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"Best Collagen I've Tried"

"This collagen dissolves beautifully leaving zero grit in my cup. There’s no flavor to it as well. Head and shoulders above other collagens I’ve tried. My nails and hair are growing like crazy!"

-Amazon Customer

"Stronger, Healthier Nails"

“I have been taking this product daily for about nine months now. I bought this specifically for my nails, and I wanted to wait and see the results after a lengthy test period. My nails used to flake, peel and break very easily. Now, they are stronger and I’m not seeing the flaking, peeling and breaking of last year. I’m very happy with this product (whether the preportioned packets or the bulk jar) and will continue using it.”

-M. S., Amazon Customer

"Dissolves Quickly"

“I add this to my coffee every morning! Love that it dissolves so quickly! Calories are low and that matters to me too! The taste is .... nothing! I love it! I don’t wanna taste it! I wanna taste my coffee! :))”

-A. C., Amazon Customer

"Helps The Joints Big Time!"

“Been using this for a while! Good stuff!”

-S. L. S., Amazon Customer

"It Has No Taste And Mixes Well With Coffee"

“This has worked amazing for my skin and nails!!”

-B. U., Amazon Customer

"No More Knee Pain"

"I have had two knee surgeries and needed help to limit arthritis. This stuff is the truth once it built up in my body. On my second tub no more anti inflammatory drugs."

-D. M., Amazon Customer

"Great Product At A Great Value"

"I am a huge fan of collagen peptides and consume a very large quantity. I have been on a quest for a year and a half to find the best quality collagen at the best price. As long as they don’t raise their price, this is my favorite collagen next to Vital Proteins, which can cost twice as much or more. I have purchased this several times and plan to continue to do so, as long as nothing changes.”

-Amazon Customer

"Amazing For Joints"

"“I was looking for something to relieve the pain in my knees and this product has done just that. I researched and read reviews and decided on this one. This is my first time trying collagen and I got lucky on my first try. I work from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM and by the end of the day I was limping and wondering if I could make it through the day. I had only been using the collagen powder for 4-5 days when I felt a drastic change. My knees were not hurting, even at the end of the day. I haven’t noticed much of a change in my nails or hair yet but I don’t care about that. I bought it for my knees and it is really really working.”

-J. H., Amazon Customer

"Mixes Easily In My Morning Coffee!"

“1. It mixes easily in my coffee

2. Does not change the flavor of my coffee

3. I notice a difference in the texture of my skin if I don’t drink it every day

4. I notice a difference in my joints if I don’t drink it every day.

Simply the best and we have tried many.

My husband insists on this brand as others we have tried we detected a “metal” type taste. This one does not have that.”

-H. M., Amazon Customer

"Perfect - Got Compliments About My Skin!"

"It’s been one month of consumption and I have to say I’m very pleased. I’ve got compliments that I have nice facial skin. I’ve noticed a difference in all my body not just my face. Skin is more firm. I was pleased with the amount in container. It has no flavor at all, so I drink it with my water and it dissolves nicely."

-F. M., Amazon Customer

"A Great Product... Valued Price!"

“This is an awesome product. I will reorder as needed. I got to boost my protein levels and its great to add to any hot / cold beverage unflavored.. Awesome.”

-J. S., Amazon Customer

"Highly Recommended!"

“Dissolves very well, no clumping or flavor. Great product.”

-C. L., Amazon Customer

"Ordered It 6 Times!"

"This is an amazing collagen, high quality, ordered it 6 times already, great value, great for skin, my hair never been better, my joint doesn’t hurt anymore, this is the true thing!”

-Amazon Customer

"No Taste And Dissolved Instantly!"

“I was using another product, but they were very slow to deliver. They would charge your card right away, but then wait three weeks. I got the product right away and dissolved so quick with no taste! Love it!”

-M. M., Amazon Customer

"My Favorite Collagen - Makes A Difference!"

“I’ve tried other (less expensive) collagen in the past, but I don’t know why - none of them compare to this brand. I normally just mix a scoop into my morning coffee, and while I find there IS a taste, it is slight & I don’t mind it at all. I drink my coffee black - if you add cream, you will never taste the collagen. Other brands have a stronger taste that I don’t like, meaning I don’t use them regularly because of that. My regular use of this brand has DEFINITELY helped my hair (new growth - I always have little “sprouts” and as a result, my hair is getting thicker). I’m also starting to see a difference in my skin. Overall - I just don’t want to be without it anymore. It’s good stuff.”

-S., Amazon Customer

"Simply The Best"

“I have never been able to grow my nails. I started taking this collagen powder about a year ago and let me tell you, I haven’t had to have my nails professionally done since, a savings of over $100 a month. I literally have to file my nails down, they don’t break or crack anymore. I put a scoop in my morning coffee, no taste, no smell and dissolves perfectly (haven’t tried it in a cold beverage). I buy the 2.2lb powder for daily use and the packets when I travel. I will never go a day without my Amandean Collagen Powder - EVER again. Thank you Amandean!!!”

-DMAS, Amazon Customer

"Blends Great"

“It really does blend well into my coffee - I can’t even tell that it’s there.”

-S., Amazon Customer

"So Far So Good!"

“This is my first time trying Amandean collagen, and so far I have no complaints after using it for about 3 weeks, 3-4 days per week. Before now, I had been using Vital Proteins brand collagen, but noticed that their recipe/formula had gone down hill the last time I bought from them; it wasn’t fully dissolving in hot liquids after I would stir it well, and would leave clumps of gooey collagen that I inevitably would swallow - yuck. I haven’t had that issue at all with Amandean, and the taste is barely noticeable. I haven’t noticed much improvement in joint pain, but that’s not why I’m taking collagen either. If you’re thinking of trying a new collagen powder, or maybe using one for the first time give this one a try.”

-M. F., Amazon Customer

"Great Product!"

“Easy to dissolve and can mix with everything! I love the to go packet so I can just carry it with me whenever I’m in a hurry.”

-M. C., Amazon Customer

"Perfect For Travel"

“These are perfect for travel. They are pre-measured, easy to tear open and flavorless. They blend very well in a cup of coffee or water.”

-M. L., Amazon Customer

"Make A Difference In Your Life"

"Great product! I’ve been using different brands and I will continue to purchase your brand from now on. Thank you for making such a great difference in my life."

-C. P., Amazon Customer

"Great Product For Hair, Nails, And Joints"

"This is an amazing product. My hair and nails look great and my joints do not hurt as much as they did. Great product!"

-S. G., Amazon Customer

"If You Have Ulcerative Colitis, You Really Might Want To Try This Product"

"I’ve had ulcerative colitis most of my life, over 25 years. A few years ago, I was having trouble getting it under control so I started to look for alternative, more natural treatments. After learning about “leaky gut”, I read about using collagen to reverse the damage caused by it, so I decided to try this product.

Before you read any further, please note that I made a few other lifestyle changes as well. This included giving up coffee entirely, staying on my restricted diet away from foods that I know cause inflammation, and I joined a gym. I also never stopped taking the medication prescribed by my doctor. Every morning, I have a smoothie that consists of juice, one scoop of this collagen, and one scoop of unflavored whey protein from GNC. My digestion and bowel movements improved within a few days and since I have been free from a colitis flare up. My last colonoscopy proved that my colon looked better that it had since I was diagnosed with the disease.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so, and I’m a skeptic. If you have any form of IBS, crones, or ulcerative colitis, you may want to read about leaky gut and give this product a try."

-J., Amazon Customer

"Works Wonders!"

"Honestly see a difference in my skin’s elasticity, hair growth and nails. Best product ever!"

-D., Amazon Customer

"My Skin Looks Great!"

“I add this to my morning protein shake. I have had several comments about my improved skin tone! My hair and nails are growing faster then ever before. I am very happy with the product.”

-T. L. D., Amazon Customer

"Works Great!! Goodbye Knees Pain!"

“Collagen peptides were recommended to me by a friend. After one month my painful knees aren’t painful anymore. The clicking has stopped as well. I mix this in my morning coffee and you can even taste it! My skin feels and looks better too!”

-M. M., Amazon Customer

"Perfect To-Go Packets"

“I’ve been using collagen powder for a few months now and love what it’s done for my hair, skin and nails. These packets make my travel life that much easier!”

-Amazon Customer

"How Collagen Peptides Powder Helped My Knee Issues"

“I had been having flexibility issues with my knee making walking very uncomfortable. I have no idea how this helped but my walking is much better. Taking this is the only change I have made in my lifestyle, so I give full credit to the Collagen Peptides Powder. I put a scoop in my coffee every morning.”

-K., Amazon Customer

"It Really Does Work!"

“It is one of the few things in life that lives up to the hype. It does exactly what it claims.”

-E. S., Amazon Customer

"Blends Perfectly"

“There is no taste, and it blends perfectly into my bulletproof coffee. I order this every month without fail!”

-L. L., Amazon Customer

"Just Perfect!!"

“No taste, no smell and dissolves easily!!”

-A. M. G., Amazon Customer

"Didn’t Have To Change Our Routine!"

“This product is awesome. Been doing this for about a month and can already see and feel the difference. What makes these packs cool is that they’re easy and convenient!!”

-E. P., Amazon Customer

"Important To Take For Premenopausal Women! Keeps Bones And Joints Strong!"

“LLLLLOVE this product! This is my 4th order. Helps a lot with skin, hair, nails and my joints! Thankfully I found this product!”

-C. B., Amazon Customer

"Helps With Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic Pain"

“As a sufferer if Rheumatoid Arthritis I wanted something good for me to take that may help with my chronic pain. Someone had told me about collagen, but being a vegetarian, I hate having my food come from an abused farm animal. I do eat fish from time to time, so I thought it couldn’t hurt. I’ve been religiously taking this collagen for about a year now in my coffee and I have felt a lot better. I actually crave this stuff now. I use this in my bulletproof coffee and I’m in heaven. As a side, it has also smoothed out some of my 44 year old wrinkles which is a plus too. I haven’t noticed much growth with my hair, but it’s definitely shinier. I am a forever fan.”

-M., Amazon Customer

"I Advise All My Clients To Take This"

"I have personally seen tremendous positive effects in hair, skin, nails, joints. And I advise nearly all of my nutrition clients to begin taking this collagen - it is impeccable quality!"

-A. C.

"Feeling Younger And With Lots Of Energy!"

"I love this stuff... makes me feel healthier and I have much more energy. I feel and look younger since I started taking this collagen. I mix it in my smoothie in the morning and there’s no taste to it... love it!"

-C. B.,

"My Collagen Arrived On Time And Undamaged!"

“This is our second container of it. We are mainly taking it for our tendons and joints. My husband had achilles surgery last fall and healed amazingly. I have arthritis and torn labrum in my shoulder so I'm hoping it will help me heal. We take it in our coffee in the morning. I've only used Amandean brand and I plan to stick with it. Love your products! Thank you.”

-J. T., Amazon Customer

"Easy Mixing And Very Neutral - Almost Flavorless!"

“My husband and I use collagen peptides as a way to support our active bodies. Amandean’s product is the easiest mixing, smoothest, most neutral flavor (very nearly completely flavorless), that we have tried. We have been through four other brands looking for one we really like, and Amandean is it!”

-A. W., Amazon Customer

"Best Collagen I’ve Tried: Dissolves Very Easily!"

“This is the best collagen powder on the market. It completely dissolved without stirring and keep my joints feeling great and my skin looking smooth. Won’t go without it.”

-T., Amazon Customer

"Hair Dresser Couldn’t Believe How Well This Works!"

“Considerable difference in my hair, skin and nails. Hair dresser could not believe how fast my hair is growing. Superb product.”

-LBT, Amazon Customer

"Much Thicker Hair And Better Skin After Many Months Of Daily Use"

“Disappears easily in coffee. Order arrives promptly. Product has been very helpful in thickening my hair, improved overall quality of fingernails, improved appearance of my facial skin, fewer wrinkles.”

-J. E., Amazon Customer

"Love! Improved My Skin And Hair!"

“I love this product. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin and hair. I add it to my coffee in the morning and it tastes great. I will definitely keep buying!”

-Amazon Customer

"Easy To Mix And Perfect On The Go"

“The texture and flavor of these packs is much easier to mix with water! Also, great for on the go or taking on vacation. I mix it with about 8 oz of water and a little water flavor like Mio and I’m good to go! I’ve noticed clearer skin and my nails grow much faster since I started using collagen.”

-K. L., Amazon Customer

"Best Collagen I Ever Had"

"After 2+ years of taking another brand collagen, my nail problem never improved a bit. Had nails that peeled in layers. Had to keep them cut short. Two months after taking this brand my nails improved and 3-4 months later they are long and strong. So glad I didn’t give up on collagen and tried this brand of Amandean. My hair is even improving! It will always be a daily drink for us."

-C. L., Amazon Customer

"By Far The Easiest To Mix"

"I have tried several brands of collagen and this one is by far, the easiest one to stir into a drink or food... even cold drinks... It mixes right in with no lumps!"

-F. O., Amazon Customer

"Tasteless And Helped With Pain"

"Powder dissolves in iced tea and coffee perfectly. No taste and after 2 weeks of taking it, I have noticed that my shoulder, which has been painful for 7 months, doesn’t hurt anymore. Had I not tried this product, I would’ve never believed it. This product is AMAZING!"

-Amazon Customer

"Best Collagen Peptides Brand!"

"This is the 3rd brand of Collagen Peptides I tried, and definitely the best... Mixes easily (no clumping) with both cold and hot drinks... and tasteless! I use it in coffee, smoothies, and yogurt -- and I’m noticing an improvement in my skin and hair......Strongly recommend.”

-A. L., Amazon Customer

"High Quality Ingredients & Dissolves 100%"

"I researched all the different collagen powders on Amazon and this one is the winner. High-quality ingredients, grass-fed, dissolves 100%, and 0 taste. I use in protein shakes and also mixed in flavored water (BSN Amino-X... it’s delicious). My wife also uses it in her coffee. Will keep buying this brand!"

-B. T., Amazon Customer

"Enhances Skin, Hair And Nails"

"I have used this product for 3 years. I use it for hair, nails, and skin. I can really tell a difference when I don’t take it.”

-V. S., Amazon Customer

"Great Post-Workout Nutrition"

"I'm a personal trainer and have tried dozens of different post-work-out protein powders and supplements in my shakes. I have to say that I'd put Amandean's Collagen Peptides at the top of my preferences. It blends easily into other liquids, doesn't add any strange flavors or textures, and is very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity. It keeps me feeling satisfied much longer than other brands I've tried. I'm on my 3rd container and intend to stick with it. Thanks for making a product that actually does what it says it will."

-M. E., Shopify Customer

"Great Product"

"My hairdresser could not believe how much growth my hair has had since I started using Amandean collagen. It is great for adding in protein to coffee and smoothies without adding flavor or texture."

-D. E., Shopify Customer

"Premium Grass Fed Collagen"

"I take collagen in my coffee in the morning. I see so much improvement in my skin, hair, my body feels and looks much better."

-R., Shopify Customer

"Gorgeous Thick Hair"

"This stuff has really helped my hair look thicker and fuller...and my nails grow harder and it first thing in the morning with my smoothie..."

-C., Shopify Customer

"Great Product!"

"I ordered this over a month ago and wanted to wait with my review as it does take time for the product to work. My wife and I both use the Collagen. We can definitely feel a difference in our hair and skin. The skin feels a little tighter and looks more youthful. The hair is stronger. This is after 30 days of usage. I’ll keep you updated. Would I buy it again? Yes, I would. Cory from Amandean is fabulous. So kind and helpful."

- N. H., Amazon Customer

"Best So Far!"

"I’ve been using collagen powders for a couple of years now. I find it’s helped my skin - the crepey-looking skin on my hands and chest especially - nails, and joints. I’ve tried probably five different ones, including this, and I think I will stop here as I like this best!

The first one I tried was the best-selling brand on Amazon. I like it, but wanted to see if I could find one I liked that was less expensive. The second one I tried was less expensive, but I hated it because it was so fine that opening the lid sent a fine cloud of it floating on my counters, making them sticky. I had to clean up after every use!

