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June 29, 2021 5 min read

In this article:

  • What does a dolphin have to do with skincare?
  • Step 1: Supplements and Hydration
  • Step 2: Skin Prep
  • Step 3: Dolphin Skin Time

What does a dolphin have to do with skincare?

“Dolphin skin” is one of the wackier skin trends to have made it to celebrity circles. Glass skin, vampire facials, and snail slime face masks have all staked their claims in the skinfluencer industry. It's no surprise then that this aquatic mammal is now an icon of glowy fresh out of water skin!

The term "dolphin skin" was coined by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillipsof Iconic London. The dolphin skin look is probably exactly what you imagine - crystal clear firm skin that glistens in the sun. It's like glass skin, with less shine and more shimmer. This makeup look has adorned the faces of many celebs including Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez. Like so many of 2021's top makeup trends, this look is focused on natural-looking healthy, hydrated skin that is then accentuated by makeup. No more harsh contours or matte concealers, we want to celebrate the beautiful sun-kissed skin we're in!

If you're ready to achieve your dolphin-like dewy skin glow, start by working from the outside in with supplements, create a beautiful base with a thorough skincare routine, then top it all off with topical products to seal the deal!

Step 1: Supplements and Hydration

Despite what beauty brands might tell you, there is no topical product that will tackle your skincare concerns if you aren't feeding and hydrating your body properly. Your skin reflects everything that's going on below that surface. That's why when we're stressed we start to break out and why eczema and rosacea can worsen when our gut microbiomes are off-balance. To achieve dolphin skin with minimal makeup, you have to work your way from the inside out. Here are some essentials to get you started:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:Moisturizing has nothing on hydration! Proper hydration leaves the skin firm, clear, and plump. Men should aim to drink 15.5 cups a day and women should drink about 11.5 cups every day. You can add collagen to your water (more on the benefits of collagen supplements below) to feel fuller or you can infuse it with fresh fruit to make reaching your daily hydration goals less of a chore. Now say it with me: iced coffee is not a substitute for water!
  • Try a collagen supplement:You've probably seen collagen in the ingredients list of some of the most popular anti-aging skincare products, but don't be fooled. Collagen proteins are too large to penetrate the skin, so in order to get all the amazing benefits of collagen, it has to be ingested! Collagen can improve the quality of your skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin clarity and elasticity, and leaving your skin looking plump and hydrated. Add a high-quality collagen supplement to your water, morning coffee, smoothies, or oats so you can work towards your dolphin skin glow without adding another step to your daily routine!
  • Try intermittent fasting:Though primarily seen as a weight-loss method, intermittent fasting may improve your skin health and gut health at the same time! No matter which method you choose, fasting may be able to reduce redness and inflammation, protect against wrinkles, and reduce acne. Since staying hydrated and feeling full are some of the most important components of intermittent fasting, try it with a collagen supplement and plenty of water to maximize your skin's glow.

Step 2: Skin Prep

Before we get into makeup, it's time to show our skin some love.

  1. Use a gentle face wash: Use a gentle cleanser to wash off all the excess makeup, SPF, and dirt that can dull your glow. Either choose a gentle non-exfoliating daily face wash and apply twice a day or do a double cleanse with a beauty oil cleanser followed by a gentle cream or jelly cleanser.
  2. Apply toner with AHAs:AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells that can leave your skin looking dull.
  3. Apply a lightweight moisturizer:Since we are going to follow up this look with makeup, we don't want the skin to be too greasy, tacky, or sticky. Use a lightweight moisturiser that melts into the skin. Make sure it includes SPF or is followed up with a sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage - we'll add that sun-kissed goodness later with bronzer!
  4. Optional: Use a hydrating overnight mask:For even deeper dewy hydration, use a face mask overnight. Just don't forget to follow your normal skincare routine the next day to avoid clogged pores.

Step 3: Dolphin Skin Time

Now that we've used supplements and a moisturizer to create a beautiful luminous base for your dolphin skin glow, we're going to accentuate it with makeup!

  • Apply a dewy face tint: Skip the matte foundation. Matte products can make your skin look cakey or dry and dull the shimmery and shiny products that will go on top of it. Instead, apply a face tint (shimmer is okay) to even out your complexion. Use concealer to cover under-eye bags, pimples, and discoloration if needed.
  • Bronze:Use a shimmery buildable bronzer for a light contour under the cheekbones, forehead, and nose, or apply it in a soft, thin veil all over the face.
  • Time for highlighter:Adding a radiant highlighter to the high points of your face is the most crucial step in the dolphin skin routine. You can choose a skin toned highlighter powder and apply with a loose brush, or apply a liquid highlighter and blend it out with your fingers. Avoid highlighters that are too sparkly, opt for a shimmer or luminous finish instead. Apply highlighter to your brow bones, the bridge of the nose, temples, and tops of the cheekbones to accentuate your features and get glowing.
  • Use a brow filler and mascara as desired:For the finishing touches, add mascara and fill in your brows as you like! The more you can look like you just spent a day at the beach, the better!

As you can see from this "how-to", the shining star of the dolphin skin trend is radiant, hydrated, healthy skin and makeup is the final touch. Take care of your skin today by eating healthy, supplementing, and hydrating, and you'll be prepared for whatever skincare trend comes your way.

Summary Points

  • The dolphin skin look is probably exactly what you imagine - crystal clear firm skin that glistens in the sun
  • There is no topical product that will tackle your skincare concerns if you aren't feeding and hydrating your body properly
  • Collagen proteins are too large to penetrate the skin, so in order to get all the amazing benefits of collagen, it has to be ingested
  • Prep your skin with a face wash, toner, moisturizer, and an overnight mask
  • Accentuate your glowing skin with makeup by adding a dewy face tint, bronzer, and highlighter

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