September 25, 2019 2 min read

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    Our Letter to Greta

    Dear Greta,

    We’re big fans, can we just get that out of the way?

    We wish we could use the eternal symbol of coolness and reveal we were Fans Before It Was Popular -- hey, your humble writer indeed lived in Williamsburg years before it became the world epicenter of hipsterdom and in fact, it could only become cool because he left -- but alas, we only heard about you at about the same time everyone else did. We’re not the Early Adopters of Gretaness Greatness, but are in the Great Majority.

    Your Message is eternal in its importance; digs deep in its depth; and ought to be a beacon of light that shines upon the world. But the illumination from your torch must result in action--indeed, that comes to the heart of your Message.

    We here at Amandean have been talking about you & your Message these last days -- we’ve almost created a Slack channel called #GoGreta -- that we wanted to publicly send you a message of support.

    Thank you for dedicating yourself to The Cause, as you have done.

    And The Cause is So Big, it reminds us of Walt Whitman’s parenthetical comment:

    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

    The Cause is so large that it does contain multitudes--other parts of the cause that you haven’t yet found time to talk about. And we hope you do.

    One of these other, allied causes, is eating foods that Mother Nature intended to be eaten: natural, healthy, sustainably-sourced from as close to you as possible, without added chemical ingredients. What we could call “whole health” eating and our grandparents just called “dinner”!

    In our view, “whole health” eating must go hand in hand with our environment: we need to improve the world outside our bodies, as well as the world inside our bodies. And if the environment is saved but then Diseases of Civilization creep onto us, it’s all for nought. As the saying goes, “As above, so below”: we need to clean up the world on the highest level, but then also the deep internals of our bodies as well.

    Here’s to you, Greta, the healthy world you’re helping create, and to Whole Health eating that will go hand-in-hand with the new and enlightening world that’s you’re helping make happen, a cleaner and more sustainable new world,

    Team Amandean

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