The third one I tried was better as far as that goes but tasted terrible. I had to find ways to mask the awful taste.

The fourth time, I went with a vanilla version of the first one I tried, to get away from the potential taste issues. It was on sale, so worth a try. The vanilla was a bit overwhelming for daily use and I started to dread it, too.

Then I found this one and I love it. Reasonable price, zero flavor, dissolves like a dream, and no sticky clouds. The only negative I see is that it has a touch less protein and collagen than the others. I assume the scoop size is a little smaller. If I really want the extra couple of grams of protein/collagen, I can just add more, but I am fine with it. Recommended!”

-M., Amazon Customer

"Collagen Changed My Life!"

"Eliminated my knee pain. I have recommended this to so many people who have received the benefits that I have. I wish I could sell it!”

- L. J., Amazon Customer

“I Waited A Full Month To Review... Great Stuff!"

"I do love a proactive company who checks to see if you like their product. This is one of them, but I couldn’t give a fair review until I’d tried the product in full. Here’s what I got - no kidding, at least 10 of my friends and colleagues have commented on my skin looking great. Now, I already had great skin :slightly_smiling_face: but I don't think it’s a coincidence that this started up two weeks into using this collagen. Have I lost weight? No, but that’s because of my food intake, not this stuff. The reason I chose this, and will again, compared to other grass-fed collagen peptides is that you get 53 servings in one container (41 is the most I’ve found in others, some only have 12 in an lbd package?!) AND their website philosophy statement. This is a totally unbiased and unasked-for review. I’m just a new super fan. “Amandean has one goal: providing all-natural, super-healthy nutritional enhancements to as many people as possible. Our vision is a world in which every human is super-human, and we believe that the way to make it happen is the right nutrition, selectively sourced from nature’s finest."

- S. J., Amazon Customer

"Truly Flavorless"

"I was first introduced to Amandean by my dietitian and she claimed it had no flavor. And me oh my was she right. Although it’s a tad bit more expensive than other brands, trust me, swallowing down other products that do have ” a flavor” is hard! If you look at these ingredients for collagen and then think of that flavor that could be, just choose Amandean... 'cause you don’t have to taste anything but the fruit, tea or coffee that you mix it with. It takes a lot of cinnamon to cover up the other less expensive brands!"

- B. A. M., Amazon Customer

"Life Changing Skin Results for Rosacea"

"I’ve been using collagen peptides packets (not necessary this same brand) for about a month now. Wow! I honestly had no hope that they would make any noticeable difference, but my skin is crazy smooth and looks visibly different. I put a packet in my coffee every morning. I have struggled with rosacea for the past couple of years and even started using a new (and expensive) medication for this; however, since using the collagen peptides, I have not had to use my medication on my face every day. My skin looks and feels healthier than it did even in my 20's...I’ll be 37 next week and was recently told that I looked 25. I’ll take it! I’m not sure I’ve noticed any lengthening in my hair, but it definitely feels thicker and stronger. I have noticed I am not losing a handful every time I shower anymore."

-H. G., Amazon Customer

"Love This In My Coffee"

"I have been using this product from the tub containers for over a year now and for a 40+yr fitness instructor, it has been a game changer!! Thank you so much for making travel packets as well! On the go goodness!"

-B. M., Amazon Customer

"The Bottom Line Is, This Product Works!"

"A friend recommended the product for our aging limbs, you know, the aches not associated with injury. I’m not a big fan of vitamins or supplements, which are generally useless, not to mention expensive. But I tried it, and after a few weeks of daily use in my morning coffee, I realized that much of the achiness was gone. Because my wife bruises very easily, and those bruises last a fairly long time, I asked her to try the product in her morning coffee as well. We are amazed that she now hardly ever bruises at all anymore, and she says she feels more limber on the tennis court. When Amazon was out of stock I had to try a different brand. It was not a viable replacement because it would not dissolve in hot coffee - forget trying to dissolve it in anything else!

Although there is no miracle cure for life’s little aches and pains, especially as we age, the bottom line is this product works - it greatly helped both my wife and myself."

-S., Amazon Customer

"Collagen Has Been A Life Saver For Me"

"My hair, my skin, my nails, my joints. I could go on and on. I can’t imagine not having this in my life. Latest comment I received “you are getting younger while we are all getting older". Awesome stuff!"

-C. R., Amazon Customer

"I Feel More Limber On The Tennis Court!"

"A friend recommended the product for our aging limbs, you know, the aches not associated with injury. I’m not a big fan of vitamins or supplements, which are generally useless, not to mention expensive. But I tried it, and after a few weeks of daily use in my morning coffee I realized that much of the achiness was gone. Because my wife bruises very easily, and those bruises last a fairly long time, I asked her to try the product in her morning coffee as well. We are amazed that she now hardly ever bruises at all anymore, and she says she feels more limber on the tennis court. When Amazon was out of stock I had to try a different brand. It was not a viable replacement because it would not dissolve in hot coffee - forget trying to dissolve it in anything else!

Although there is no miracle cure for life’s little aches and pains, especially as we age, the bottom line is this product works - it greatly helped both my wife and myself."

-A. Z., Amazon Customer

"If I Were To Take One Supplement, This Would Be It!"

"I speak so highly of this product that my friends and family think I work for Amandean. My hair is thicker (My Hair Stylist first noticed), my nails are thicker, I have no inflammation in my body, which means I literally bounce out of bed in the morning. It has made my skin softer and I have a feeling of overall wellness. I use this product in my morning coffee and sometimes in my evening tea. If I were to take only one supplement, this would be it!"

— S. L., Amazon Customer

“Energy & Vitality”

"I am a Naturopathic doctor and author, constantly searching for the best natural products. My latest search for collagen peptides has taken me to an excellent company, Amandean. Personally, I have noticed an improvement in my knees (years of racquetball), fewer aches and pain from bodybuilding (75 years young) and overall feeling of energy and vitality. I highly recommend all their products."


Author of "A Guide Through The Gluten-Free World"

“The Fountain of Youth”

"I can't tell you how much this stuff has changed me! I have been using collagen powder for 4 months now. I recently purchased this brand cause it was more for the money. Well, I'm very happy to say it is of good quality and still tasteless, yay! My skin is so much firmer now. I can really see the difference in my face. It has helped with my intestines because my stomach doesn't hurt anymore when I drink coffee and orange juice. In fact, I use the collagen powder in my coffee every morning. I put it in my green smoothies, my tea and carrot juice. I am 46 years old so I think it took a little while to start to notice the difference because I had already lost a lot of collagen so I upped it to 4 scoops a day to catch up, am I making any sense? I did that for a couple of months and now back to 2-3 scoops."

— D. D., Amazon Customer

“Awesome Collagen And Perfect Travel Buddy!”

"Hands down the BEST Grass Fed Collagen, and I love the packets! I can already tell a difference compared to other collagen(s) I have tried. It has zero smell or taste (compared to others) and easy to mix into anything. And the new travel packets are so perfect for on the go, portioning, and are easy to open. It's super light and mixes with anything. My hair is growing like crazy, my joints feel better, my skin looks better.......and this is coming from someone with food allergies, Fibromyalgia, etc. Clean and Good for you!"

— H. G., Amazon Customer

“Don't Go A Day Without Amandean”

"Super excellent product. I take it every morning after taking vitamin C to increase absorption. A day doesn't go by without Amandean collagen peptide. It gives me beautiful skin and much more."

— T. C. M., Amazon Customer

"What's Not To Love?!"

"I tried this product after a competitor and actually prefer this to the other. It hits all my requirements as far as paleo, but it's also a bigger amount, it opens easily when I go to tear it open so I can pour it in my ready to drink post workout shake and it mixes right in - no clumps at all. I'll be ordering this again and recommend. Thanks for a great product in a great package I can actually open easily when I'm ready."

— A. G. G., Amazon Customer

"Best Bang For The Buck"

"My husband and I love this product. We tried one that was a little cheaper but it did not dissolve and was sticky. We like to put it in coffee, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, soup etc. I am hypoglycemic and don't tolerate dairy, I'm always looking for a way to get a little protein in certain meals/snacks. We both can tell a difference in our joints and skin. Additionally, we did try more expensive ones and this one provides the same results and mixability."

"Love Marine Collagen"

"I use the regular tub Amandean marine collagen but got the small packs for traveling and it’s the same quality and convenient!"

-K. S., Amazon Customer

"Loving This Product"

"Grateful to found this collagen. Blends super well. No fish taste whatsoever. My hair and nails are loving it. Will definitely recommend and order again. Very good value."

-C. V. J., Amazon Customer

"Fabulous Collagen"

“I’ve been using collagen for years. Switched over to marine collagen and noticed huge difference. My nails are growing and much stronger. My hair is shinier. I put in my coffee and absolutely no taste whatsoever. Highly recommend.”

-J. D., Amazon Customer

"Fits Into My Daily Diet"

“I’ve been using this product for 6 months and feel much better! Blends right into my coffee with no taste.”

-C., Amazon Customer

"Beautiful Hair And Nails"

“I originally bought this to strengthen my nails, but it’s done much more! I have a bad hip from years of running, that no longer aches since taking the collagen. It blends perfectly in coffee, with no taste. I have recommend this products countless times and will continue!”

-L. P., Amazon Customer

"Reliable, Blendable Unflavored Powder"

We put two scoops into a two person smoothie with veggies and fruit. This marine collagen always blends lump free and stays blended. We cannot taste it... which is just what we want in our collagen powder. Have used for a few years now and no complaints.”

-D. R., Amazon Customer

"I Take It Every Day!"

“Great products, my hair, nails and skin look amazing plus no muscles pain since I started using the marine collagen.”

-A. S., Amazon Customer

"The Best Collagen Powder!"

“I really like that it is a marine based collagen. It blends really well in my coffee and it has no aftertaste. I’m so glad I found it! I love the price also!! Thank you!!”

-Amazon Customer

"This Really Helps!"

“I have terrible arthritis and a lot of artificial joints. This helps keep things moving. A noticeable difference when I started using it in smoothies.”

-S., Amazon Customer

"Lessens Knee And Back Pain With Bonus Appearance Improvement"

“I began steadily taking this about 8 months ago. My doctor told me collagen might help my knee and back problems. And it does. You have to take it steadily. In about 30 days my knee was very improved. My back too. Just less pain. My son is very educated about supplements. From his research he’d said this is the cleanest collagen he could find. It has no taste or smell. I mix it without about 6 ounces of orange juice in a shaker cup. After shaking it I let it sit for a few minutes so any clumps have a chance to dissolve. It works so well I have a subscription to get it monthly. Oh, and my nails and hair look better. My skin has also improved. I don’t take it for those reasons but it’s a nice bonus.”

-F. B., Amazon Customer

"Dissolves Well And Is Awesome"

“If you want to have your nails grow and skin glow then reach out.”

-C. M., Amazon Customer

"Your Hair Will GROW!!!"

"I’ve been using this product since November 2019. It’s now April 2020. My hair has grown 6 inches! At 53, I had found my hair had completely stopped growing. I had not cut my hair for two years, in fact. I add 2 heaping scoops to my morning coffee every morning. My hair is thicker have measured an over 6 inch increase in the length. I’ve had people ask me if I started wearing a wig. I highly recommend this product."

-M. L. P., Amazon Customer

"Improved Recovery Time, Less Soreness In Joints."

“Is actually flavorless, blends easily and practically invisibly in my smoothies. Recovery time between runs and HIIT workouts noticeably improved. I normally don’t believe in the newest fitness trends but this is legit.”

-M. E., Amazon Customer

"Shinier, Thicker, Stronger Hair And Nails :-)"

“This product has no flavor, which is great...I mix it with a jug of water in the morning and drink it throughout the has really seemed to make a difference in my hair and nails...”

-A. R., Amazon Customer


“It is better than any other collagen product I have used. Thanks”

-S. E., Amazon Customer

"Take It For Life"

“Love this stuff.”

-M., Amazon Customer

"3rd Time Purchasing"

“Love this Collagen powder. Nails longer stronger, same with my hair. Feel much less joint pain.

Fastest shipping ever, too!!”

-L. O., Amazon Customer

"Superior Quality And Value"

"Top quality marine collagen, no odor or taste, mixes well with patience (this is not a bovine that melts right in, respect this difference) fast secure delivery, great value - the best value, and comparable to Truvani marine collagen. And for skin results marine collagen is superior to any other. I drink lots of filtered water, take lots of vitamin c, fish oil and vitamin d3 and my skin just radiates with this combination."

-A. A., Amazon Customer

"Excellent Quality + Superb Customer Service"

“I am very pleased with the quality of this Marine Collagen. It mixes easily in my shaker cup and I use a scoop in my coffee each morning dissolving by stirring. Customer service is excellent, responsive, and courteous. I will continue to purchase this product! Aging gracefully in Atlanta!”

-M. W., Amazon Customer

"Great For Strengthening Nails And The Best Customer Service!"

“I initially ordered this because a colleague of mine had recommended it. She said that it helped with the cracking on her heels, it was helping her sleep at night, and made her nails very strong. Her skin also looks great. She said that before she ordered, she called customer service and spoke with Cory (Amandean founder), who spent about an hour on the phone with her answering all of her questions. After her experience (and after confirming that it did not taste like fish!), I decided to try it myself, mostly because I have wanted my nails to get stronger because they are normally so weak and brittle. After using this daily for about a month, I definitely noticed a difference and my nails had never been stronger. I did not notice much of a difference in my skin, although I am still in my twenties and fortunately do not have wrinkles yet. :) I do notice that I sleep better. I never really had trouble falling asleep, but I do notice then after taking this consistently, I get a deeper sleep and remember my dreams more, and I wake up more well-rested. The powder really doesn’t taste like much and mixes in pretty well-it sort of just tastes a little bit like flour. I like to put it in my morning coffee so I put the powder in first, pour hot coffee until my cup is about half way filled, stir it up, then pour in the rest of the hot coffee into my cup then finish stirring. Sometimes there are a few clumps, but they are easy to break up and stir in. It just leaves a thin frothy layer on the top but does not change the taste of my coffee. I have added this to my daily routine and love it. I have also had a number of awesome interactions with Cory. He checked in after my first order and made sure I was happy with the product and has been beyond helpful to me, even when I had a mix-up with ordering once. I would definitely recommend the product but also can’t help but appreciate the amazing customer service!”

-K. W., Amazon Customer

"Best Stuff!"

“This has reeeeally helped my sleep.”

-S. L., Amazon Customer


“I have tried this various ways, and yes, the mixing is not greatest in luke warm or cooler type drinks. Yes, it has a slight flavor, BUT, if you place the collagen in the cup first with hot chocolate, it MIXES PERFECTLY, AND NO AFTERTASTE!!!! One may not be able to tell the benefits at first because they gradually increase over time. (ie. receding gum line begin to regrow, nails and hair grow and get stronger, skin looks plumper with less fine lines, joints definitely have less pain) HOWEVER, if you stop taking it for a while, and those pesky pains come back and hair and skin lack luster etc. My Mom and I both LOVE this collagen! Repeat BUYER here!”

-T. E., Amazon Customer

"Marine Collagen Is Far Superior"

“My fiancee and I like to put this in our morning smoothies before the gym. The lady has chronic pain and strength training (weights) tends to result in extreme soreness. This product has considerably lessened the severity of her post workout recovery. All this and I didn’t even need to touch on the main reason we all take this (hair, nails, skin).

No brainer - you need this in your life.”

-B. D., Amazon Customer

"Miracle Worker"

“Gets rid of the grey hair for me! (Which I’d been trying to figure out how to do for years..) Sadly I had to take a lot every day for months for it to start and keep working and it’s a bit outside my budget to use it that much.

