Got questions about our program?

Fill out our affiliate form. One of our affiliate managers will get in touch within 48 hours to approve your application. Upon approval, (you will receive an email) you can login to a personalized dashboard, download our media pack and and take our 3-min intro course on Amandean products. Once you're set up you can add your tracking link and start collecting commissions.

When a customer comes to the Amandean website via an affiliate link, any purchases made over the next 45 days will earn a 10% commission.

We pay commission on sales. Example: If a customer buys $100 worth of Amandean products, the affiliate earns $10.

Payouts are scheduled monthly via Paypal with a minimum $25 balance required for payment. If you have concerns in regards to a payment contact us at: affiliates@amandean.com.

When there is a refund or cancellation of an order, the commission will be deducted automatically from the unpaid earnings of the affiliate. If your payment has already been made, the deduction will simply be accounted for on the next payment.

We review every single application to our Affiliate Program once you submit your form. Unfortunately, some applications are not a good fit for Amandean. In case your application is rejected, we will write you a personal note to let you know and expain why.

Reasons for rejections could include but are not limited to:

Non Permitted traffic source

Site under construction or not live

Offensive/inappropriate content

Site not relevant to Amandean or wellness industry

Excessive promotion of competing brands

Geography. We only partner with affiliates with an address and audience in the USA.

The wellness community is full of great talent, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals who are motivated to share good resources and contribute to a like-minded community. However, it is also filled with false claims, scams & spam, as well as misinformation around serious topics of health. We need to filter for the former and avoid the latter. For this reason, an application process is needed.

What you get as an affiliate:

1. Earn 10% commissions on every sale.

2. 90-day cookies

3. VIP rates & FREE product samples for top affiliates

4. Automated monthly payouts

5. Branded media kit

6. Creative promo content & ideas

7. Uncomplicated, & friendly sign-up process

8. Personalized dashboard to track commissions

9. Knowledge-base of Amandean products

10. Committed account managers to help you along the way

The short answer: anywhere your audience lives. On your social media profiles, your YouTube channel, on your most visited web pages, or even at your community or virtual events. Affiliates that have the most success understand how our products work and what their audience needs.

Each affiliate receives a media pack of banners, post designs, and videos to use at their disposal to make sure the process is simple and informative.

We keep in touch with affiliates via email to offer fresh content and ideas for promotion and getting those commissions.

As an affiliate, you will have your own personal dashboard where you will be able to track commissions and view which products your audience is buying the most. This allows you to optimize how you promote Amandean to your audience over time.

Amandean is a USA brand that currently only delivers to addresses within the USA. Content aimed at an international audience won’t be as successful for affiliates who promote products to a domestic audience.