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March 27, 2019 10 min read

If you are anything like me (Baal-willing, you’re not), then you absolutely can’t stand and hate Game of Thrones deep down inside, with a passion. And the reason you hate it is because you can’t stop watching it again and again and even as you watch it, you know you should be, say, exercising or eating kale or doing something healthier. (Maybe I’ll watch Season 7 while exercising and eating kale simultaneously?). To me, Game of Thrones is something like the strongest version of the meth made in Breaking Bad, but formulated as an HBO series TV show rather than small blue crystals. Sorry Heisenberg, you lost.

Since I am concerned about the health and performance of each of the characters, because I want Season 7 to go as amazingly as possible -- I realized it is essential that our favorite (and our least favorite) characters start taking supplements and vitamins immediately, to make sure they’re in the best shape for all the upcoming battles and adventures that are about to start. As a result, even though none of them ever asked me (Tyrion, I’m still waiting for your email to ask me my advice!), here are my recommendations on which supplements each GoT character needs to take to make sure the upcoming season goes the best for them.

But before I dive in, our lawyers insist we warn you: if you, dear reader, are a character on a TV show, do not follow the suggestions here, because all suggestions here are finely tailored just for the particular characters in question. Each individual TV show character on each series is different, with different needs. And you should consult the medical professional on your TV series as to what your character should take.

Okay, with the legalese out of the way, let’s jump in. And while you read this, I want to ask you: any other characters or supplements I’m missing? Just leave a comment on our IG or Facebook post and let us know!

Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

Image Source: The Telegraph

Jaime hasn’t been the same since he lost his hand.Omega 3 fatty acids will help him for injury. Andcollagen will help ensure he has healthy joints so he can improve his one-handed swordsman skills.

Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Reduced Liposomal Glutathione

Image Source: The Telegraph

Cersei definitely needs bothValerian Root to calm down -- which is ironic, since Valyria is coincidentally one of the other lands outside of Lannister control.Melatonin will also help her relax. She needsLiposomal Glutathione to help her give up alcohol, andcollagen will help her regrow her hair that has been shamed away.

Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Liposomal Vitamin C

Image Source: The Telegraph

Daenerys definitely needs some ginger because of the motion sickness she’s likely to get from riding on her dragons all the time.Liposomal Vitamin C is great for the smoke damage after she survived the fire that almost burned her alive. And bothprobiotics andcollagen are great for her digestion, after she had to eat the horse heart. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already taking collagen because HELLO, look at that gorgeous skin. But she should definitely usecollagen sourced from fish, since it will offer her the most bioavailability for her eternally youthful glow -- and in stick pack format since she’s always on the go. Perfect to put a collagen stick into your pocket before you jump on a dragon.

Jorah Mormont

Game of Thrones Jorah Mormont Non-GMO Collagen Peptides Powder

Image Source: The Telegraph

Oh, poor Jorah! With his skin having turned to scales, he definitely needs at least 1 scoop ofcollagen peptides in his daily diet to help smooth rejuvenate and rehydrate his skin. We suggest he pair collagen with aLiposomal Vitamin C supplement, as the later helps to stimulate natural collagen production in the body. I’m pretty sure he needs a lot more where that came from. Finally,Liposomal Glutathione will help to boost his immunity and detox his damaged cells to further help his skin recover.

Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Jon Snow All-Natural Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Given the cold weather when he was killed and the constant murmurs of his resurrection, Jon definitely needs someVitamin D to stay healthy in the dark winter of his death in the cold north. And when I say Vitamin D, I mean more than just what the sun can offer. Winter is here indeed!Vitamin B12 will also help him regenerate his nerves, which is important if he is indeed brought back to life as many of us suspect will happen. Sidenote: Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a supplement that could actually bring someone back to life? Please Netflix errr, HBO, show us where we can get the good stuff;)

Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Fat-Free Collagen Peptides

Image Source: The Telegraph

Sansa is just too passive, letting everything just happen to her. Until recently. SomeYerba Mate will give her more energy, but she should also start reading some feminist literature and take a daily scoop ofcollagen peptides will help to keep her radiant red mane in tact.

Arya Stark

Game of Thrones Arya Stark Wild-Caught Marine Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Arya was great at putting on the masks and turning into other people. But Oxytocin will help her understand other people and their strange behaviors towards her better. AndMarine collagen will help her keep her skin tone smooth and glowing during all those face shifts.

Theon Greyjoy, aka Reek

Game of Thrones Theon Greyjoy Reduced Liposomal Glutathione

Image Source: The Telegraph

Ah, Reek, from that subplot that pains me so much I just can’t get enough of it. Reek needs every possible supplement in the entire warehouse to help him return to normal.Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant, is a good starting point. A high bioavailabilityLiposomal Vitamin C will also help to rid his body of bacteria and heal his wounds faster. AndDong Quai for post-traumatic stress disorder will only do him good as well.