I started taking it to repair the skin damage from temporarily smoking for a year and extreme stress, and that was an extremely pleasant, unexpected side effect. It’s really amazing stuff! We’re talking miracle worker level supplement. Just too bad it’s not more affordable. Though I understand why it’s so expensive. I just envy the people who can afford the cost of using this every day. Especially if you use two scoops a day (20 grams), it’s doubly effective! I wouldn’t want them to reduce the quality to reduce the price, I just need to find a way to increase my income so I can afford it better I suppose. lol

Also I’ve been vegetarian for almost 20 years and didn’t want to use it for that reason, but I also knew from research that Marine Collagen was what I needed. Thankfully, it doesn’t taste bad or like fish or anything, so it’s easy for me to ignore that I’m imbibing animal parts again and not feel that “ick” factor that comes when you’ve gone so long without eating animal flesh.

Also knowing this is taken from the skin of fish that would still be killed for food whether I bought the product or not, makes me feel ok morally with using it. Though if I could find a vegan collagen that worked this good, I would obviously replace it.”

-D. A., Amazon Customer

"Helps Prevent Bruises"

"I’m 90 years old, and have been bruising very easily. My daughter recommended this to keep the bruising down. After several weeks I notice that my bruises are less frequent, and heal more quickly. What I didn’t expect was that my finger nails are not splitting and they are growing faster. I’ll keep using it — I put in on my morning dry cereal along with some raisins and molasses."

-O. S., Amazon Customer

"Best Stuff For Thicker Hair"

“This stuff is great! Adds thickness to my hair. I’ve always had thin and now even thinner as I age. I don’t know what it is, but now I get compliments all the time on my hair .

-C., Amazon Customer

"Quality Product"

“Have been taking one scoop in a cup of coffee every day for two weeks. I have seen a definite improvement in my skin and nails — skin is softer and my nails are not as brittle and the color has evened out with no more lines running through them. What I like most about the product is it is flavorless and odorless . I put a scoop in my cup of coffee in the morning. It has no texture or gritty feel in your mouth. Nice to have such a pleasant and easy product to consume as an alternative to another pill.”

-P. D. C., Amazon Customer

"Good Stuff.... I Think It’s Working!!! A+"

“A friend of mine told me about marine collagen and how much she loves it... so I looked into it and I bought this powder. I was afraid I would not be able to stick with it because it would taste gross, but it literally has no bad smell or flavor and I mix it in my morning coffee and you would never know it was in there. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks daily and I honestly think I am seeing improvements in my skin (I am a 50 YO woman)... I also work out pretty hard and tend to be horribly sore afterwards, but I have been noticing that I am not as sore post workout since I have been taking the collagen. I plan to continue and will update this review if I find any more pros or cons as I am taking it. So far, A+”

-R. D. V., Amazon Customer

"My Daily Routine For Skin"

“This stuff works. I see the difference in my skin, face and nails.”

-C., Amazon Customer

"Quality Product"

“Have been taking one scoop in a cup of coffee every day for two weeks. I have seen a definite improvement in my skin and nails — skin is softer and my nails are not as brittle and the color has evened out with no more lines running through them. What I like most about the product is it is flavorless and odorless . I put a scoop in my cup of coffee in the morning. It has no texture or gritty feel in your mouth. Nice to have such a pleasant and easy product to consume as an alternative to another pill.”

-P. D. C., Amazon Customer

"Good Stuff.... I Think It’s Working!!! A+"

“A friend of mine told me about marine collagen and how much she loves it... so I looked into it and I bought this powder. I was afraid I would not be able to stick with it because it would taste gross, but it literally has no bad smell or flavor and I mix it in my morning coffee and you would never know it was in there. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks daily and I honestly think I am seeing improvements in my skin (I am a 50 YO woman)... I also work out pretty hard and tend to be horribly sore afterwards, but I have been noticing that I am not as sore post workout since I have been taking the collagen. I plan to continue and will update this review if I find any more pros or cons as I am taking it. So far, A+”

-R. D. V., Amazon Customer

"My Daily Routine For Skin"

“This stuff works. I see the difference in my skin, face and nails.”

-C., Amazon Customer

"Super Smooth And Flavorless"

“Very fine powder, blends easily, zero taste... love it!!!”

-C. M. L., Amazon Customer

"Only Your Hairdresser Knows For Sure. Ha! Ha!"

“I have been using this product for about two weeks and have notice a positive change in the texture of my skin. I knew I wasn’t imagining this when my hairdresser commented on how great my skin looks. I have also noticed a decrease in aches and pains after a day of intense gardening. I wish I had started taking this product years ago. Thanks!”

-A. A. H., Amazon Customer

"Amazing Hair"

“Love Love Love this product...My hair has grown and become much manageable.”

-T. T., Amazon Customer

"Easy To Use, Good Results"

“I had been using a different brand of marine collagen. I liked the results but found it messy and inconvenient. I saw these individual portion sizes and decided to give them a try. I like the convenience of the premeasured packs. They mix well in hot water, have no taste and only a slight odor.”

-Amazon Customer

"It Really Works!"

“No taste, easy to mix into water with no chalky texture. Virtually undetectable! My nails and hair are growing healthier and stronger and I notice a difference in my skin as well!”

-M., Amazon Customer

"A Morning Routine"

“As advertised, for skin, hair and nails. Essentially an anti-aging product. The results have been positive.”

-R. S. C., Amazon Customer

"Excellent Marine Collagen Sourced From The North Atlantic Ocean And Packaged In The USA"

“This is my favorite by far of all the several marine collagen brands. I have found it helpful with my skin and hair as well as my joints and overall immune system. If you let it sit in your coffee for a minute of two before stirring, it breaks up nicely and is ready to use. I take it every morning and will not skip even a day. It’s also economical compared to other brands out there. I highly recommend!”

-B. M., Amazon Customer

"Best Gift For Myself."

“I’ll take this Amandean marine collagen for life”

-Analyn, Amazon Customer

"Better Completion"

“Tasteless in my morning coffee. The protein in my coffee gives me a filling of being full and on some days I’ll have what I planned for breakfast and for lunch. First I saw growth in my nails and now I can see improved texture of skin on my face. Makes me feel like I’m getting more fish protein in my diet each week without cooking fish.”

-D. H., Amazon Customer

"This Product REALLY Works"

"This product has worked wonders for me. I receive compliments on my hair and skin all the time. I have used this product consistently for 3 months and there has been a noticeable improvement in both my skin and nails."

-MEC, Amazon Customer

"Marine Collagen’s a Good Source Of Protein & It’s Easy To Add To Drinks/Food"

“Marine collagen powder is a good source of protein that is easily added to any drink and lot of food. I add it to coffee, salads, soups, cottage cheese and I’ve noticed no alteration to the taste of the food. I cannot say I noticed any pain relief although that was not my primary purpose in buying this product; I bought it as a protein supplement. However, I also bought this product for my mother who noticed a very immediate benefit in the strength and texture of her fingernails and toenails. I recommend this product.”

-K., Amazon Customer

"Super Happy!! No Odor, No Taste!"

“I was skeptical because I knew if this tasted fishy this was going to be a “no go”. Much to my surprise there is no odor of marine life, no taste (I put it in my coffee) and mixes very well with just a spoon. I am almost 60 and my skin is drier, hair is thinner and everything hurts from doing really stupid stuff in my much younger years. I researched over a month almost every collagen powder on the market and I believe my research served me well. The bioavailability of marine collagen far surpasses other collagens. I am now a customer for life. Thank you for helping me to feel better and look better.”

-D. L., Amazon Customer

"Helps With Loose Skin!"

“I’ve been using this collagen for about a month now. How I wish I took a picture before I started! I am suffering from loose skin on my belly, arms, and buttocks from weight loss and aging. I am also recovering from a broken humerus. I have noticed a MARKED difference in the way my belly looks! I have also noticed some improvement with the sagging skin on my arms and buttocks. I am excited to see what other changes happen with continued use. I am thinking I will double my daily dose.....I mix it in my coffee, and it is not so bad.....just a little more stirring than I would usually do. I was a little concerned at first, because I have never eaten any fish or seafood in my life! There is no strong taste with this at all. I will definitely be reordering!”

-C. R. R., Amazon Customer

"Great Collagen, Flavorless!"

“After trying a few different bovine based collagens, I found this one to be far superior. It’s flavorless, so I add it to my coffee every morning. It helps with nails, hair growth, muscles & joints health, plus skin’s elasticity. Plus they have super fast shipping. This is my go-to and recommended collagen.”

-D. G., Amazon Customer

"An Excellent & Essential Product! Great Plus For Menopausal Women"

“I love this Marine Collagen! My favorite way to drink it is with hot water, lemon slices and sweet leaf stevia every morning drinking it down while taking my vitamins. I crave it everyday. It is flavorless and the texture is smooth and silky when combined with hot water. I noticed a gigantic difference in my hair skin and nails, skin and overall joints. I work out almost everyday and I rarely have any joint tenderness anymore. It is also a great addition for menopausal women to add to their restorative remedies. Get it.”

-M. M., Amazon Customer

"One Of The Best Collagen Products On Amazon"

“I started noticing my skin starting to get plump within two weeks of taking this collagen. Everyone also comments on how long and full my hair has become. I have always loved Marine collagen. This is one of the best I have taken. It blends well in warm water or tea. I love taking it on empty stomach. Love! Love!”

-A., Amazon Customer

"Great Product For My Husband, My Mother (87 Years Old!) And I"

“I am very satisfied with the product!! My husband and 87 y.o. mom have also begun to use it. The most significant results I have personally observed and my mother also has experienced is thicker healthier hair, stronger nails and smoother complexion. I use one scoopful in my morning coffee and it does not affect the flavor of the coffee at all. I plan to continue purchasing.”

-K. P., Amazon Customer

"Amazing Product! Healthier Nails And Painless Joints"

“This Marine Collagen is an excellent product. I have ordered it two times and I will continue to order it for me and my husband. In only one month, it stopped the splitting and chipping of my husband’s nails and my nails are not anymore frail. In the second month of using the collagen, the pain and stiffness in joints are almost gone for both of us. The collagen is tasteless. We used it in coffee, tea, and juice, and noticed no change in taste. I am glad I found this product and I highly recommend it.”

-F., Amazon Customer

"Excellent Quality"

“Love this. Have it in autoship. Have tried other brands and always go back to this one.”

-C. F., Amazon Customer

"Marine Collagen & Beef Collagen Peptides: Quality Products!"

“I have been using Amandean Beef Collagen Peptides for post-workout nutrition for about one year. I have really liked the sustainability of my joints and muscles from using this product, so I recently decided to try the Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder and have been equally as satisfied. My health and my age process are important to me as I am turning 52. So glad Amandean provides quality products to help improve my health!”

-E. H.

"My Back Pain Is Gone!"

“My physiatrist recommended to take collagen to help with my herniated disc pain. I’m now off all my pain meds and after only 3 weeks of taking the collagen, my pain was greatly reduced. It’s now been 5 weeks and my back pain is gone! I blend it in my protein smoothie every day. There’s absolutely no taste and it actually makes the smoothie creamier. I’m sold! Reordered 2 more containers. My perfect smoothie is Vega vanilla protein powder, frozen mango, almond milk, and a scoop of the marine collagen powder.”

-B. M., Amazon Customer

"Helps With Rheumatoid Arthritis"

"As a sufferer if Rheumatoid Arthritis I wanted something good for me to take that may help with my chronic pain. Someone had told me about collagen, but being a vegetarian, I hate having my food come from an abused farm animal. I do eat fish from time to time, so I thought it couldn’t hurt. I’ve been religiously taking this collagen for about a year now in my coffee and I have felt a lot better. I actually crave this stuff now. I use this in my bulletproof coffee and I’m in heaven. As a side, it has also smoothed out some of my 44 year old wrinkles which is a plus too. I haven’t noticed much growth with my hair, but it’s definitely shinier. I am a forever fan.”

-M. D.

"My Back Pain Is Gone!"

"My physiatrist recommended I take collagen to help with my herniated disc pain. I’m now off all my pain meds and after only 3 weeks of taking the collagen, my pain was greatly reduced. It’s now been 5 weeks and my back pain is gone! I blend it in my protein smoothie every day. There’s absolutely no taste and it actually makes the smoothie creamier. I’m sold! Reordered 2 more containers. My perfect smoothie is Vega vanilla protein powder, frozen mango, almond milk, and a scoop of the marine collagen powder.”

-B. M.

"My Favorite Collagen Powder"

“I love Amandean’s Marine Collagen Powder. I’ve tried others that are less expensive and others that are bovine based, and always come back to the Amandean brand. For me, the marine collagen works the best - and it actually helps with my GERD. (When I had stopped using it for a month, I noticed that my acid reflux was recurring more frequently and I had to go on a 2 week omeprazole treatment.) To me, the powder has zero taste/odor - I usually mix one scoop in my first cup of coffee each morning. It dissolves fairly well... especially if I stir it, as the Keurig makes the coffee (maybe a tiny bit of clumping but really, not bad at all!)”

-L. M. J., Amazon Customer

"This Brand Is The Best Choice!"

“I just recently started adding collagen to my daily routine, after using bone-based I wanted a change and am glad I chose this brand! No taste, mixes easy, and you get a great amount for the price. My new go-to and I recommend to anyone considering I’ve been taking it a few weeks and already see a difference in my hair/skin/nails.”

-T., Amazon Customer

"Dissolves Easily And Gives You Healthy Hair & Nails"

“Love this powder - I take it daily. It dissolves quickly. I take it in hot tea, coffee, and smoothie. My hair and nails grow so fast and look really healthy. I’m hooked. Thank you.”

-T. C., Amazon Customer

"Good Product! Highly Recommend! It’s Reduced My Cellulite!"

“Fast shipping! Great quality! Adding to my morning coffee, for already 10 months and continue. I did notice reduce cellulite so far! Thanks!”

-Amazon Customer

"AIP Perfect Protein Powder! Plus: No Smell Or Taste!"

“This is a fantastic product! For someone with autoimmune disease who cannot eat most protein powders this is an answer to prayer! There is no smell or taste so it’s fantastic to have no hint of the fish and it blends beautifully in my blender bottle when I need protein on the go. Highly recommend! Especially for people who are doing Paleo autoimmune protocol!”

-E., Amazon Customer

"Love It! I’m Hooked!"

“I’ve been using this marine collagen for a while now (5+ months) and I’m a huge fan! I’ve noticed a difference in the overall health and appearance of my skin and less joint pain in my hip and knee (running injuries). I’m definitely hooked!”

-C. S., Amazon Customer

"Bonus Wow!"

“I bought this to help with my fine, thinning hair but WOW it also made my skin so soft! Bonus: My husband loves holding my hand again & often rubs it against his cheek.”

"Great Product & No Fishy Taste: Love It!"

“Great marine collagen powder without fishy taste. I have been using this product for more than a year. I usually mix it with coffee or milk in the morning. It’s a good way to start the day. I have noticed that my skin is less dry during the winter. And my nails look much healthier as well.”

-T. K.

"Glowing Facial Skin"

“Skin never felt so soft! Reduces fine lines on face as well.”

-D., Amazon Customer

"It’s Been A Year Now, Great Product!"

“I use this product in my first cup of coffee every morning. I have been using it for about a year now and have seen great improvements in my skin, nails, and hair. Thank you for this wonderful product!”

-N., Amazon Customer

"I Feel Like a New Person!"

“Started noticing my skin looked plump, hydrated and more radiant after only a few days... I’m a convert! Feel much better about consuming marine collagen than bovine collagen and I’m so happy it packs a powerful punch ! This is the best supplement purchase I’ve made in a decade. I actually think it might be slimming me down ever so subtly. Thank YOU!!!!!”

-J. S., Amazon Customer

"If You Want Stronger Nails, This Is The Product For You"

"I can’t remember exactly what started me taking collagen powder, but it’s become a part of my routine, and the effect has been really good so far. It will probably be a while before I notice a difference on my hair, but I do think that it’s had a positive effect on my skin, though I can’t exactly put a finger on what it is. I’m pretty relaxed about skin care and don’t look at my skin under a microscope.

