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    No teacher has a favorite student, no parent has a favorite child… but every Amandean team member has a preferred supplement (as hard as it was for us to admit). With so much research under our belt for every one of these products, the team is well aware of how valuable, effective, and beneficial each is. It is safe to say that picking an absolute front-runner in our beloved supplement assortment is no easy task. However, we attempted to be as objective as possible and only talk about products that are absolutely essential to our personal stack.

    If you’ve been browsing our online store and can’t seem to pinpoint the products that deserve a spot in your supplement cabinet, perhaps these first-hand testimonies from Amandean team members can help you make up your mind. Let’s discover which Amandean products are team favorites - and why!

    Discover Amandean Team Top-Picks

    Cory, Founder

    Favorites: Magnesium Complex, Vegan Omega-3, Collagen Peptides, Boswellia, Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Glutathione

    Vegan Omega-3

    I recently did a bunch of bloodwork and check-ups with my doctor, and embarrassingly enough, there were a couple of supplements that we make that I haven't been good about taking regularly. That has now changed, and I've noticed some positive effects. The first was that I was low on magnesium, so I started taking our Magnesium Complex nightly, about an hour before bed. It has definitely helped with falling asleep and getting good sleep! Data from my Apple watch has shown an increase in the amount of deep sleep that I am getting, so I'm quite happy about that, as well as just feeling more rested. 

    My test results also showed a slightly elevated level of cholesterol, and my doctor recommended that I take an Omega-3! How embarrassing is it to be the founder of a supplement company and to be deficient in two ingredients that we produce? I'm now religiously taking our Vegan Omega-3, not just to help with the elevated cholesterol but also for my eye health since I spend far too many hours staring at a computer screen every day. 

    I also regularly take collagen (I alternate between Marine and Bovine) because, well, I'm a middle-aged man and want to keep my baby face forever! It also helps provide me with energy for tennis or the gym and helps with faster recovery from those activities. 

    I often take Boswellia, which helps with my tennis elbow and with intestinal inflammation. I also try to always keep a bottle of Liposomal Vitamin C or Glutathione handy, which I will crack open as soon as I feel any symptom of getting sick, like a tickle in my throat, some sniffles, itchy eyes, or an achy body.

    Jenny, Customer Service

    Favorite: Magnesium Complex

    Magnesium Complex

    Magnesium L-Threonate has become part of my bedtime routine. The bottle sits right next to my toothbrush, so I never miss a dose. I'm feeling more relaxed during the day and sleeping so much better at night! There's also the added benefit of regularity, which contributes to overall well-being.

    Leslie, CFO & Inventory Manager

    Favorites: Magnesium Complex, Vitamin D3+K2

    Vegan D3+K2

    It's tough to choose just one favorite! Our Magnesium Complex and Vitamin D3+K2 are neck and neck. Magnesium, because not only do I appreciate a good night's sleep, but it wouldn't happen without the reduced muscle cramping at the same time! My aging bones really need Vitamin D3+K2 to boost calcium absorption and bone density because although I get a ton of calcium daily, I guess it needs help to get to where it's needed! As a bonus track, my nightly decaf latte with Marine Collagen is a 'must' for my bone health, too.

    Abbie, Supply-Chain Logistics Manager

    Favorite: Magnesium Complex

    Since I've been using Magnesium L-Threonate consistently, it has helped me fall asleep noticeably faster. I also wake up feeling more rested in the morning. In fact, I will even wake up before my alarm sometimes, which is uncommon for me! I also appreciate that it's easy on my stomach compared to other magnesium supplements I've tried. Overall, I'd highly recommend Magnesium L-Threonate for its sleep-improving effects and cognitive benefits.

    Zsofia, Marketing & Community Manager

    Favorites: Marine Collagen, Liposomal Glutathione

    Marine Collagen Stick Packs

    I love the Marine Collagen Stick Packs! I’m always on the go, so it’s super convenient to bring one with me everywhere! It also means I’m less likely to miss a dose since I can just throw it in my bag and always have it ready.

    I also like to mix a bit of Liposomal Glutathione into some green juice every morning to get an extra boost of energy throughout the day. Its powerful antioxidant properties keep me feeling sharp and focused while helping me manage stress and fatigue, too.

    Giulia, Designer & Digital Media Specialist

    Favorites: Marine Collagen, Liposomal Vitamin C

    My top all-time favorite Amandean product? It’s actually a battle between Marine Collagen and Liposomal Vitamin C, but given that they work so well together, I’d have to say I love both of them equally.

    I’m a sucker for creamy smoothies, and the Marine Collagen is excellent for my post-workout smoothies. There’s no flavor detected, and I could really tell the difference in the strength of my nails at first. After a longer period of time, I could really see the results in my skin, too. Liposomal Vitamin C was a game-changer throughout the colder seasons and when my immune system would get weaker in general. 

    Liposomal Vitamin C

    I love how, when taken together, the wellness benefits feel amplified, and my results are even more impressive.

    Angie, Content

    Favorites: Magnesium Complex, Gelatin Powder

    As a gym rat and someone who struggles to get a good night's sleep without being woken up by painful cramps, I swear by the Magnesium L-Threonate Complex. It has done wonders for my focus and memory, too!

    I also love always having Gelatin Powder in my kitchen. It is an excellent addition to all my recipes, especially when I struggle to reach my daily protein goal. Gelatin is unflavored, so I can add it to my desserts, baked goodies, and snacks without altering the taste, which is always a plus. 

    Gelatin Powder

    Paige, Marketing

    Favorites: Magnesium Complex, Vegan Omega-3

    I'm still waiting to become a member of Mensa after incorporating Vegan Omega-3 into my routine, but so far, I love how there’s absolutely no weird aftertaste. Knowing that it’s an ocean-friendly formula also gives me peace of mind.

    However, my loyalties 100% lie with Amandean’s Magnesium Complex, because anything that helps me sleep - and just chill out in general - is an automatic favorite! I was starting to lose hope after several months of struggling with sleep, but with this supplement, I noticed positive results almost immediately. It’s easier to relax and fall asleep each night, but more importantly, I’m sleeping more deeply and not waking up as much. Talk about a game-changer!

    Final Verdict

    It may not be a contest, but we can’t help but notice that our Magnesium Complex is the star of the show. It is no wonder the Magnesium L-Threonate Complex captured everyone’s heart, as it contains Magtein - the only magnesium form proven to pass the blood-brain barrier for maximum bioavailability. Which of our all-natural supplements is on your holiday wishlist? Let us know!

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