We're Amandean

The Amandean Story

The wellness industry is packed with false promises, questionable practices, fake news, and a crippling amount of choice. In response to the hype, noise, and fads that dominate the supplement space, our founder Cory created Amandean; a line of premium nutraceuticals selectively-sourced from the best ingredients on the planet. We offer 100% traceability, sustainable practices, scientifically-proven formulas, and simple daily rituals to empower YOUR health journey. No hacks, no miracles, no additives. Premium wellness for those who care.

Our name, Amandean (Ah-man-dee- ihn), is derived from The Amazon + The Andes extending across the lush landscapes of Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. This is where we source our grass-fed collagen ingredients. As we've continued to grow, we’ve traveled the globe to find the purest and highest quality ingredients for our animal sourced, plant-based, lab-grown, and healing nutritional solutions.

Not all supplements are created equal. You won’t find trendy flavors, hard-to-pronouce additives, or artificial sweeteners at Amandean. Though we stay well-attuned to new trends &  innovations to keep you healthy, we prioritize purity and quality over everything else. That means we don’t add in pumpkin spice flavoring at the expense of effectiveness. When our products work this well, there’s simply no need.

Transparent Ingredients:

Within the constant bombardment of questionable information about food & health, we’ve devoted ourselves to becoming 100% transparent about our sourcing, formulation, testing, & packaging. We’re committed to nutritional science & accountable to customers. You demand to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. We’re happy to oblige.

Plastic Neutrality:

Plastic containers remain the safest & most accessible packaging solution for our premium formulas. However, as plastic waste continues to have a negative impact on the planet and its oceans, we've recognized the need to take action. In collaboration with rePurpose Global, we’re funding the clean up of plastic waste to offset the plastic used in our containers. Read more about going Plastic Neutral here.