I have definitely noticed the effect on my nails, however. I work with my hands, so I notice the state of my nails a lot. For many years, I have kept them extremely short because they weren’t strong and after they were longer than 1/16 of an inch past the nail bed, they would tear and just be awful. NOW, it’s incredible. I have strong nails that don’t break! They are now a little longer than 1/8", right where I like them, and I feel like such a lady. They could certainly grow even longer but that’s more nail than I need.

... Some reviewers have complained about the taste. They might be extremely sensitive, but for what it’s worth, it does not bother me whatsoever. It’s not completely flavorLESS, but the taste that it has is inoffensive to me. I also blend it with coffee and milk so the taste of that overpowers whatever negligible taste this powder has. Good luck!”

-M. C., Amazon Customer

"Clear Skin Without The Weight Gain"

"I actually ordered 6 total, 2 for me and the rest for my friends. We just love your product! Clear skin without the weight gain as a side effect...

...I put it in my morning coffee as I am a coffee person. Getting my morning fix while getting clear skin in the process. What could be better than that?

Thank you so much for such a great product! Good thing it’s available again. It was out of stock for a while.”

-Amazon Customer

"I Love It All: The Collagen And Its Great Results!"

"I’ve been using this product in my coffee for over 2 years now and literally last night a friend (who I also recommended this, too) commented on how amazing your Anti-aging Collagen is and how it’s had a tremendous impact on our skin and hair. I take it with me on the road and keep it stocked up just in case there’s a shortage. I’ve been consistent putting a scoop in my coffee every day! And here’s the funny part... if for whatever reason I don’t completely dissolve the powder in my hot coffee, the little chewy clumps have become tasty treats. I know... I totally enjoy my collagen!"

-Q. F., Amazon Customer

Pro-tip: For fans of Marine Collagen, due to its lower molecular weight and particle size than bovine Collagen Peptides, be certain to add a scoop of collagen powder in the bottom of your cup, THEN pour your drink over top for best solubility.

"Good Product With Results"

"I’m on my 2nd container of this product and thoroughly enjoy it. I use it in my sweetened coffee each morning and have seen the following results: clearer skin, shinier and overall healthier hair and lastly, a suppressed appetite. I’m not sure what to think of the last result since it was completely unexpected."

-D. R. M., Amazon Customer

"The Real Deal! Great Customer Service, Improved Sleep And Smoother Skin After 2 Weeks!"

"Let me preface by saying that I am not a person who has the time to review every product that I purchase online. There just isn’t enough time in the day. As a matter of fact, I rarely, if ever, partake in the reviewing process. I will also add that I have not been paid to write this review nor have I received this product free for reviewing purposes. That being said, every once and a while I come across a company and a product where I feel that I have a responsibility to report back. This is one of those instances.

To begin, the customer service that I have experienced with Amandean and Cory (the owner) is second to none. And while we all enjoy good customer service, let’s face it, it’s rare! Before making my initial purchase of Amandean’s Marine Collagen I had some questions so I figured that I would give the company a call. I expected to be either dumped into a voicemail system with a promise of a future call back, placed on hold for a lengthy period of time or to be transferred at least five times before actually getting a “live” person to speak with. NOT THE CASE! Not only was my call answered by a human, but it was answered by the owner of the company itself, Cory. What a delightful surprise! We had a great conversation and he was very helpful in answering all of my questions. After hanging up, I completed my purchase on Amazon and eagerly awaited the arrival of my marine collagen.

I have now been taking the marine collagen for a little over two weeks (one scoop in my hot coffee in the morning) and there are two initial results that are worth noting. The first is that I am sleeping a lot better. By better, I mean that my sleep is more sound and that I feel very rested when I wake up. Others may not notice this as a difference if you sleep well but I do as I am a terrible sleeper and wake most days feeling tired. This is a major bonus for me. Secondly, I have very deeply cracked heels, especially in the winter. Between the cold and dry-aired New England winters coupled with the cessation of pedicures between October and April, my heels are an absolute disgrace. And quite honestly, I just don’t pay the extra attention to them that they need and deserve when there are so many other visible body parts that I need to tend to. After taking the marine collagen for a little over two weeks, they are softening! Significantly!! I can attest that I have not had a professional pedicure and that I have not done any type of home treatment (lotions, footbaths, filing, etc.). The only thing different in my routine is that I am taking the daily recommendation of marine collagen. It’s sort of interesting as to how I noticed this result as well, as I am not regularly touching the bottom of my feet. Every night after coming home from work, I would be changing into my more comfortable clothing and almost every night I would snag or run a pair of nylons when taking them off. They would always be catching and pulling on my cracked, rough and dry heels. Well, the last two nights there was no catching or pulling and I thought to myself, hmmm? I took my hand to the bottom of my feet and they were smooth - not perfectly smooth as if I had a fresh pedicure and not completely healed - but significantly improved and so much smoother! There is nothing else that I can contribute this to other than the collagen as nothing else has changed in my diet or in my routine. And remember, this is only a little over two weeks into taking the collagen. I can’t wait to see happens with further time and will report back after I have consumed one full container of the marine collagen.

All in all, I have had a very good all-around experience with this product thus far and would highly recommend giving it a chance. I look forward to reporting back after having the opportunity to consume the product for a longer period of time. Fingers crossed!"

—G. F., Amazon Customer

"Riding The Collagen Train"

"This was my second order of the Marine Collagen but it was actually not for me. It was for my second recruit, my boss! He’s now officially riding the collagen train along with me and my Mom. He told me that his package arrived as expected with no issues, and he began taking the collagen last week. Another feather in your cap!"

-G., Amazon Customer

"Hair Saver!"

"A friend told me that she was using this to see Amandean collagen when I commented on her gorgeous hair. I was having problems with hair loss, using biotin shampoo and taking biotin tablets with minimal success. I decided to try this marine collagen, after checking out the ingredients to make sure there was nothing that I was allergic to. Two months later, I have fabulous hair!”

-Amazon Customer

"Buying My Second Container- Seeing Great Results With My Skin And Joints"

"Truly amazing product. Higher in all of the essential nutrition than the other options available. I notice an immediate difference when taking this product and when I stop (if I run out for example). It has miraculously cured my indigestion/acid reflux/provides great overall gut support. It has also helped my knee feel healed! Normally my knees make a pop and randomly gives out when I’m running up and down the stairs; continual daily use of this product has helped reduce the frequency of that significantly. Overall, highly recommend for the overall gut and cartilage support.”

-M. T., Amazon Customer

"Wonderful Product!"

"I've been ordering this product from Amazon for a few months (I previously used beef collagen). I switched to marine collagen after research proved it a better source. I chose the Amandean brand because it best met all the criteria needed for a beneficial collagen supplement and I'm so pleased I did! The change in my skin, hair, and nails is wonderful! Another benefit is quick healing. I experienced a bad cut on my forearm and couldn't believe how quickly it healed! I'm nearing 50 years of age and I don't intend to go without this product again!"

-T. B., Shopify Customer

"Perfect Addition To My Morning Smoothie"

"I started using Marine Collagen about 3 months ago on a daily basis - I add a scoop to my smoothie in the morning. I've not used many supplement products in the past but simply wanted to find a product I could add to my routine that would help to start my day off right and keep me going during often very busy days. Within about 10 days I noticed a marked difference in my energy, which would normally plummet close to mid-day, but instead, I felt great through to lunch without hunger pains or the need to snack. I've also noticed a difference in my hair (after a month or so) which is definitely shinier and healthier than it was before. I chose Amandean's Marine Collagen over other brands simply because their customer service was so good and very honest. They answered all my questions immediately and I felt I was purchasing a very high-quality product. I've been very happy with the results and the product."

-J. M., Shopify Customer

"Helpful Stuff"

"Arthritis seems to have gone away."

-P. C. F., Shopify Customer

"Excellent Product"

"I have been taking Marine Collagen for several months. I started to take it because I was having stiffness and pain in the joints and tendons of my thumbs. Although the process of healing is slow, since I started taking Marine Collagen, I have noticed a big difference. I am able to bend my thumbs more with less discomfort and be able to use them in my daily routine. All around it has helped me a lot and the reason I am ordering more. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you for this wonderful and natural product!"

-J. H., Shopify Customer

"Quality Product"

"I bought this collagen to help with hair loss from my hypothyroidism. I’m 33, and do not need to go bald anytime soon... I also bought this because I was healing my gut at the time and all I can say is WOW! This product is amazing. I noticed new hair growth in the first month of taking this every morning in my coffee. I have been taking this for 4 months now and my hair is continuing to grow and I have noticed my nails are stronger as well. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Best product on the market for the money too; an added bonus!"

-M., Shopify Customer

"3 Weeks In"

"I’ve been taking Mathis marine collagen for 3 weeks now and already see a visible difference in my skin. Not only my face/eyes but all over. I will continue using this product, so far I’m very happy. It has a very mild taste, not fishy at all, more like any protein powder, but not strong. I’ve mixed it into hot coffee and it’s fine, I’ve also used plain water and it’s fine as well. Thanks for a very good product."

-C. E., Shopify Customer

"I Keep Sending People Your Way!"

"I gave a five-star review on Amazon after my first try and I’ve probably sent at least 6 people your way. My favorite way to use your amazing Marine Collagen is to blend it into a smoothie! cheers!"

-S., Amazon Customer

"Buying My Second Container- Seeing Great Results With My Skin and Joints!"

"I’m a pescatarian and was looking for a wild-caught marine collagen source and this one seems to meet the criteria and got great reviews. I’ve been using this for about a month and although I primarily purchased it for protein and hair growth I am seeing great results with my skin. I live in a very dry climate and my face feels rehydrated and my skin seems much softer. I actually had a stranger comment on how my skin looks like it’s glowing. I’ll take that compliment! :smiley: I haven’t seen significant results with hair growth yet but I’m hopeful that I will see improvement there as well. I’ll keep taking it for the skin results alone and I have also noticed a reduction in joint pain and inflammation in my knees and feet. Great product!”

-J. P., Amazon Customer

"Skin, Hair & Nails All Look Better!"

"I am 49 and trying to beat the time clock and this collagen is truly helping. I have tried many different collagen supplements and this one packs the punch. It has made a difference in my skin. It’s clearer/brighter and more supple, my nails are stronger and my hair feels great. The downside is that I do have to get my hair colored more often because my hair grows faster, but it’s worth it. It mixes easily (always add water after the powder). It’s tasteless in any smoothie and only a slight flavor on its own. I am on my 3rd bottle and plan to keep ordering. I highly recommend this product!”

- Amazon Customer

"Amandean's Marine Collagen Is Keeping Me Together!"

"Amandean's Marine Collagen is keeping me together. Literally. I never understood the importance of ingesting Collagen until I happened upon finding out about the importance of marine collagen for the body. I’m on my third container so I believe that I have a lot of insight into this particular product. The results happened over 4 months.

1. More Energy -- One of the “side effects.” Not a ton but I never expected some more pep to my step. I love the added boost.

2. Eyes Have It -- I don’t wear glasses anymore for my nearsighted vision. I’m not comfortable wearing glasses.

3. Walls of my mouth -- I actually fished around the web looking for something that would help the condition of my mouth as a dental student was discussing the “sponginess” of my mouth bones. She said that my teeth would fall out. The soft tissue in my mouth used to have a lot of bumps. Now there are none. Excellent for periodontal problems.

4. Firmer gums -- I feel like the gums tightened up. And, they are not bleeding. A dentist recommended that I have surgery for my gums as they were in horrible condition. After taking this product for 4 months, surgery is off the table. Gums are healthy.

5. Hair. Skin. Nails -- Thicker nails without ridges. Softer skin. My frown and other lines have lessened. My skin is much softer.

6. Joints -- I’m walking down stairs normally. Before it was two feet on each step.

7. Reduced Bloating -- What a great side effect!

8. Reduced Sugar Cravings -- I still have them but nothing like before.

I take one scoop in a cup of warm water. Stir and sip. I hold each gulp in my mouth for as long as possible. I don’t have a problem with curdling or clumping because I follow directions.

Customer service is prompt. Within days. I usually wait until the last few scoops to order and I am amazed at the speed that this company sends their product. No waiting.

I saved one of the containers because I take what I need on foreign and domestic trips where you have to show the original packaging.

For me, this product is the be all end all. It’s great. A real 10!!! Looks like I’m a customer for life.”

"This Stuff Is Awesome!"

"My only complaint is that I didn’t find the Amandean Marine Collagen sooner! This product is awesome! I’m leaning out, my previously painful “trigger thumb” is far less painful as the inflammation seems to be decreasing since I started using the marine collagen over a week ago.”

-Amazon Customer

"I'm Stuck On It!"

"I’ve been using this stuff for several months and recommend to everyone I know.

I wanted stronger hair and nails and smoother skin.

I do intermittent fasting to maintain my weight. I’ve found that adding a scoop to my morning coffee keeps me from getting hungry until my noon eating window.

So, I’m stuck on it. Thanks ”

-Amazon Customer

"Best Collagen I've Used!"

"I have used collagen for years, and tried many different products. This by far is the best. No smell, no nasty flavor and blends perfectly into smoothies. I switched off to a different product a few months ago to try and save a few $, ugh. Never again because I noticed a return of pain and stiffness in my joints. 6 weeks back on and I am back to doing 15 miles of running again.”

"Amandean Marine Collagen Is AWESOME!"

"Love this collagen. Absolutely does NOT taste fishy. In fact, I use it daily in my morning routine. Today it’s a scoop in my oatmeal, but it’s also wonderful in smoothies, sauces, and even coffee or juice. It dissolves easily, so I put a scoop full in my coffee cup and wait for the Keurig to brew! A month ago I had problem skin, uneven tone/texture, and acne. I have noticed a night and day change... my hair is longer and thicker, my skin is smooth and blemish-free, and my nails... OMG! Enough said, you MUST buy Amandean Marine Collagen. I’ve tried the competitions and they don’t hold a candle to this brand.”

"Best Collagen Supplement On The Market!"

"This is by far the best collagen supplement I’ve tried and I will continue to purchase it in the future. I look and feel amazing.”

-B. R. G., Amazon Customer

"LOVE! Favorite Collagen"

"I’ve been using this powder for probably over a year and have it on subscription. I was using beef collagen but felt more comfortable using marine collagen. It’s super fine, I add 2 scoops to my smoothie every morning and you can’t taste it at all. It makes my smoothies more filling by adding the extra protein from the collagen, among the other amazing benefits that collagen itself has. BUY THIS!”

- B. K., Amazon Customer

"Improved Health, Great Product!"

"I have been using this product for about two months now. I really, really love my iced coffee. It was hard for me to put collagen in it for the first time because I was worried it would make it taste bad, but right from the get-go, very fortunately, it actually seems to have improved the taste! This collagen powder dissolves pretty well, I get some clumps but not too bad. What I really love about it is what its done for my health! I know that collagen has been proven to be good for the gut, and for me, that seems to be true. Coupled with a better overall diet, my GI health has definitely improved using this product. I also am susceptible to forearm tendonitis and I haven’t had any flare-ups since using this product. I feel better post workout and I feel like my strength routine is better, especially since I haven’t had any tendonitis flare ups. It also helps me hit my protein goal each day, which is tough because I try to avoid meat for the most part! A+++ in my book.”

- M. G., Amazon Customer

"5-Stars! I'm Sold!"

"I changed my diet and supplement routine just after I turned 31 due to various skin, joint, lethargy and health issues. I had several signs of an autoimmune disorder but I didn’t have any tests run until after my lifestyle changes and I began feeling better so I didn’t pursue seeing doctors any further. Although I saw a difference with each positive change including adding this collagen, I would still get bad joint pain every so often to the point I had trouble getting up and down stairs. I have a 19.9 BMI and have always been active so as you can imagine this definitely has disrupted my normal routine. Recently I became serious about cutting out gluten, grains, and refined sugar on a Paleo Pescatarian diet which helped but I stopped adding this collagen to my homemade almond milk latte in the morning as a test and joint pain came back. I started using it again and now I’ve been more consistently pain-free since starting this journey! I have also noticed my fine lines have smoothed out quite a bit which is a positive but wasn’t on my priority list.

