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    How many times in your life have you heard the phrase it’s all in the genes? While we as humans constantly evolve, grow, and learn, something that we carry from birth is our DNA code. This specific, powerful code is unique to every individual and often determines the course of our lives in many ways. 

    So, is DNA the fixed destiny we have to make our peace with, or can it be used to our advantage? DNA testing is precisely that: a means of understanding your genetics to learn more about yourself and benefit from this knowledge.

    A detailed DNA report can give you valuable insight into your genetic ancestry, help you find that missing link in your family tree, or provide personalized recommendations regarding your health and overall well-being. Based on these reports, you can improve your nutrition, skincare, workout routine, and even mental and emotional state! Is genetic testing something you should look into, and how exactly does the process work? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of DNA testing. 

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    What Are DNA Tests and How Are They Done?

    Depending on your goals, there are a plethora of DNA testing companies from which to choose. One thing the at-home DNA tests share in common is that the process is pretty straightforward and non-invasive, which is precisely what led to the expansion of these tests. 

    How does it work? You will receive a package containing everything you need for at-home sampling. In most cases, the test will require your saliva sample or cheek swab, which you’ll send to the specified address.1 The sample is sent to a lab, and you’ll receive your results shortly thereafter. Voila! Genetic testing made simple.

    DNA testing has come a long way in recent years. In addition to finding out more about your ancestors and building your family tree, you can get to know yourself a bit better.1 Many people prefer to know if they’re genetically predisposed to certain diseases, especially if they cannot get valuable information from their family history. 

    Learn about Family History

    There are also tests allowing you to learn more about the state of your body so that you can improve certain critical areas - whether it be your gut health, sleep routine, or immune strength. You can decipher frustrating symptoms and receive powerful strategies for making a change. Some tests are personality-related and focus on cognitive abilities, while others give you insight into the state of your skin. At the same time, there are also highly versatile tests that combine it all.


    One of the leading ancestry DNA testing brands, the AncestryDNA genealogy company is focused solely on this kind of research. It is typically the number one choice for family tree projects, especially if you also want information about the geographical origin of your ancestors. 

    In a few simple steps, you can get ethnicity estimates with geographic detail, as well as interesting historical facts about the area of your origin. It is an excellent choice if you’re building your family tree and missing a few critical pieces of the puzzle, but it’s also a fantastic tool for people who don’t have too much information to begin with. In addition to discovering more about your origin, the test can help you connect with long-lost relatives and collaborate with them in Ancestry’s online Curiosity Center

    How is it done? You’ll receive a package with a test tube, a pre-paid envelope, and an activation code. Once you mail your saliva sample to the company, enter the activation code into your Ancestry account. From there, you’ll be able to see not only your results but also find DNA matches in their 20-million-people database, as well. 2

    Ancestry DNA Tests

    MyHeritage DNA

    Similar to AncestryDNA, the MyHeritage DNA test can pinpoint your origins across different regions and help you understand the geographical path of your ancestors. All that is needed is a simple cheek swab, and you can expect the results to arrive in 3-4 weeks. MyHeritage DNA also has a vast client database that allows DNA matching, making it easier to connect with your relatives.

    If you opt for an advanced plan, you can access numerous premium features, including family tree, historical records, and fun photo tools. The DNA test reveals your ethnic origins, helps you discover relatives you never knew you had, and pinpoints the geographic origins of your family across 2,114 regions.3

    It is essential to mention that the MyHeritage DNA test doesn’t include any health stats pointing out any potential genetic risks. They do, however, offer an upgrade to the MyHeritage DNA Health test, which provides relevant data on genetic predispositions.

    Genetic Testing


    If your focus is solely on your wellness, and you’d like to receive personalized strategies on improving different areas of your well-being, LifeDNA may be the solution. Once you order a DNA test, you will receive a saliva collection kit that allows you to take the sample yourself from the comfort of your own home. Send the sample back to the LifeDNA lab, and you will receive your personalized report in about two weeks! 

    However, you can also import the data from a pre-existing test and order reports based on the previously gathered information. Not only are your results explained in detail, but they’re also accompanied by clear instructions and guidelines. This information will allow you to improve the target area of your wellness, allowing you to make a scientifically-backed change.

    The Diet & Wellness Pack includes a nutrition report and a vitamins and supplements report, allowing you to optimize your diet and wellness routine. Everything mentioned is also available in the Wellness Report Bundle, while including additional detailed reports such as the fitness report and skincare report. Finally, the Wellness Test Bundle gives you access to all these features and a DNA testing kit.4

    One of the perks of selecting LifeDNA is that it works with AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, as well as 23andMe, Living DNA, and FamilyTreeDNA. You can simply upload your existing DNA raw data and receive personalized reports without having to send the sample again. They do, however, offer DNA testing from scratch!

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’d like to dive into your family’s past and reach beyond your grandmother’s stories and great-uncle’s anecdotes, or you’re on a mission to become the best version of yourself, DNA tests may help provide the desired information. 

    These simple tests allow you to take a DNA sample without any invasive procedures right in the comfort of your own home. The simplicity of the process itself makes the entire experience hassle-free. The results and reports acquired from genetic testing can give you a feeling of control over a particular area of your life - which we often crave.

    In case your personalized wellness report entails a supplement stack restock, check out our online store for all-natural supplements with high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients!


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