May 18, 2018 2 min read

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    ...Just Kidding: But you can now buy Amandean products in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Everyone seems to be having an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) these days. You want to open up a hipster coffeeshop - I mean, café - why not have your own cryptocurrency to raise some money, be cool, and “innovative?” At best, you can become a trillionaire, and at worst, you can get some free publicity. Nothing to lose. Hey, if I were running a hipster café that served coffee in test tubes with a space boasting cast-iron pipes and Edison lights as the decor du jour - of course that's what I'd do.

    That's why Amandean is proud to announce The Amandean ICO! Our White Paper is coming soon, to articulate why our CollagenCoin, the collagen-backed cryptocoin, is where you should invest your crypto investment dollars.

    With Venezuela launching a Venezuelan-oil backed Cryptocoin, wouldn't you much rather our, all-natural, grass-fed, top notch collagen as compared to trusting... oil from.... Venezuela?

    The real announcementwe want to make is that you can now pay for Amandean wellness products with 4 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. AND...we’ll be adding more crypto options soon! This payment options is available only for direct sales made in our online store righthere.

    Crypto Payments Available Now

    Why Have We Introduced Crypto Payments At Amandean?

    1. We want to make your user experience buying and using Amandean products as easy as possible. So if people want to pay using Method X, we want to enable that to happen. Anything for our family 💊🚀
    2. We love crypto, we know they’re here to stay, and we want to support and encourage people to use them.
    3. A nameless member of our team may have made a bit too much money by buying a bit too much crypto when it was a bit too cheap, years ago. As a result, this one team member is a huge crypto booster. We will not reveal if this team member is or is not the one writing this article right now, no, no, there's no evidence pointing to me being the one who did, what makes you suspect that? I take the fifth!
    4. Just in case you want to make sure that the NSA & the US government, which is obviously spying on everything that happens everywhere online, never finds out about your collagen purchases,you now have a way to!

    In conclusion: our vision isn't just to have the highest quality organic supplements available on the market -- but, more broadly, to make your entire user experience with us, from start to finish, nuts to bolts, awesome. As a result, when new payment methods appear, we will make them happen.

    Morgan & Team Amandean

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