As for taste and texture, I have found that adding this to my espresso shot and stirring while adding my frothed almond milk breaks up all of the clumps much better than just pouring hot liquid over it then stirring. It does have a slight taste and smell but I get past it with adding some stevia to my drink.”

-Amazon Customer

"Worth Every Penny!"

"I can’t say enough about this product. I rave about it to everyone that will listen and do many of my friends and co-workers now swear by it too. Within a couple of months, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I am a fitness instructor and I feel like my recovery and wellness has greatly improved. I have a scoop in my coffee every morning. Odorless and tasteless and dissolves completely (put it in your cup and then pour hot coffee on it). I am hooked for sure!”

-Amazon Customer

"Recommended Amandean Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Protein - Good As Gold!"

"This product was highly recommended by my chiropractor and nationally-renown nutritionist. I'm 11 years post-menopausal and really wanted some natural help with the effects of aging. I could see results in a very short time after starting this product. I also believe I feel better overall since I've been taking this daily. I highly recommend it."

-S. F., Amazon Customer

"Must Try This Marine Collagen For Healthy Skin And No Pain Joints!"

"This Marine collagen is awesome it is very fine so it mixes well in any liquid and food like yogurt & oatmeal. You can add it to smoothies, coffee, for extra protein and it helps with skin, hair & your joints. It's 10 grams of the best collagen and it's virtually tasteless. I use it 2 times a day. It's been a couple of weeks and I've noticed my knees stopped hurting and my hair is shinier. I think it's a cheaper better alternative to the expensive skinny youth collagen."

-C., Amazon Customer

"I Saw A Difference In My Wrinkles Within 2 Days."

"Can’t say enough great things about this product! This picture is a week in and I probably only had 5 packets in total - I split them in half. I saw a difference in my 11 and forehead wrinkles within 2 days!! I bought this for better overall health but was hoping it would help with my wrinkles and help heal scar tissue from a surgery I had. Hasn’t disappointed on the wrinkles and we’ll see about the scar tissue!"

-K., Amazon Customer

"After Taking Marine Collagen For A Month, My Skin Is So Clear."

"So I’m a health fanatic who has tried EVERYTHING to clear my skin. I went raw vegan, fasted on only water, 15 day green juice cleanses, colon cleanses, liver cleanses, took all kinds of supplements etc. etc. you made it, I did it.

I stumbled across Marine Collagen after seeing it everywhere in Japan so I decided to try this brand.

I have already had clean skin for some time now but I still had acne scars, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, redness, blotchiness, etc. My skin is not perfect and I thought I would never get clear skin.

After taking this for a month, my skin is SO CLEAR. I no longer get small little bumps, the texture is gone, and everything I mentioned above is GONE. I don’t even have to get my biweekly facial because there is nothing to clean out. I’ve stopped wearing makeup and when I do, I lose one little pump to get full coverage. This is truly a godsend.”

-M. J., Amazon Customer

"This Stuff Is Amazing"

"This stuff is amazing!! I've been using it for a week now and the problems I was having with my foot healing from a tennis injury are SO MUCH Better! Seriously, I noticed a difference after 2 days! It really is odorless & tasteless which is a MUST for me, I tried another brand and it wasn't so good. I mix it in my oatmeal. I've told at least 10 people so far about this Marine Collagen and will definitely be ordering more and plan on taking it for a long long time. Thanks for such a high-quality product!!"

- S.H., Amazon Customer

"Good Product, Good Portion, Good Company"

"My product shipped quickly and was in perfect condition when I received it. I am happy that the amount that you get is fair for the price. I like the fact that it is Type 1 Collagen. It has no aftertaste or adverse smell. I drink it with my Vitagreens supplement powder in some natural apple juice in the mornings. It is so fine, and light that it doesn't always fully dissolve as you would imagine a powder to do, but it doesn't impede the quality, taste or usability of the product. I have noticed that my skin feels better, my nails are stronger and I am able to do a lot more gardening - kneeling, bending, stooping - without as much ashiness afterward. I am quite pleased with Amandean Marine Collagen. This is my fourth different Marine Collagen product and I will definitely keep re-ordering it."

—P. C., Amazon Customer

"Marine Collagen Is As Close To A Fountain Of Youth Formula I Have Ever Found For My Stiff Joints"

"I've waited for about a month to leave a review for this product. I am 49 years old with a physically laborious job, and mother of two. I always hurt; I'm sore, stiff, with crunchy knees, painfully climbing stairs, painfully at the gym, etc. After one day of taking Marine Collagen my knees didn't hurt anymore, nor were they crunching as I climbed stairs. I thought this might be a placebo effect, so I kept taking the product, and I had no pain. In the third week, we went on vacation and I missed taking the collagen for four days. My knees became crunchy again and I was sore and stiff all over! I resumed taking the collagen, and immediately felt better! I'm really amazed at how fast this product worked for me. It is easy to dissolve in my coffee. It is tasteless and odorless. This Marine Collagen is as close to a fountain of youth formula I have ever found for my stiff joints, and I'm so happy to have found it! Great product!"

—N. S., Amazon Customer

"I Feel Like I Should Buy Stock In This Company"

"I have been using Amandean's Marine Collagen for a year and In all honesty, was relatively skeptical starting out. I am a competitive adult athlete and was dealing with yet another soft tissue injury (meniscus this time). Trying to avoid surgery as doing every natural antidotal therapy possible. My knee got considerably better in a few months but much to my surprise everyone was asking me what I was doing with my skincare and many of my close friends were sure I had had some “work” done!! Needless to say, I have referred several people to this product and they too now are devotees. Aside from the bonus benefit of smooth and lifted skin and strong nails, my bustline took a turn against gravity! Additionally visible small capillaries in my legs (which run in my family) have vanished-so my mother and sister started on it too!! I feel like I should buy stock in this company ;) I had no expectations but this has given tremendous health improvements and I will never go without it. And the ultimate benefit was competing and placing again this year at the national level, injury free!! All while avoiding the surgery that was recommended. I credit this product, it is amazing".

-A., Amazon Customer

"Wow! I Look Younger!"

"Added this product a little over a week ago to the beef collagen I was already taking. I wanted the marine peptides this product offers. And oh my gosh I swear that already my face and lips are plumper and my skin is much softer and supple overall!!! Unbelievable! Wasn’t really expecting visual results when I added collagen to my routine. Was doing it strictly for the terrific health benefits. But to my surprise and delight the results on my face, my skin and even my fingernails have been significant!"

—T. T., Amazon Customer

"Good Product, Good Portion, Good Company"

"My product shipped quickly and was in perfect condition when I received it. I am happy that the amount that you get is fair for the price. I like the fact that it is Type 1 Collagen. It has no aftertaste or adverse smell. I drink it with my Vitagreens supplement powder in some natural apple juice in the mornings. It is so fine, and light that it doesn't always fully dissolve as you would imagine a powder to do, but it doesn't impede the quality, taste or usability of the product. I have noticed that my skin feels better, my nails are stronger and I am able to do a lot more gardening - kneeling, bending, stooping - without as much ashiness afterward. I am quite pleased with Amandean Marine Collagen. This is my fourth different Marine Collagen product and I will definitely keep re-ordering it."

—P. C., Amazon Customer

"I've Told At Least 10 People About This Marine Collagen!"

"This stuff is amazing!! I've been using it for a week now and the problems I was having with my foot healing from a tennis injury are SO MUCH Better! Seriously, I noticed a difference after 2 days! It really is odorless & tasteless which is a MUST for me, I tried another brand and it wasn't so good. I mix it in my oatmeal. I've told at least 10 people so far about this Marine Collagen and will definitely be ordering more and plan on taking it for a long long time. Thanks for such a high-quality product!"

—S. H., Amazon Customer

"Goodbye Crunchy Knees!"

"I've waited for about a month to leave a review for this product. I am 49 years old with a physically laborious job, and mother of two. I always hurt; I'm sore, stiff, with crunchy knees, painfully climbing stairs, painfully at the gym, etc. After one day of taking Marine Collagen my knees didn't hurt anymore, nor were they crunching as I climbed stairs. I thought this might be a placebo effect, so I kept taking the product, and I had no pain. In the third week we went on vacation and I missed taking the collagen for four days. My knees became crunchy again and I was sore and stiff all over! I resumed taking the collagen, and immediately felt better! I'm really amazed at how fast this product worked for me. It is easy to dissolve in my coffee. It is tasteless and odorless. This Marine Collagen is as close to a fountain of youth formula I have ever found for my stiff joints, and I'm so happy to have found it! Great product!"

—N. S., Amazon Customer

“Excellent Product! I've Tried 6 Other Brands Of Collagen The Past 5 Years”

"This is hands down the very best collagen powder I've ever used. I've taken "joy of health" for a year and didn't get the results I got with this within 2 weeks. I've taken other less popular brands as well as several popular Japanese collagen powder brands. I will never buy any other from now on. The quality and purity of this product are very apparent in a short amount of time. No bs like with "joy of health" listing 6,000mg of collagen which only equals around 6g while this product is 10g the maximum allowed amount. If all that wasn't amazing enough. The price and amount just add to the satisfaction. Yes, it seems pricey BUT you get 50 full doses. This is over a months worth of product taken once a day. Other brands may be cheaper but only have 30 servings or less. Also, the quality of this is top of the line. After all these years trying, testing and searching for the perfect collagen powder and here it finally is.

Don't waste your hard earned money on gimmicks and advertising. Believe me, this is the best deal for the quality and amount. I'm very happy to have found amazing collagen at last."

—S., Amazon Customer

"Works Wonders For Arthritis Pain"

"I was taking another brand of collagen that is much more expensive (just about double the price) and worked really well so I didn't mind paying that much. However, it became quite costly after many months and I had to stop purchasing it. My arthritis came back horribly when I stopped taking that brand of collagen. My daughter bought this brand of marine collagen for me (since it was a lot cheaper) and I started taking it. Within a couple of days I noticed a huge difference in my arthritis pain, and after just taking this collagen for about a week my arthritis pain was gone. I love this collagen so much! It works just as well if not better than the other brand that is double the price. I will continue to purchase Amandean Marine Collagen and I tell anyone who has any kind of arthritis pain to purchase and give it a try."

—D., Amazon Customer

"I Suffer From Chronic Pain"

"I have never written a review for anyone. I know I should but I honestly don't take the time. This is different and I feel compelled to write. My hope is it will reach those individuals it needs to reach and help to change their lives as it has changed mine. Without writing a book, I suffer from chronic pain to a level that causes vomiting up to 8 hours a day when it is at its worse. I work and support myself so this can be challenging. I have been to many doctors and the final was Johns Hopkins who said the damage is so severe surgery would cause more surgeries in the future and results could not be guaranteed. I was told by my neurosurgeon to "do anything" I could think of to help myself and avoid surgery. My pain is injury related and then the immune system accelerated and "overcorrected" so to speak. The resulting inflammation is insane. I was on opioids and had to take a short term disability time off work due to an allergic reaction. I use many natural supplements, topicals, therapies, etc., but to no real avail. With pain that can make me sick to my stomach, supplements and meds can be tricky. I was in prayer and researching for results as life was becoming so difficult I wondered if going on was practical. I know that sounds awful but I would pray for God to take me home. I thought if I can't work and care for myself, how will I live? With the pain, I was only existing anyway, not living. I heard about collagen and its' wonderful properties. I am an animal welfare advocate and a vegetarian (not vegan) since childhood. I am not against meat eating but humane treatment is so important to me for all of God's creation. I believe an animal should be allowed a natural life until the day of the kill. For me, it was easier to limit that to certain kinds of fish. I had read where collagen from cows and pigs is not as bioavailable as fish collagen. I then found a site that uses shark fin and throws the sharks back into the water. I will not heal with another creature suffering for it. I again prayed for an answer. I found this wonderful company and was so impressed with the eco-friendly, sustainable process they use to obtain the wild caught fish and not endangering the other sea life while doing so. I felt at peace with purchasing this product. I hoped my stomach would tolerate it. I use it in my coffee and I need no special fluffer, shaker or blender. Follow their directions to put the powder in a dry cup and add the liquid. It will mix! I use it every 12 hours. Remember my pain is off the charts. In five days my pain was gone!!!!!! Gone!!!!!! My inflammation is so under control that if it gets much better I will have to resize my rings. I have lost no weight but the inflammation has caused a thinning over swelling from the injuries and overactive immune system. We know inflammation causes pain and is unhealthy for the body, often triggering other illnesses. I have energy that is coming from healing, not fake like the caffeine and sugar I would use to get through my day, knowing underneath the "fake" energy, my body was still suffering. I don't know quite how to describe the difference in the energy but it is a whole body/mind energy. Cravings are also minimal and appetite is greatly reduced. I think I was always trying to find something to help me with pain, energy and just filling that void that was existing and not really living. I was trying to find it in food. I don't need that now. I carry the powder with me because I don't want to find myself without it. On another note, they also emailed me to make sure it had arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. Who provides that level of customer service these days? Not many. I have to stop because I know I sound like I'm either a relative or getting paid but I assure you neither is the case. I am just that grateful someone cared enough to bring this company to fruition to help others. I have my life back. Fish scales...who would have thought? lol :-) Thank you Amandean."

—Melissa M., Amazon Customer

"I Was Very Happy to Find A Company That Sources From Wild-Caught (Not Farmed) Fish"

"Product delivered as promised. I was very happy to find a company sources wild caught (not farmed) fish from the North Atlantic. It is tasteless and easily blends in a smoothie so it's perfect for me. The customer service follow up has been amazing - kudos to Amandean! I will continue to purchase from them."

—S. P., Amazon Customer

"I Switched From Vital Proteins To Amandean"

"I LOVE your product! I started using it about 6 weeks ago and am seeing dramatic results. I have turned a few friends into your product who have switched over from Vital Proteins. They say your product is much better and they are seeing more results. Thanks for producing such a high-quality supplement."

—R., Amazon Customer

"Please Don't Ever Change The Quality Of Your Product!"

"I purchased your marine collagen powder via Amazon. I just want to request that you maintain whatever it is your doing with the marine collagen because it works very well for me. Please don’t change the quality of your product so I won’t have to waste my time looking for another collagen supplement. It’s so hard to look for excellent-quality collagen. Now that I found yours, I’m happy I can stop googling about collagen supplements. Thanks!"

—Amazon Customer

“Highly Recommended”

"I started using bovine collagen several months ago then research proved that the marine source was far more beneficial so in searching for a superior product that delivered the proper dose to show results I stumbled upon Amandean. Soooooo glad I did! The difference in my skin, hair, and nails is amazing, to say the least! I am just short of 50 years of age and my 12-year-old daughter is constantly asking me why my skin is softer than hers. There's no off-putting odor, it's tasteless and dissolves easily in my coffee. I LOVE IT and do not intend to be without it again!"

— T. B., Amazon Customer

“NO Smell And NO Taste”

"WOW, what a great product. I wish I knew about this years ago. I did some research on the various collagen products and the various producers. I decided to go with this product for many reasons. I am 100% satisfied with my decision after about one month of using it. I put one scoop in my morning coffee daily and with just 2 swirls of the spoon, it is completely dissolved. There is absolutely no taste and no smell. It has not changed my coffee one bit but it has changed me a lot. I am in the medical field and work 12 hours shifts usually 3-4 in a row. There is no break or lunch. About halfway through I would start to feel the musculoskeletal aches and pain that came with turning 40. After the 3rd or 4th shift I would typically need a day to recover. But since I have started using this product I feel 10 years younger. Muscle fatigue is just not there. The neck/shoulder pain, lower back pain, and leg pains are not as noticeable anymore. I got it for my mother and she feels the same. Her knee pains as not limiting her anymore. She feels she can be more active without the fear of having to be in increasing pain. My husband and brothers use it in their post workout shakes and have reported less fatigue after their workouts. My husband feels he can lift more weight without the joint pains the next day. I exercise and eat healthy so that I can age healthy but there is no stopping aging. This product is slowing down for me. I have noticed an improvement in my skin although my hair and nails will need more time to grow out. I will use this product for life. Have been telling everyone about it. I love it!!! Thank you Amandean!!!"

