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Safety First.

Wait...how do you pronouce "Amandean"?

The safety and quality of Amandean products is priority no 1. We strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Food and Drug Administration. Here's what you need to keep in mind when promoting products.


We wish to remind all affiliates of their responsibilities and ours under FTC and FDA regulations.

1. Please be aware that there are official FTC guidelines as to what constitutes an advert or endorsement and you are expected to be aware of and abide by them.

2. Where appropriate a disclosure of the affiliate relationship must be shown.

3. There are very strict FDA rules about efficacy claims in reviews and articles and you are expected to be aware of and to abide by them.

4. We have received complaints that some reviews and articles contain malicious false statements about competitor’s products.

a. We will let you know if we receive such allegations about your site.

b. We will investigate such allegations rather than take them at face value.

c. If malicious false statements are being made this is grounds to terminate our affiliate agreement.

d. When we receive complaints from other parties we will not pass on affiliate contact details unless required by law.

e. We strongly recommend that where a statement is made that could be viewed as contentious or damaging that a link be given to the source.

f. We will not supply or direct content unless to point out errors or issues relating to our products eg. Errors or statements about our products contrary to what is allowed by FTC, FDA, or other applicable legislation must be corrected.

h. Failure to correct such errors as grounds to terminate our affiliate agreement.

i. We do, from time-to-time, review affiliate’s sites.

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