"Marine Collagen is a MUST for every household!"

July 06, 2021

"I researched numerous marine collagen products before I decided to go with this one. My initial reason for looking into collagen was to help with some issues I have been dealing with from a fall as well as cosmetically (adding elasticity back into my 5 decade old skin. As of the writing on this review,

I’m going on my 11th week of taking this marine collagen.I can not say enough positive things about this product.

To date, my personal experiences has gotten 5 people in my circle on this marine collagen. First, my skin is A-MAZING. Seriously, not one wrinkle on my face; the crows feet that were beginning to appear are now gone. I had read a few reviews where people mentioned that their skin was glowing from the product. I took that particular review with a grain of salt (glowing? Really? Whatever). Well, my skin has a ‘glow’ to it. I can’t explain it. A couple of co-workers even mentioned it. I’ll take it, no complaints here.

Let’s talk the real, life changing benefits. Three main areas I have seen positive results. Prior to starting the collagen, I was developing arthritis in one of my fingers. I was unable to bend it completely & it was painful (not outrageously so but it hurt). A few weeks into the collagen & I no longer have this issue. My finger is back to normal. Secondly, I’ve been dealing with a progressive issue with one of my feet for about 9 years. By the end of every day, my foot would be so swollen & extremely painful. I bought expensive customized orthotic inserts which ended up having little positive effect on my foot. I haven’t been able to wear anything comfortably except sneakers. All my cute shoes were a thing of the past. Fast forward 11 weeks. I have absolutely ZERO pain in my foot. None. At all. I’m wearing shoes I haven’t worn in a very long time. I can easily work a 12 day, mostly on my feet and I’m pain feee. This has been nothing short of a miracle.

Finally, it is helping an injury I recently had to my back & neck. My neck isn’t pain free but it is helping & improving. The collagen has been a complete game changer for me. I don’t miss my daily intake. I started with one serving a day & am now up to two. For me, there is no taste (even if it did, I’d deal with based on the benefits I’m receiving). When I make it, I took the advise on another review & I use a fork to mix it as the hot water is being poured into the cup. The small clumps dissolve, no big deal. I also mix in powder vitamin C. I obviously can’t speak for any else’s experience but I can say this stuff has been a life changer for me".

-JMC., Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase

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