oxidation, which can cause dark spots and unevenness. Collagen benefits not only your skin's elasticity, but also does wonders to restore skin hydration. However, don’t be fooled by expensive “collagen-infused” overnight creams or daily moisturizers. Collagen is too large to penetrate the skin barrier, so if you want to get that youthful “collagen-rich” glow you need to heal from the inside out. Just by mixing a little marine collagen powder into your morning coffee or breakfast, you can help to improve the appearance of any and all of the following signs of aging:

    • Cellulite
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Rough patches
    • Sagging
    • Unevenness

    Collagen for Skin Elasticity and Hydration

    Marine Collagen Can Help Manage Skin Conditions

    Marine collagen is so effective at restoring your skin's health that it can even be used in the management of serious skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Rosacea is characterized by red and inflamed skin that is thought to be caused by connective tissue damage. Highly bioavailable marine collagen is absorbed and distributed efficiently into the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, to repair damaged connective tissues and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Marine collagen's hydrating benefits can also help to alleviate dry, scaly, and inflamed skin brought about by eczema and psoriasis. And what’s more, collagen can be used to manage wounds and scars that are left from injuries and skin conditions.

    Marine Collagen Absorbed and Distributed into the Dermis

    Marine Collagen Reduces Hair and Nail Damage

    Marine collagen is a great addition to your entire beauty routine, not just skincare. Whereas collagen is the main protein found in the skin, keratin is the most abundant and important protein in the hair. Both keratin and collagen are heavily reliant on the amino acid proline. So by taking a collagen supplement, this necessary protein spurs more hair growth. Additionally, the same free-radical fighting power that protects the skin can be used to fight damage done to the hair follicles. This helps to prevent more grays from sprouting and reduces the amount of hair falling out by strengthening the dermis, which contains the root of each individual hair. When looking at the overall benefits of biotin vs. collagen for hair, collagen beats biotin at almost every turn! Rather than a complicated and expensive nail and hair supplement, try taking collagen and biotin together.

    Marine Collagen Promotes Hair Growth

    If you’re wondering, “Does collagen help hair growth?” The short answer is YES. But the longer answer entails the many ways in which collagen can strengthen the hair, improve scalp health, and promote new hair growth. Marine collagen has also been found to minimize hair loss and allow new, healthier, and shinier hair to grow in women who experience postpartum hair loss. It can also be used to help people suffering from more serious conditions that cause hair loss, like alopecia. Incorporating collagen into their diets can help to manage excessive hair loss and promote hair regrowth The benefits are not limited to just women, however, as men with thinning hair and receding hairlines can also benefit from marine collagen. Your collagen hair growth regimen doesn’t have to come in a fancy shampoo bottle! Try adding collagen to your morning coffee or tea instead!

    Marine Collagen Minimizes Hair Loss

    Marine Collagen Strengthens Nails

    When it comes to your entire beauty routine, compared to skin and hair, your nails are likely to be more of an afterthought. That's no problem with marine collagen! Decreased vitamin and collagen levels can leave nails brittle and soft. Not only that, nail polish and acrylic nail glue that is used to improve the appearance of nails cause more damage in the long run. Studies have demonstrated that collagen can increase nail growth, improve brittle nails, and lessen the frequency of broken nails.

    Collagen Increases Nail Growth

    What To Look For in a Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement

    With hundreds of collagen supplements and protein powders on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Collagen is virtually side-effect-free and has been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration. But there are a couple of factors you should look for to make sure you're getting the most effective supplement on the market. First, collagen peptide powders are the most effective and bioavailable method of supplementing your collagen levels. Look for unflavored powders, making them easy to add to smoothies, oats, eggs, or your favorite hot drinks, like coffee or tea. Steer clear of added preservatives or artificial flavoring whenever you can, and look for products labeled "non-GMO" to ensure that you're getting 100% natural, clean ingredients.

    Your diet doesn't have to limit your collagen usage, either. There are plenty of marine collagen supplements that are keto and paleo-friendly, as well as gluten-free. Pescatarians opt for marine collagen over bovine to fit their nutrition preferences. Lastly, make sure marine collagen is extracted from wild-caught fish, rather than farmed fish. Not only does this reduce the risk of diseases that can be spread by farmed fish, it's a much more sustainable option.

    When you take on a new body transformation journey, marine collagen makes for a great sidekick to help boost your muscle mass and keep your skin, hair, and nails looking their best.

    Summary Points

    Marine collagen is essentially a fountain of youth in powdered form responsible for keeping the connective tissues and skin healthy and plump.

    Collagen protects the skin from oxidative damage and promotes hydration.

    Marine collagen is considered the best source of collagen since it has the highest bioavailability & reaches the deepest layers of the skin.

    Collagen supports better nail strength and structure, and it helps them grow faster.

    Collagen peptide powders are the most effective and bioavailable method of supplementing your collagen levels.

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