—T. B., Amazon Customer

"Really Helped With My Arthritis Pain!"

So glad I found and purchased this brand of marine collagen. I have arthritis and bone to bone contact in my right knee and am trying to hold off on replacement surgery. I love to walk daily for exercise. I purchased this and was hopeful it would help due to the great reviews. I’d been mixing it in my morning coffee daily for a couple of months. Didn’t seem to notice any big improvement but had been enjoying my walks with minimal knee pain. Then we went on vacation for a couple of weeks. I didn’t even think to pack this collagen. Still continued my daily walks on vacation. However, after the vacation, when I returned home, my knee was killing me and also the lower joints in my back. But after 2 weeks of the morning collagen, I’m happy to report that my pain is minimalized again. The only change for me was this collagen. I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

—S., Amazon Customer

"This Is The Collagen To Try!"

"I've been using this collagen for about a month now. I was a little bit skeptical at first. But decided to try this brand because it's marine- based and had good overall reviews. The biggest thing I've noticed is the change in my skin. I'm 50 and have been seeing the effects of time and sun on my face. In just two weeks my skin started to look better. I see fewer fine lines and I've stopped wearing foundation because my skin glows! Now that I'm in my 4th week I'm seeing an improvement in my hair. It looks healthier and shinier, and has more body. The powder dissolves easier in warm liquid and has absolutely no taste or smell. I'm a believer and will continue to use this brand!"

—S. J. B., Amazon Customer

"AMAZING All-Rounder. So Glad We Tried It"

"Am so glad I tried this product. It is AMAZING! Both I and my fiance started seeing the difference within 1-2 weeks of use. Our skin has turned firm and smooth, nails are stronger and hair soft and fuller! We take this first thing in the morning by adding this to our shake/ juice/coffee and take a vitamin C/multivitamin later. As a bonus, I've noticed I don't get hungry till 12-1pm (better than other protein shakes I've tried). Amandean's follow up email to ensure product satisfaction was a nice touch. Will definitely be purchasing again."

—P., Amazon Customer

"Best Price, Dissolves Better, Less Fishy Smell Than Other Brands".

"Of the 4 brands of marine collagen I have tried in the last 4 months, this will be the one I stick with. For the same price as the largest containers other brands sell, you get MORE product here. It costs around $40 for 12 oz of Aspen Naturals, Sports Research, and Zen Principle but you get over 17 oz from Amandean. Compared to the other brands I mentioned, this powder dissolves the best and doesn't have that garbage-fish smell. Collagen always dissolves best in warmer liquids. I put a full scoop in my morning hot coffee, stir and let sit for a few minutes to allow it to dissolve. Some evenings I also put a scoop in a cup of hot tea. The company sent me an email right after I received the collagen to make sure everything arrived okay. I know that demand for marine collagen has gone up lately along with prices, so today (about a week after I ordered the first one) I went ahead and bought 2 more containers to make sure I get it at the $40 price. I'll keep them in my freezer until I need them. I am taking collagen to improve my skin and hair because I have issues with acne and hair breakage. When I was taking dance classes up until last month, taking collagen helped reduce some minor joint pain I had previously been experiencing."

—B., Amazon Customer

"Amazing! Worth 10000 Stars"

“Ok, this is like the 10th type I’ve tried and I’d give it 10000 stars if I could! First time to have legitimately zero flavour and makes a perfect gel. Love, love, love! So happy to have this. It’s just too difficult to make bone broth all the time and quite frankly, I hate the taste of bone broth.”

-K. R., Amazon Customer

"This Is My Go-To!"

"Love the price. It’s an excellent value."

-T. N., Amazon Customer

"Health Benefits!"

“Very happy with this brand and quality! Make a lot of health jelly and enjoy all health benefits.”

-N. T., Amazon Customer

"Amazing! You’ll Never Go Back To Crap Gelatin!"

“This is so good! The gelatin is great for adding texture to sauces or even scrambled eggs. Totally unflavored and no smell. I’d give this 10 stars if I could. Adding to the subscribe and save.”

-J. S., Amazon Customer

"Perfect For Wrinkles!"

“Goodbye wrinkles, don’t come back ya’ hear?”

-D. C. G., Amazon Customer

"Convenient To Use And Cost Efficient"

“It is pretty flavorless and therefore can be used in a variety of ways. I was contacted by Cory, the founder of Amandean to see if the product arrived in good condition. It did... I thought it was considerate to reach out to make sure. I like to support small companies who really go the extra mile. I’ve already purchased my 2nd container and I am noticing an improvement with my touchy stomach/digestion. I like to ‘bloom’ it in a little bit of water, then add a little boiling water until fully dissolved, tart cherry juice concentrate, fresh squeezed lemon and liquid Stevia. I drink it twice a day. (As a side note, my sister-in-law got food poisoning and I recommended she takes some gelatin, and she said it really helped)”

-D. J., Amazon Customer

"Unbelievable Results With Arthritis"

“Excellent quality. This product is great to help with arthritis, it’s helping my elderly dad with overall health. The results are so incredibly noticeable that my mom and sister started taking them. There are some recipes to make smoothies.”

-M., Amazon Customer

"None Better. Neutral Taste And A Super Good Price"

"I use this every night before I go to bed. Not only do you sleep better but it makes your fingernails stronger, your hair grow faster, it’s also good for your gut. Neutral taste and a super good price.”

—K. G., Amazon Customer

"Great For Skin & Nails!"

"Within two weeks of using this product, I could see a difference in my skin and nails!”

-R. W., Amazon Customer

"Gelatin Egg, “Jello” Broth Thickening, So Many Uses!"

"This gelatin has so many uses. I love to take it every day for my protein intake, my lower back pain, and digestive issues. I will be taking the full dose for a while because I threw out my back at work. As a Homecare RN, I do a lot of repositioning immobile people."

-B., Shopify Customer

"Amandean Beef Gelatin Works!!!!"

"I began using Amandean beef gelatin for a protein substitute for breakfast, (have been using it 4 months now) I’m diabetic and don’t take time to cook. This works great, I can put this in coffee or any hot drink only 32 calories. I have lost weight using this which is no small feat for an insulin dependent diabetic. My doctor approved 100 %. I feel better, I have more energy and keep my blood sugar under control. I highly recommend this product and you don’t taste it. This was an answer I have been searching for, for 20 years. I use 3 scoops a day."

—D., Amazon Customer

“Pleasantly Surprised By The Results”

"Started using this product about 6 weeks ago. I have dropped about 10 pounds and my appetite has lessened somewhat. I also noticed my shoulder pain is virtually gone so have to attribute much of this change to the Beef Gelatin as that is the only change I made. I simply sprinkle it on my food one of my daily meals."

—J. M., Amazon Customer

“Supplement For Arthritis, Weight Loss”

"I've been on this product for 10 months now. It curves my appetite and helps me sleep better. My joints feel better. It's doing a fantastic job on my arthritis and my mobility. I walked with a limp and I'm barely even noticing it anymore. Helps my husband to sleep better and snoring problem. I lost weight and haven't been able to lose weight for years due to hypothyroidism and no metabolism. I've been overweight for years. I'm encouraged by the way this product works and makes you feel. I'm sold and my husband's started taking and one of my friends. Great stuff :)"

—M. M., Amazon Customer

“Fantastic Stuff, Try It Out”

"It's helping with my mobility issues. I'm taking less pain medication during the day for slipped lumbar disc(s), and my rotator cuff tear is healing now, and the carpal tunnel is becoming more bearable without the braces. It is important to bloom it first by putting one scoop of the powder in 4 ounces of warm water, then whisk it with a fork. Add 8 or 10 ounces of hot water and add a tea bag of your choosing. I usually take it twice a day morning and night with a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of EVO for the Omega 3 benefits. I can't wait to be on it for 6 months, it's only been a week. Pure collagen, no carbs, and all the Amino Acids you need. Great product. I will buy again for myself and others too."

—D. R., Amazon Customer

“I Got It to Help My Arthritic Knee And Back”

"I got it to help my arthritic knee and back pain. I have found it to ease my pain. It is amazingly helpful. I worked in my yard trimming and pruning and didn't have any pain or soreness the next day which is very unlike other experiences in the past. I am 86 years old, I will continue to use this product and I have told others about it."

—P. S., Amazon Customer

“I Highly Recommend This Product!”

"Beef Gelatin has been helping me with my acute knee pain. My husband had severe, chronic knee pains for months. He was very skeptical about taking this product, but he was in so much pain, so he decided to try it. He did it off and on for a couple of weeks, and his knee pain was getting better; then he did not take it for a few days, and he had the worse knee pain again; he could barely walk. So I had him start using this product again, and to his surprise, the knee pain went down right away. So, we have been trying to use it each and every single day and our knees are getting better. We are both over fifty, so I would say it can help older people.

Dr. Joel Wallach recommends taking gelatin for knee pain. He said that drinking gelatin could prevent a lot of knee surgeries because gelatin helps to rebuild the connective tissue, among health benefits."

—S., Amazon Customer

"Great Way To Supplement Your Vitamin C"

"“This liquid Vitamin C has superior absorption, pleasant tasting and I highly recommend you try it. Worth a few pennies more for this high quality vitamin supplement. Thank you.”

-J., Amazon Customer

"Quality Product As Expected"

“Seriously one of my favorite brands and they always continue to impress me with the quality of their products. I take a lot of supplements for my Hashimotos, so I like to look for liquid when I can since it’s a nice break from pills. I really feel the benefits of this particular vitamin C.”

-Amazon Customer

"Backstop For Your Immune System"

“During this pandemic our systems need help dealing with infection. Do yourself a favor and start using Liposomal Vitamin C. It’s the best way to take Vitamin C, it’s easy to use, and it tastes good. It will be a jumpstart to your immune system.”

-C. D., Amazon Customer

"Great Product"

“Way better than pills or the packets to prevent colds.”

-D. D., Amazon Customer

"LOVE It!"

“Almost a year ago, my elderly mother was diagnosed with two tick-born viruses--Lymes and H. Pylori. To rid her of these viruses, we engaged the services of a wonderful doctor who also practices Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy. It took almost 10 months, but my mother is now cured of the Lymes and H. Pylori. Part of her regiment of meds was the Liposomal Vitamin C to keep her immune system built up to help her own body fight the two tick-born viruses. Because of her age and her susceptibility to various viruses found in our local community, we keep her taking daily doses of the vitamin C. Since it is liquid, she enjoys the taste as well as the ease with which she can swallow it.”

-G. E. W., Amazon Customer

"Excellent Health Benefits"

"I have EBV, and according to the CDC people who megadose or use IV, vitamin C can recover and beat back the viral load and have energy and vitality again. I immediately felt better after consuming this excellent product of Liposomal C. I previously consumed 10k mg daily of hard C caps. Hard to do. I feel as if I could drink a gallon or two of thus excellent Liposomal Vitamin C along with NmN and potentially recover, maybe without all the anti-virals, maybe alongside. Raised in Florida, I swear by my citrus for healthspan. If I could afford this, I’d take one bottle a week. Works very quickly, noticeable health benefits upon usage. High quality. Will purchase and use again in my battle against EBV and Lyme.”

-D. J. L.

"My Skin Bruises So Easily That I Can’t Wear A Watch. Improvement Noted Already!"

"Vitamin C is an important nutrient which easily washes out of the body. I chose this Liposomal product because I wanted a fat -soluble Vitamin C. It also contains phosphatidylcholine which is a supplement my husband and son use to help them focus. No Soy either! That’s a BIG plus. At this time, my skin is not bruising as easily, my energy is greatly improved, and I’m overall a “happy camper” with this product! Oh, and the people behind the product are top notch, replying to e-mails in a timely manner. Can’t say enough about how good that makes me feel."

—D. D., Amazon Customer

"The Best Liposomal Vitamin C I've found"

"This was great. I tried a bunch of Liposomal Cs and this was the only one where I felt a difference, a positive difference, after using it. Also I loved that it's all natural."

-T., Shopify Customer

"Best Vitamin C Of My Life"

"I'm a Vitamin C junkie. I first found Amandean's on because I was looking for a liposomal version with all-natural ingredients. I tried a few and I loved this one the best. Now I buy directly from them because it's cheaper. I also really enjoy the personal emails they'd send me, Cory is a riot."

-S., Shopify Customer

"Amandean Vitamin C & Collagen Have Made A HUGE Difference"

"I was looking for a product that would help with all the changing weather that I am in while deployed. Going from 100-degree weather to the teens is a drastic change. Taking this Vitamin C has helped to keep me well while everyone else is sick!

I would buy this again.

I also take this with the Amandean Marine Collagen. The collagen has made a HUGE difference! I have struggled with back pain for years. After reading about collagen and its benefits, I was a little skeptical. After about a week of taking this twice a day, along with Vitamin C, I wake up and I can actually move around in the morning without the pain that I was having. It really does take away the inflammation.

This is a great combination!"

-G., Amazon Customer

"High-Quality Vitamin C To Boost Your Immune System & Metabolism"

"I am incredibly impressed with this Vitamin C. I purchased this going into the cold season to build up my immune system, but honestly there are so many other great benefits that I did not even know about. My skin is looking healthier by the day, and Liposomal Vitamin C also is fantastic for your metabolism. What I liked best about this product is that all the ingredients are vegan, and it tastes great by itself or even better mixed into my morning smoothies. Will definitely be purchasing this again as soon as I start to get low on my supply."

—M., Amazon Customer

“Great Value Liposomal C 1000mg Made With Sunflower Lecithin”

"Excellent product, made with non-GMO ingredients and Phosphatidylcholine made from Sunflower lecithin, a major improvement over some other brands which use soy lecithin. I am on my first bottle of this Vitamin C but am feeling that is effective and helping me with some sinus issues. Taking this by teaspoon is easy and the taste is fine. I am already preferring this to any kind of capsule or tablet forms of Vitamin C although I do still like the powdered form of Sodium Ascorbate, and if on the road Sodium Ascorbate capsules are good to have available.

The price point on this is also the most favorable I've seen of any liquid Liposomal form of Vitamin C 1000mg at 30 servings made with Sunflower Lecithin. I'm glad I gave it a try."

—S., Amazon Customer

"Major Health Improvements"

"I am a huge fan of this product and the seller. I ordered this for my father who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Although most doctors predicted him dead already he is getting better. Tumors are shrinking and there is no denying that he is improving versus declining in Heath. We give him 8-9 tsp 6 days a week and he gets an IV dose the other day. Thank you for making this product accessible to those in dire need."

—C.G., Amazon Customer

“Helped With Energy Levels When I Had The Flu.”

"Ordered this during an extended flu I suffered in January and noticed a marked difference in energy levels (have been taking daily for a month). Tastes pretty good too--citrusy! Arrived on time and intact in packaging. Would definitely order again."

—J. D., Amazon Customer

"Made A Positive Difference!"

"This was great. I tried a bunch of Liposomal C products and this was the only one where I felt a difference, a positive difference, after using it. Also, I loved that it's all natural."

—T., Shopify Customer

"Levels Rather Quickly And I Was Surprised By How Good It Tasted"

"I found it started to improve energy levels rather quickly and I was surprised by how good it tasted. I would recommend it, especially if feeling under the weather. Easy delivery system using non-GMOs. I am a happy camper especially since its so well priced!"

—Y. B. H., Amazon Customer

"Just Get It - Your Body Needs It!"

"Vitamin C is vital (studies have been done to prove the self-healing & prevention benefits) and liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is as or more effective than other forms of Vitamin C - even intravenous delivery - with greater bioavailability, so why would I not take it?? The taste of this particular brand is just fine. Easy to just drink straight - just has a slight "chalky" or "vitamin-y" taste. All good :)"

—G. G., Amazon Customer

"Immediate Results & Taste Much Better Than Expected"

“I’ve tried a few different brands of liposomal glutathione and this so far has been my favorite overall. taste is waayyyyyy better than it smells and has a liquid consistency not all gooey.”

