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    Can you believe it’s been 17 years since Taylor Swift blessed us with her art and changed the music industry forever? In almost two decades, she has been able to surprise even the most loyal Swifties with her ability to transition seamlessly from country to pop, from folk to rock - all while staying true to herself.

    It is safe to say that The Eras Tour is a dream come true - especially for us millennials who have grown up listening to Taylor’s hits and watched her evolve into the global superstar she’s since become. As Taylor continues to break records and write history across the globe, we can’t help but admire the production, the aesthetics, and the story behind the whole Eras project.

    But how does she manage to do it all? Dealing with hectic schedules, paparazzi, and months-long tours is no joke, even for the all-powerful Tay Tay. True Swifties will remember one of her Elle interviews where she mentioned that she takes L-theanine to help deal with the pressure of living in the public eye and magnesium for healthy muscles and energy.

    If you’re looking to improve your own wellness routine and stock up on some powerful supplements, why not do it Eras-style? Based on your favorite Taylor Swift era (and I know it’s hard to choose just one!), let’s see what your perfect supplement match would be!

    Vitamin D3+K2

    Sunshine in a Bottle

    Ah, the nostalgia! The 1989 era brings us back to simpler times when music was a vessel for conveying a strong message. It was in 2016 when we witnessed Taylor transform into the influential female figure she is today and win not one but two Grammys for this masterpiece! 

    Do you want to shake it off and bring back some brightness into your life? A combination of D3 and K2 vitamins has been linked to improved mood levels. Since these vitamins synergically work to lower inflammation in the brain, they have also been linked with general brain health and optimal mental health [1]

    Vitamin D3+K2 is just what you’re looking for - it will have you feeling out of the woods in no time. This widely-known duo can also aid in the absorption of calcium, which is a crucial factor in bone health and strength. [2] This powerhouse complex supports cardiovascular health, immunity, and strong bones - all while enhancing mood. Consider it the supplement of your wildest dreams

    Discover the Superhuman in you!

    Take our quiz and find which supplements your body is craving.

    Calm, Sleep, Rest &Mood

    Reminiscing about the events of 2020 isn’t necessarily the most pleasant trip down memory lane. However, thanks to Taylor, Swifties will be able to tell their grandkids one day that Taylor saved the day once again and gave us a sliver of hope in a time of darkness by surprising us with Folklore. It is raw, delicate, and packed with emotion - just what we needed out of an album in such a turbulent period. 

    If you’re in exile and looking for some peace that will hopefully lead to an epiphany, our magnesium L-threonate complex is just what you need. Magnesium L-threonate has been proven to raise magnesium levels in the blood, supporting numerous cognitive processes, including memory. [3

    Magnesium has also been linked to relaxation, improved mood, and lowered anxiety - so it’s no wonder many refer to it as the original “chill pill.” As I’ve mentioned, even Taylor herself praised magnesium as a supplement that boosts her energy and keeps her muscles strong.

    A magnesium complex may be that invisible string between you and a healthy sleep cycle! Return to calm, rest, and relaxation with the only formula scientifically proven to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

    Magnesium is an excellent solution if you’ve been having a hard time with your beauty sleep, as it increases sleepiness and helps you get a good night’s rest.[4] Make sure to pop one before an Eras tour concert to calm the nerves, and after the show to help with those leg cramps you’ll have from dancing the night away!

    Liposomal Vitamin C

    Detox &Energy

    Inspired by Taylor’s own battle with insomnia, among many other symbols in this album, Midnightsshowed the vulnerable, honest, human side of a woman many perceived as invincible. It was her ability to open up and be vocal about topics such as anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and battle with insecurities that made fans appreciate Taylor even more. It’s also the album that inspired the Eras tour and kickstarted what is now being studied as a cultural phenomenon!

    Do you also struggle with sleepless nights? Glutathione is one of those supplements that is heavily underestimated, even though it is a literal powerhouse. The master antioxidant, as scientists like to call it, helps you get that deep, restorative sleep you need. 

    Liposomal glutathione also supports cognitive function, sharpness (hello, mastermind!), energy, and focus, and it is associated with a plethora of cognitive health benefits.[5] Glutathione is responsible for the process of DNA creation, regeneration of vitamins C and E, and the majority of detoxifying processes in the body.[6]

    Treat yourself to this master antioxidant and face your newest era with an extra sparkle, making you feel bejeweled. You’ll foster plenty of good karma as you enjoy boosted liver function and reduced recovery time!

    Immunity &Strength

    Last but certainly not least, my personal favorite - Reputation. I know that my fellow Swifties will agree with me when I say this was the album that saw Taylor finally break out of her shell and give everyone a piece of her mind. Like all ten of her albums, each song featured on Reputation sends a powerful message and represents a piece of the puzzle. I can still feel the excitement over the drop of Look What You Made Me Do,preceding the album that is now one of the most talked-about Taylor Swift eras.

    We can only imagine how much courage and power it took to confront her haters in such an open, public way. Do you need to shake off some bad vibes, pump yourself up to face new challenges, or are you just looking for an added boost to stay strong? Like Reputation, our Liposomal Vitamin C helps fight off those things that keep you down. Combat stress, protect yourself from illness, and banish free radicals - making it easier than ever to speed off in your getaway car

    Free radicals are pretty much like Tay’s haters: persistent, malicious, and extremely annoying. With the right dose and form of vitamin C (liposomal all the way!), you can protect your body from free radicals that attack healthy cells and create oxidative stress, which is the reason behind many health issues. Vitamin C is also essential for regulating blood pressure and protecting cognitive health.[7]

    End Game

    As you’re still processing the experience of an Eras concert or preparing your friendship bracelets to trade at an upcoming show, make sure to find some time for self-care! In addition to picking out an outfit to represent your favorite era, discover our Amandean Beauty Essentials and ensure you’re glowing from the inside out! 

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