Bran Stark

Game of Thrones Bran Stark Premium Boswellia Serrata Extract

Image Source: The Telegraph

From the subplot that should go away and I hope just disappears from Season 7, Bran Stark could useCholine Bitartrate to make his lucid dreams even more lucid and even more dreamy. And because he’s in a bad place, apremium Boswellia extract is known to help improve the mood.

Robert Baratheon

Game of Thrones Robert Baratheon Non-GMO Liposomal Glutathione

Image Source: The Telegraph

Robert Baratheon is the king of alcoholism -- soLiposomal Glutathione will help him better manage the symptoms of his hangovers, detox his liver ( when he’s not on the booze train) and restore his energy.

Joffrey Baratheon

Game of Thrones Joffrey Baratheon Gluten Free All-Natural Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Joffrey needs to immediately and without hesitation drink 1 full gallon of rat poison, so that he kills himself as quickly and as painfully as possible. Our lawyers insist that we tell you that you should never touch nor drink nor go near rat poison yourself and we are in no way recommending this -- unless you, too, are a murderous dictator-king who massacres every innocent, good, beautiful person who comes into contact with you in any way just for shits and giggles. (In which case, it is recommended to take the rat poison immediately.) Also, does anyone use the phrase “shits and giggles” anymore other than my mother and, apparently, me?

The Hound, aka, Sandor Clegane

Game of Thrones The Hound Maximum Bioavailability Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Whey Protein will help him to build more muscle, but we might recommend he considerCollagen Peptides as a high absorbency alternative to make him even strongerLiposomal Vitamin C may help heal the burn on his face that he has suffered as a kid.

Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Master Antioxidant Liposomal Glutathione

IMAGE BY: The Telegraph

I’ll confess, Tyrion, a man whose height is more than one standard deviation away from the average height (no, that isn’t a euphemism at all) is my favorite character and while many dream of being the hot cool guy, I dream of being the weird little creepy midget. But damn, this midget is smart and witty!Ginkgo Biloba may make him even smarter, as well asLiposomal Glutathione, which supports cognitive function and will ease the symptoms of his chronic hangovers.


Game of Thrones Littlefinger Soy-Free Glutathione

Image Source: The Telegraph

Littlefinger needs some5-htp to help control his appetites -- not his literal appetite, but his metaphorical appetite: his desire and greed for money, women, everything. 5-htp may calm him down. And don’t forget that Littlefinger may need aphrodisiacs for the men visiting his brothels!Glutathionecan also help with your memory and Littlefinger seems to remember every little thing - Glutathione may make his memory even stronger.

Davos Seaworth

Game of Thrones Davos Seaworth Immunity Boosting Vitamin C

Image Source: The Telegraph

Davos Seaworth, by spending so much time at sea, is at high risk for scurvy. So he definitely needs to megadose withLiposomal Vitamin C to remove that risk. Plus, from his life scraping by on boats and all the situations he’s in, he’s at high risk for infectious diseases, so we’d also recommend he takeEchinacea.

Samwell Tarly

Game of Thrones Samwell Tarly Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin Powder

Image Source: The Telegraph

Ah, Samwell, the chubby nerd! He definitely needs to incorporate a scoop ofbeef gelatin into his meals in order to improve his gut health and the extra protein will also help to keep him fuller for longer. It will likely help him keep off a few pounds as well. Do they even use the pound-based imperial measurement system in Westeros?

Stannis Baratheon

Game of Thrones Stannis Baratheon Maximum Bioavailability Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Stannis has never found a war he didn’t want to lead his army into, it seems. So he needs someBeta-Alanine for endurance. And his thinking has been a bit confused lately -- sacrificing your own daughter isn’t something many men would enthusiastically consider -- sofish oils with their Omega-3 fatty acids may help.


Game of Thrones Melisandre Wild-Caught Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides

Image Source: The Telegraph

Since glutathione seems to have worked its magic on me, it may help Melisandre with her magic, too! Plus, she’s probably a fan of glycine-rich,Marine collagen powder since she is a very old woman, despite her young & beautiful body. Marine collagen FTW!


Game of Thrones Bronn Pasture-Raised Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Bronn’s flexibility and dexterity is key to everything he does, and a daily scoop ofcollagen peptides will help to maintain both mobility and flexibility in someone so active. It will also help to keep his bones, joints, and tendons in good health. Addingcreatine to his diet will improve his physical performance and recovery.


Game of Thrones Shae All-Natural Soy-Free Supplements

Image Source:The Telegraph

Since Tyrion is my favorite character, it’s probably not a coincidence that the woman I’m in-love with is the same woman he fell in-love with: Shae. That said, given that Shae is a prostitute, she may want to take someturmeric because those have long been associated with healing STDs, although this is not a property that is backed by any scientific evidence. Perhaps magical evidence, though.