-R., Amazon Customer


“Very pleased with this product. Good flavor, easy to take and has helped a lot.”

-D. L. O., Amazon Customer

"Just As Good As Medical Grade"

“I usually buy the medical grade online but since this pandemic occurred and money being tight I decided to purchase this. I honestly can tell no difference and it’s half the price! I’m not going to go into details on all the benefits from glutathione, you can research that on your own but I can at least promise this is a reliable source and there’s zero difference from this product or the one I buy from an online pharmacy based in Canada. Good luck and prioritize health in this world we live in where being healthy can be the difference maker against the novel coronavirus.”

-S., Amazon Customer

"Antioxidant POWERHOUSE!!"

“I never purchase any supplements unless there is viable data to backup the health benefit claims. I did my due diligence before purchasing Liposomal Glutathione, and I can tell you that there’s plenty medical research out there which validates its efficacy. I’ve been taking Amandean’s Glutathione for almost two weeks now and can definitely feel a difference in my wellbeing. I am more energetic, less foggy headed and my mood has dramatically improved. I’m aware of the placebo effect, and can, with absolutely certainty claim that it’s not the case here. I felt a difference the first day and have continued to do so. I personally like the way it tastes and if you read about glutathione, you’ll learn that the “sulphur flavor” should be expected. I definitely suggest taking it on an empty stomach and waiting 30 minutes before eating, to really optimize its effectiveness. If you can take it “straight”, you’re allowing it to truly do its job. I will definitely be purchasing more!”

-S. B., Amazon Customer

"Tastes Good And Feels Good"

“I think the taste is pleasant (the first time or two there was a slight sulphur aftertaste, but I don’t notice it at all anymore). I have adrenal problems and have felt much better since starting taking this supplement. I also haven’t gotten sick at all. I am happy with my results.”

-C. K., Amazon Customer

"A Miracle For Me While Being Treated For 2 Illnesses"

“I have Lyme and as I am being treated the antibiotics have made me very sick with all the toxins being processed. This is the only thing that relieves some of my symptoms for a little while, its been a miracle while managing taking my antibiotics, nothing else works. I mix it with Burbur Pinella (Lyme treatment), lemon juice, and liquid chlorophyll. I highly recommend these too but the glutathione alone is a miracle as well.”

-E. C. T., Amazon Customer

"Tastes Good And Boosts Energy"

“I was amazed how good this tastes like a tropical fruit with a very slight aftertaste. I drink water directly after. I noticed right away waking up with considerably more energy than I had in a long time.”

"Joint Pain & Inflammation Improved!"

“I have purchased my first bottle of this and I take it every morning straight out of the bottle. 3/4 teaspoon as directed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I actually enjoy the taste. It tastes tart to me but doesn’t smell at all. My pain & inflammation have gone away almost completely & my workouts are so much better! By adding this to my daily regimen of supplement intake I noticed right away the difference in how my joints feel. I can now do my spin classes which before taking I had too much joint pain to be able to ride. I’m super happy with this product.”

-G. H., Amazon Customer

"Amazing for Hashimoto’s"

“I don’t usually take the time to review products, but this is amazing! Using it for Hashimoto’s. Immediate improvements.”

-K., Amazon Customer

"Improved Flavor Is Good, Easy To Take"

“I was taking packets of stinky goo that reeked of sulfur until I switched to this product, which is so much better. It’s even better now that they improved the flavor. As to whether or not it “works”, well, that’s difficult to say because I have severe fibromyalgia and small fiber neuropathy. I take a lot of supplements and some medications. What I can say is that I am doing better over all, and I keep buying this supplement, even though I can’t really afford it, so I would recommend trying it. I only take it in the mornings, about 5 times a week when I remember to do it on an empty stomach. The liquid is very easy to swallow, and it tastes really decent considering how nasty other forms of glutathione are. Customer service is also fantastic.”

-A. B., Amazon Customer

"Great Tasting Glutathione!"

“This was the best tasting glutathione I have tried. I have tried 2 others that were super gross. This is the best glutathione for the price I have found by far.”

-R. D., Amazon Customer

"Improved Sleep And More Energy"

“I received my second order. I just take the dose of liposomal glutathione with about 1/2 cup of water as soon as I get up. The taste isn’t bad at all. I have felt very well since I have been taking it. It is hard to pinpoint exact symptoms, but I have noticed better sleep and energy, which is why I reordered.”

-M., Amazon Customer

"Everyone Around Me Is Getting Sick... And I Have Not!"

“I have used Liposomal Glutathione for 5 weeks. I can honestly say that several of my friends and co- workers have gotten sick with cold and flu like symptoms that have turned into bacterial infections, necessitating antibiotic therapy. I have been around them, as well as working in a hospital setting and calling on doctors offices. While everyone around me is getting sick, I have not. And I just celebrated my 70th Birthday.”

-M. M., Amazon Customer

"It Improved My Sleep And Energy!"

"I take the dose of liposomal glutathione with about 1/2 cup of water as soon as I get up. The taste isn’t bad at all. I have felt very well since I have been taking it. It is hard to pinpoint exact symptoms, but I have noticed better sleep and energy, which is why I reordered it."

-M., Amazon Customer

"A Must-Have For Lyme Disease"

"I have chronic Lyme and have been through numerous rounds of treatment. This time I added Liposomal. Glutathione to my supplement regime and am feeling much better than during previous courses of antibiotic treatment. The Glutathione helps your liver detox and flush out the toxins released by the bacteria in your definitely seems to be working so I am going to keep using it."

—C. P., Amazon Customer

"Has A Gentle Flavor"

"This Liposomal Glutathione is really good quality, tastes better than others I've tried and my system really soaks it up. The quality is there, arrived as expected and nicely packaged. I will purchase this product regularly."

—S., Amazon Customer

"Quality, Taste, Affordability"

"I’ve tried several liquid liposomal glutathione products and so far, this is my favorite for the following reasons: 500 mg per dose, Great taste, tangy with just a slight sulfur taste, hardly worth mentioning, No alcohol like other leading brands, non-GMO, price , family-run business with good customer outreach."

—M. Z., Amazon Customer

"5 stars for my Amandean Glutathione experience!"

"After a very bad reaction to Redisorb Liposomal Glutathione (Sold primarily through doctors. Can you say "multi-level marketing"? ;-)). After that unpleasant experience, I searched high and low to find soy-free liposomal glutathione. After several extensive searches all around the internet, I discovered Amandean's Liposomal Glutathione right here in my favorite marketplace! First, my back story: I purchased Redisorb from a doctor. Shame on her for selling me a soy-based product when I have been transparent about the fact that I am soy-free! Redisorb has an extremely alarming and intense smell of sulfur and is thicker than water. The taste was not nearly as bad as the smell. I consumed it straight up, and chased it with water. I experienced a pleasant glutathione response. HOWEVER, after consuming it for about 3 days, I realized that I had started experiencing an immune reaction. It took me a while to pinpoint the cause of this response to the only thing that had changed for me that week, the introduction of Redisorb. Silly me had not read the label when the doctor recommended it, as I assumed and trusted that she would not recommend products that might harm me. (I broke my own rule: Never assume!). I did not think that soy oil/lecithin would be a big deal. Wrong! For me, 2x a day, every day, is! It took me going to Redisorb's website and reading the FAQ to discover that they actually issue a warning that some people who are sensitive to soy can have a soy reaction. Nice! I stopped taking that product for a week and wouldn't you know it but my immune response slowly faded away. I will be returning that product to my doctor, getting my money back, and giving her a swift kick for causing me immune response harm.

Now for my 5-star experience with Amandean Liposomal Glutathione: Because I did not want to make further glutathione mistakes, I called Amandean to ask some very detailed questions. I spoke with Cory, Founder of Amandean Natural Products. We had a very nice lengthy conversation about liposomal glutathione and he answered all of my questions. I learned that Amandean Liposomal Glutathione is made from Setria, the highest quality glutathione base available. I also learned that the bottles are BPA-free. Cory confirmed with the manufacturing facility that the bottles BPA-free. (After receiving my bottles, I noticed that there is a "1" on the bottom of the bottle. This "1" is the lowest and the safest rating for plastic bottles.). The educational conversation that I had with Cory lead me to decide to try Amandean Liposomal Glutathione. I decided to purchase 5 bottles! My bottles arrived quickly and safely.

About the product: It does have a sulfuric smell typical of glutathione, but not an overpowering one. I am taking it straight up, and chasing it with water. The color is golden, the consistency is thin, the taste is tangy, slightly tart and slightly sweet. I've been taking it twice daily since 7/3/18. Yes, I know that that is only 3 days. I have had no negative response (because it thankfully does not contain soy!) and I have experienced the same positive glutathione reaction as I previously with that other product, which I consider to be toxic. Who would want to consume soy when they are soy-free, anyway?

I will be updating my feedback again in the near future."

—S. L. T., Amazon Customer

"Amandean Has Stellar Customer Service And The Highest Of Quality In Their Products"

"The Liposomal Glutathione is a new product for me. I've used Amandean's Collagen Peptides for about 6 months now and added this to order out of pure curiosity. LG is supposed to help with detox, reducing inflammation, increased liver function, and enhanced brain and skin health. Here is what I've noticed since being on this product (20 days).

1) I've been a little more tired than usual. This could be totally unrelated! But I'm sleeping great and when I'm awake, I AM awake and motivated. I've been very productive the last couple of weeks. Like, in an obsessive nesting sort of way. I've organized drawers and shelves and closets and planned out business plans FAR more in advance than necessary. I'm just MOTIVATED. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the end of a school year. Maybe I'm born with it. Or maybe it's the Amandean.

2) I don't ache in the morning! I'm a fitness instructor 4 days per week and I run regularly. Needless to say, I pretty much always hurt somewhere. But it struck me just today that I've not been achy when I get out of bed in the morning. And I usually am. This could also be attributed to the extra sleep, I'm sure. But this is a positive, for sure.

3) Brain and Skin - Well, I'm looking pretty good for 40+. This can't hurt. Could help. But my collagen is the MUST HAVE for hair and skin. As for my brain? I have no idea if this has helped in that area. See number 1.

4) Liver Function and Detox - Okay, here is my confession. I probably drink too much. I adore my husband and our favorite past-time is to sit around in the evening after the kids are in bed and have a couple of drinks. I've been known to overindulge occasionally and feel the head-fog the next day. But once again I was struck in writing this review that this has NOT been the case since taking the LG. In fact, I've felt GREAT every morning even when I probably didn't deserve it. So I don't want to say this is a hangover cure, but ... draw your own conclusions.

Lastly - this product is super easy to consume and tasted good enough to drink alone. A simple spoonful a day! I'll buy it again!"

—T., Amazon Customer

"Excellent Detox!"

"Excellent product to help detox and build up the immune system. Great customer service, as well! VERY happy customer."

—Dr. P., Amazon Customer

"The Best Vegan Omega-3"

“As a vegan, I need omega 3s. I’ve tried several products and this is the best one yet!”

-J. G., Amazon Customer

"Love This & No After Taste!"

“Great brand of omegas! I had no issues taking these, are not gigantic pills. No after taste or anything weird like others I have used. These are doing great for me thus far. No side effects whatsoever.”

-A. W., Amazon Customer

"No Fishy After Taste"

“With normal Omega 3 fish oils I always had a nasty fishy taste in my mouth but not with this!”

-J. R., Amazon Customer

"Helps My Memory"

"These are easy to swallow and I’ve waited to review these to see if they help with my memory and they do. I have a baaadd memory but when I take these I remember things more. I’m so glad as a vegan I have this option."

-N. V., Amazon Customer

"Great For Vegans!"

“Being vegan, I was happy to come across these Premium Vegan Omega-3 DHA + EPA Algal Oil Supplements. They are very easy to swallow and take, and I don’t get any digestive issues or nasty “vitamin burps” with them - especially fishy ones! I’ve tried krill oil supplements with mixed results (which isn’t vegan, I know - but I really wanted quality omega-3 in my diet) and while I liked the fact that I was getting good omega-3's out of them, I wasn’t a fan of the fishy burps and using fish oil in general, which kinda goes against my grain as a vegan. I love that I can get in my omega-3's through high quality algal forms, instead! These are good quality pills that seem to work well for me (and agree with my digestive system), so they get two thumbs up from me!”

-I. L. M. K., Amazon Customer

Great Product!"

“I’ve been taking this product for about 8 weeks and have noticed a significant reduction in inflammation that I typically have due to RA. Some people have mentioned that this product contains carrageenan which comes from a source of red edible seaweeds and has been used since the 15th century as a food preservative. Food-grade carrageenan has been confused with polygeenan, although they are completely different products, creating a controversy over the food-additive’s safety. Food-grade Carrageenan’s safety has been proven through various studies. carrageenan (polygeenan) has been found to cause inflammation of the gut, altering microbiota, and was found to be a triggering factor of inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn Disease.”

"Good Product"

“I was happy to find a vegan Omega-3 supplement that had the right ratio of EPA & DHA, some only have DHA. The gel caps are easy to take as well. I will buy these again.”

-J. H., Amazon Customer

"Allergic To Fish Omega’s — These Are Perfect"

“I have a sensitivity to fish oils because I’m allergic to salmon and other fish oils and these have been a life saver. These go down perfectly and provide all the essential fatty acids that I need. They are easy to swallow and provide me with the essentials I need. Great alternative to anyone either on a vegan diet or who have sensitive systems to fish. Highly recommend!”

-R. S., Amazon Customer

"No Burping Or Other Side Effects"

“I’m so glad to find vegan supply of this. My doctor suggested fish stuff as I am at that age where bones and joints and eyes need a little extra help. But as a vegan that wasn’t an option for me.I’ve been taking this once a day for about a week now with no burping or any other side effects. They recommend two capsules but I only take one.I’m happy, I feel like I’m giving my body what it needs and my mind is happy that it’s non-GMO and sustainable.I’ll keep taking it.”

-R. V. V., Amazon Customer

"Great Quality"

"I don’t do well with fish oil plus we would destroy many of our fish populations if everyone started taking fish oil. A common thing you need to watch out for on many supplements is dose per serving vs. dose per pill. A serving has 300mg of DHA but that’s 2 capsules. For algal oil that’s good but compared to fish oil it’s pretty low. If you want to get your DHA/EPA from algal oil you just have to be resigned to pay more. This brand is very competitive price wise with others out there and as good or better in quality from what I can research on it.”

- B. Stewart, Amazon Customer

"Works Extremely Well For IBS"

“I’ve struggled with IBS for years. I’ve tried everything, total GI work up and meds (pharmaceuticals didn’t work/improve IBS symptoms at all), IBS diet, other supplements and herbs... and nothing worked. I continued to research and came across an NIH article/small study that compared effectiveness of pharmaceuticals to Boswellia Extract (same potency as this product) and within a few days my IBS symptoms have disappeared! No more bloating, daily diarrhea, no more avoiding healthy foods I love. Started with 1 capsule with breakfast and after a week went to 2 capsules per day ()added 1 capsule with dinner). I can hardly believe how effective this product has been. I’ve used it for 3 weeks now and am still symptom free! I highly recommended this product for reducing/alleviating IBS symptoms.”

-Amazon Customer

"Does The Trick!"

“Very good for stiff joints. I wouldn’t be without it!”

-B. S. S., Amazon Customer

A Little More..."

“I have been using a formula with Boswellia in it, but felt I needed a stronger dose...I was right, because it is starting to work.”

-Z. G., Amazon Customer

"Boswellia Works For Me"

“This product has really worked for me. I had gotten where I couldn’t hardly walk or lift my arm, because for the pain in my right shoulder and leg. After being on Boswellia for about a month my pain is completed gone. It did take some time before I felt the difference but I can say it works fo me.”

-B. R., Amazon Customer

"Saving My Neck & Shoulders!"