Margaery Tyrell

Game of Thrones Margaery Tyrell Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Image Source: The Telegraph

Margaery definitely needs to keep her appetite under control and adding some extra protein from acollagen peptides orbeef gelatin supplement can do wonders for appetite control. Like Littlefinger, not in a literal sense but in a metaphorical sense of calming her down because she wants too much, too fast. Too bad for someone so cute!

Tywin Lannister

Game of Thrones Tywin Lannister All-Natural Non-GMO Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Tywin is quite smart, andresveratrol will only help him stay sharp and continue being the genius strategist six steps ahead of everyone else that he is.


Game of Thrones Ygritte Cold Water Soluble Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Since Ygritte spends all of her time being wild in the freezing cold of the north,ironandVitamin B12 will help her minimize the health risks and feeling of being freezing you get from constant cold exposure. And since she goes long periods without food, adding a scoop ofcollagen into her meals between fasting will help her to stay satiated and reducing hunger when out in the wild.

Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Unflavored Supplementation

Image Source: The Telegraph

Brienne! I hope this season she becomes more in touch with her feminine side, perhaps to become the beautiful person on the outside that she is on the inside just so Jaime can realize that he’s in love with her. Perhaps someestrogen supplementation?Herbal maca is often suggested for more estrogen, but again I wouldn’t be my scientific credentials on that actually working. But it’s worth a try.

Ramsay Bolton

Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton All-Natural Fat Free Supplementation

Image Source: The Telegraph

5 htp, due to the way it helps to stimulate serotonin production, could help him control his raging outbursts.Theanine andtaurine may also have a calming effect on his temper.


Game of Thrones Gilly Soy Free Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Gilly was pregnant, wasn’t she? I should pay more attention to that sub-plot than I do. I hope she took herfolic acid!


Game of Thrones Varys Reduced Liposomal Glutathione for Brain Function

Image Source: The Telegraph

Varys is one of the most under-rated characters on GoT and my model for whenever I try to figure out how the Freemasons and Knights Templar secretly went about taking control of our world. Varys could useGlutathione to improve his already-awesome memory even more, andLutein to improve his vision so that he continues noticing every little thing.

The High Sparrow

Game of Thrones The High Sparrow All-Natural Supplements from Clear Sources

Image Source: The Telegraph

The High Sparrow may want to givekava-kava to his followers, to continue hypnotizing them to follow him.

Yara Greyjoy

Game of Thrones Yara Greyjoy Premium All-Natural Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Yara, we suspect, is takingD-Aspartic Acid, because, it is alleged, DAA boosts testosterone levels. And her testosterone seems to be as high as her ship’s mast!

Oberyn Martell

Game of Thrones Oberyn Martell Third Harvest Boswellia Serrata

Image Source: The Telegraph

Oberyn Martell lived the life I want to lead, in the place I want to live it… at least until someone pushed in his eyeballs in the most painful moment for me in the entire series. Boswellia Serrata and5 htp would help him keep calm and soothe his temper. And the fact that the actor that plays him is Chilean and I watched GoT while living in Chile is a total coincidence!

Grey Worm

Game of Thrones Grey Worm Non-GMO Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Grey Worm is the soldier’s soldier. Awhey protein will help him to build his muscle mass, and Beta alanine will help maximize his performance.

Olenna Tyrell

Game of Thrones Olenna Tyrell Anti-Aging Marine Collagen from Wild-Caught Cod

Image Source: The Telegraph

Olenna needs some skin-rejuvenatingMarine Collagen so that she appears years younger than she actually is. But she has the perfect personality for her age! If you have never googled photos of the actress when she was young, you must do so immediately; I’m fully convinced that she was the most beautiful 30 year old in 1969. Ah, Cronos -- the ancient Greek monster-god that ate his own children… and the God of time. Time ravages all. Well, except when you take a daily scoop of marine collagen.

Khal Drogo

Game of Thrones Khal Drogo Paleo Friendly Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Every woman I know is in love with Khal Drogo, surely due to his rigorous intellect as well as his PhD in Executive Leadership. Khal Drogo could use a daily (maybe even twice a day)collagen supplement to keep his long braids thick and healthy.

Benjen Stark

Game of Thrones Benjen Stark Gluten Free Supplements

Image Source: The Telegraph

Uncle Benjen could useVitamin B12 because it helps reduce the cold feeling you get in the north.

Mance Rayder

Game of Thrones Mance Rayder Maximum Solubility Collagen

Image Source: The Telegraph

Like the other creatures living in the north, he needsB12to help minimize the pain of the constant cold, andcollagen to help keep him full while going the long-periods without eating.Collagen also helps hydrate your skin in the cold, cold winters.


Game of Thrones Dragons Immunity Boosting Vitamin C

Image Source: The Telegraph

The beloved dragons definitely need to take a boswellia serrata extract daily to help reduce the inflammation in their lungs, andLiposomal Vitamin C to help boost their immunity and detoxify the smoke damage in their lungs.

And for all of the characters -- don’t forget to take your Milk of the Poppy, the ultimate pain reliever in Westeros.

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