“I had extensive neck surgery last year. As a result both my neck and shoulders have been very sore and stiff. I noticed a difference about 3 weeks after starting the Boswellia Serrata Extract. It was recommended to me by my massage therapist and it is immensely helpful!”

-M., Amazon Customer

"Relief From Pain"

“Fibromyalgia; inflammation; joint pain.”

-R. D. P., Amazon Customer

"Search Ended"

“I’ve used at least 6 different brands hoping one would be better than the other. My search ended - this is the best one."

-T. D., Amazon Customer

"This Formulation Is Effective"

"I’ve found this formulation effective. I wasn’t expecting miracles, and didn’t get any, but my allergies, arthritis, and several other inflammatory problems are much better when I take it. To me, that means this formulation contains the ingredients it claims to, and my system can digest and absorb it. I do take it with assorted oil capsules."

-D. A. S., Amazon Customer

"Wonderfully Surprised. Amazing Pain/Inflammation Relief"

“Wonderfully surprised by these boswellia serrata extract capsules..this supplement worked amazingly for relief of my pain/inflammation throughout my body caused by lyme disease & especially helped my severe neck pain which nothing has seemed to touch for years until I found this gem of a supplement!!..& fyi: I literally had zero pain relief from any of the turmeric/curcumin supplements I tried over the yers but this boswellia extract supplement worked on the 1st day & has continued to work wonders for my pain relief as it’s now a staple part of my daily supplements!!”

-T., Amazon Customer

"Boswellia Is Good For Digestion And Pain"

“I purchase Boswellia every other month to help my digestive issues. It is supposed to help with pain as well and other issues. I have been on another brand for several years but never noticed a reduction in pain until I started with this brand several weeks ago. I do believe it has helped.”

-J. C., Amazon Customer

"Making A Difference For My Daughter Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease"

“I purchased the Premium Boswellia Serrata Extract to help the inflammation and soreness in my knees. The product has really delivered results for me. I can power walk two miles with very little or no pain while walking or after. More importantly, I have started my daughter on the product and she no longer bed ridden from the effects of her chronic Lyme disease. Her improvement was noticeable just days after her first dose. Now a month later, she shows no signs of the pain she had been suffering with.”

-B. T., Amazon Customer

"Very Desirable Product At A Good Price. Perfect For Arthritis!"

“I take it daily & also give it to my dog (cross-over supplement). We both have a little arthritis & also some old age joint discomfort. I love that it’s veggie capsules. There’s really no flavor to like or dislike with the capsule; I do open it & spread the powder on my fur baby’s food & he doesn’t hesitate to eat so guessing he finds it palatable as well (he won’t say :) Just to clarify - I gave pain relief 3 stars because we both take other joint & pain supplements as well so can’t judge this objectively, hence the neutral response. I recommended this to a friend whose dog is mobility compromised & she gives it to him regularly along with his meds. She has also recommended it to others. Word of mouth is the best testimonial!”

-C. C., Amazon Customer

"I Have Been Using Since November 2017 And I Am Very Happy With The Product!"

"Before this brand, I was using the Now brand, which is not vegan and the caps are made out of gelatin. My body needs the Boswellia and I can feel pain when I start missing the dosages. I start to notice pain when I sit cross-legged; I cannot sit like this for more than a few moments without the pain being intolerable. I started taking this brand in November 2017. I actually did a little test and stopped taking it from then to now for about a month. I started noticing the pain within a week, mostly in my legs because I am on my feet a lot during the day. My body feels better taking the Boswellia extract and it is well worth it for me to spend my money on this product. Besides, it is vegan as I said, and it is non-GMO. So I will continue taking it for now until I find an even purer form of it."

—A., Amazon Customer

"It Started Working Right Away!"

"I had never heard of this product until recently; several people on a Facebook page I go to quite often started talking about Boswellia and how much it helped their chronic pain. I figured I’d give it a try because I am trying to get away from daily doses of an anti-inflammatory (am putting off knee replacement surgery and have chronic back pain). My expectations were low. I bought this product in conjunction with some curcumin/turmeric/black pepper capsules and HOLY COW! It starts working right away. I missed my dose last Friday and could barely walk by lunch (I teach for a living). Both knees were hot to the touch (through jeans!). I got home and took a double dose of this product and was much better within the hour. I can’t say enough good things!”

-V. B., Amazon Customer

"Best Boswellia I've Tried So Far"

"I obsess a bit over my supplement stack, and Boswellia is one of my three favorite ones. Only after 4 million hours of Googling (okay, that's an exaggeration... but just a bit), I realized that it makes sense for me to take. I decided to keep turmeric in my stack and take them together every day. Basically, all my health issues are on target for what Boswellia helps with. And I'm a bit hippy-ish but I prefer remedies that have been used forever. So I tried Boswellia from a few other vendors, all via Amazon - and each one had a problem. One made me nauseous. Another had half the capsules at half the amount that I expected (the fine print said two capsules per serving grrrrr). Another had no effect on me, I kinda suspect it was a placebo. After a bunch of ones I tried out, this Amandean one was my favorite. Everyone's different, so you should also try a bunch and go with the best, but for me, for the balance I was looking for -- that right combination of strength and intensity of the results of the Boswellia; the right amount for the right price; etc -- these guys hit the mark. And as a bonus, I had a question before the sale, asked them on Facebook, and they responded like 3 minutes later. They either never sleep, or their support team is in some weird time zone. Or both."

-S., Shopify Customer


"I have AS a type of rheumatoid arthritis and allergies that cause inflammation causing a lot of pain. The first night I took one cap I woke in the morning almost pain-free. That was a huge improvement to not being able to stand up. Then I took another cap in the morning, and the pain was gone. Also, the visible inflammation in my hands is gone. After much reading on Boswellia, I now take one cap at night and one in the morning every day. I highly recommend this product, but I also highly recommend you do your own research on it and make sure it is right for you."

-Y., Shopify Customer

"Best Natural Pain Killer"

"Boswellia Serrata is the best natural pain killer I have had found in so many years from being looking for non allopathic medicaments in the market, We don’t use anything else then Boswellia Serrata for joints skin headaches etc., etc. is amazing and a blessing how a natural remedy can help us with our intoxication or second side effects."

-P. J., Shopify Customer

“Benefits Are Quickly Noticeable"

"I'm a skeptic about many natural supplements, though after several weeks of using these capsules I'm admitting to noticing a real benefit to my degenerative disc disease (rheumatoid arthritis, 70% of my spinal column). Far less inflammation and discomfort throughout my back as well as my wrists. Am very pleased with the results thus far, wishing I'd known about this fine natural medicinal wonder years ago. Frankincense (Boswellia) is also said to be an excellent supplement in fighting many cancers and this interests me as well, having fought cancer for over 5 years now and that all naturally. No way that I'll ever allow "conventional medicine" to cut me, poison me, mutilate me, sicken me as they wish to. Just say "No" to fear and follow your intuition. It's not easy to, but few truly worthwhile things in life are easy, eh?"

— O.R., Amazon Customer

“I Am Pleased To Say That Your Product Is Working Wonders For Me”

"I am pleased to say that your product is working wonders for me. I was diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis and prescribed several different medications (one of which was extremely expensive), none of which kept me from having severe flare-ups. Since taking the Boswellia Serrata extract, I haven’t had a flare-up. I am not yet in remission, but I am hopeful."

—S. J., Amazon Customer

“Helps With Inflammation”

"I am a type 1 diabetic with arthritis and walk 40 miles a week to help keep good control. Boswellia is helping my arthritis after increasing the amount to 3 times a day and decreasing some prescription medication. This is the dose that keeps me feeling like walking by stopping the inflammation in my joints. I don't usually write reviews but this herb helps me."

—B., Amazon Customer

“Great, Healthy Product”

"Great, healthy product. I no longer need or use OTC anti-inflammatory meds that are so hard on our bodies. Boswellia eases the muscle aches from physical workouts and a well-used body."

—W., Amazon Customer

"Quality in the Details"

This particular vegan D3+K2 gets high marks for attention to the details. For sourcing the K2 from botanicals, to sourcing the D3 from algae grown in the UK, and encasing it in a small carrogeenan-free soft gel. It's a very healthy supplement delivered perfectly. Happy with this purchase.


"Great VegD3 + K2 also great for kids"

I was really excited to try this product because I wanted to see how it would taste and make me feel. Most soft gels I have taken before are big, hard to swallow, and have a fishy smell/taste. This product was small and easy to take with no aftertaste or smell. My kids actually enjoyed taking this product as well.

I also did some research on the VegD3 and the Vitamin K2 (MK-7) ingredients in this formula. They are top of the line and the quality is superb. They are both sourced from sustainable sources and are backed by compelling science.

-Bird Family Dental

" My vegan Amandean supplement routine - Adding Vegan D3 +K2"

I'm a runner, and I'm Vegan. To reduce the wear and tear on my body, I make sure I get good sleep, drink my water, and take my supplements. I started taking Amandean's Boswellia to reduce inflammation in my joints, Liposomal Glutathione as an antioxidant, and now Vegan D3 & K2 for my skin. - My body thanks me!! : )

These products are also earth-friendly which makes me feel good : ) - Go AMANDEAN!

"Quality Supplement"

I love how Amandean uses only non-GMO, selectively sourced & safe ingredients. Their supplements are very high quality and didn't upset my stomach like many other supplements. 5 stars for sure. Doctor recommended.

-Taylor Black

"Another Excellent Product"

Especially during the dark winter months having a quality Vitamin D3 is vital for me. I absolutely love Amandean’s Collagen, so it was a no brainer to add their D3 and K vitamin to my daily regimen.

-A. Olsen

"Excellent combination to help with viruses including Covid"

I have been taking a lot more supplements since the covid pandemic. There are five specific supplements that I have been taking and has been suggested to me to help boost the immune system both to prevent covid and reduce the effects if I get the disease.

It is very important to take Vitamin K with your Vitamin D intake. It's crucial that these vitamins be taken together because supplementing vitamin K with D helps the body use calcium properly to build bone instead of depositing it dangerously in arteries and soft tissue. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and it is critical for your immune system.

Also, do not take your Vitamin K and D with calcium. I take this supplement of D and K in the morning and take a magnesium/calcium drink in the evening.

I really like the D/K because it is the very best quality available and also because it is a gelcap. You can either swallow the gelcap, or poke a hole in the end of the gelcap and squeeze the contents into your mouth. The second option is the best way to completely absorb the D/K into your system.

The other reason I really like this brands is the base is organic coconut oil and non-GMO MCT oil. There are no funky ingredients and the gelcap is vegan - no gelatin. The softgel is made of non-GMO tapioca starch and non-GMO vegetable glycerin.

- Yoga Kat

"Seems to Help"

Super easy to swallow, no weird smell; no weird flavor. 125mcg of D3 (625% DV), which compared to other bottles I’ve ordered is the highest I’ve **personally** seen [this is not to say there aren’t higher dosages w/other brands; this is just my personal experience and observation]- and 100mcg of K2 (83% DV) I took the opportunity to order this through the vine program to try because I’ve done a normal amount of research regarding supplementing Vitamin-D during winter [for instance] seasons [with less sun for the body to absorb]. I personally suffer with seasonal depression/issues and after my 29, so far, years of life, this is the first winter I’ve ever tried supplementing vitamin D because I was skeptical. HOWEVER- after about a good solid month plus, now, of utilizing these, once per day (I take mine at night because I feel absorbency would work best at night vs daytime)… I’ve noticed a MASSIVEEEE DIFFERENCE in my overall mood, I’m sleeping better, I’m waking up better, and it’s really interesting- I’ve changed NOTHING ELSE in my routine/life with the exception of the addition of these supplements- so I feel as if I can honestly contribute it all to simple addition, one gel filled capsule, once per day, no ill side effects, either, of these “Amandean Vegan D3+K2 Dietary Supplement (etc.)” There’s 120 softgels. At 1 tab/day, that’s 120 days aka 4 months, if/when taken daily; and for the price…? You cannot beat it. I’ll be purchasing these before I run out because I feel they’ve helped out that immensely that I’m willing to pay out of pocket and that’s thanks, hugely, to the Amazon Vine program for allowing me to order these to try and review- because it’s really helped me for the positive. I’d recommend to anyone who has seasonal issues themselves to at least give a vitamin D supplement, daily, a try for themselves to see if it works for them. I wish I’d tried sooner.


"Vegan based D3 (and K2, MK-7) in base of coconut oil, so far so good"

Good combo in base of coconut oil.

I take vitamin D3 and K2 (mk-4, mk-7) daily. Vitamin K2 (not K1) is an important cofactor to pair with supplementing D3 (especially higher doses) as D3 encourages calcium production and absorption. However, calcium can't be trusted to go where it needs to, so that is where vitamin k2 comes into play. K2 helps direct calcium to the appropriate spots. So in and of itself high D3 isnt toxic (hundreds of thousands of research articles can be viewed on pub med), it is the excess calcium that goes to places it shouldn't (kidneys for example) that creates problems. Adding in K2 negates this as it tells calcium where to go (bones, appropriate functions). I used to only take the two supplements separately, but there isn't enough information out there that makes me think this is necessary. So I have been taking the D3/K2 combos. I like seeing more and more of this available as it makes it easier to remember to take what is needed and not have to have two separate products.

I normally go with a non vegan option as nearly all of the research is done using lanolin based D3. Even the Amandean website mentions this. So while that isn't totally comforting, I do appreciate their humble transparency and figured this formula was worth giving a try. It has the amounts I look for and is in a fat base, which is important for absorption.

I think it is a good option for those requiring vegan options. If not, then save a slew of money and go with a reputable non vegan supplement. Either way, this seems good so far. Get your D levels checked to see how it goes.

-Precise Disarray

"Definitely Needed"

During this cold season with much fog and rain we're not getting much sun here to make our own naturally. With the flu and viruses circulating vitamin D is much needed for prevention as well as for fighting off illness. We take this supplement as well as zinc, quercetin, and C with the first sign of a sore throat or runny nose. This combination of vitamin D and K is great, love the ingredients. These gel caps are tiny, so easy to swallow comparatively.

- Super2021

"Excellent D3/K2"

These vegan D3/K2 gelcaps are probably the most expensive I've ever reviewed, (the price as of this review is $29.95), but they seem to be excellent quality and you get a 4 month supply. One gelcap delivers 5,000 IU of D3 and 100 mcg of K2. I definitely prefer to take D3 and K2 together and having both vitamins in one, very easy to swallow gelcap makes it one less pill I have to deal with. D3 and K2 are excellent for bone health and as I grow older I want to ensure that my bones remain strong and healthy into old age.

- Love Guitar

"Earth Friendly"

This is an earth friendly supplement and I really appreciate that. They do not use sources from China, another big plus for me. I know this product is packaged in the USA but but I do not know where the softgels are actually made. Because of that, I did have to remove a star from my review. I feel it is only fair for consumers to be able to make their decisions based on all of the facts and this fact is missing. Other than that one piece of missing information, I am really happy with this supplement.

My bottle arrived properly sealed and without a childproof cap. The lot number and expiration date are visible on the bottom of the bottle. The bottle is a dark amber, perfect for storing vitamins.

-F.L Kayaker

"Good For Bones"
The Amandean Vegan D3 and K2. contains 125 mcg of Vitamin D3. This is equal to 5000 IU of D3, which I have been taking. The bonus here is the addition of 100 mcg of Vitamin K2. The D3 and K2 help to move calcium from the blood stream into bones. The gels are a small size and are easy for me to swallow. Altogether, this is a winning combination of ingredients. Also, they are vegan in origin.

- Paul. M

"Sunshine in a bottle"

I use it, my mom uses it and my best friend uses it (she recommended Almandean brand to me), we all feel better when taking these every morning. Minnesota just started getting dark at about 5pm and this has been a Godsend these last few weeks. Started taking them a couple of months ago and could immediately notice an improvement in mood and energy.
We all agree that this is hands down the BEST Vitamin D3 supplement any of us have used, ever!! And I have been taking D supplements for years. p.s. also love their collagen.

-Terry Hendrickson

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