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    Someday, in a utopian world, plastic will be a thing of the past, and we won’t have to fear the repercussions of plastic use on our planet. We’re striving for perfection and constantly working on finding a more sustainable solution that wouldn’t compromise our products' safety, shelf life, and packaging durability. 

    Until then, we’re committed to doing our best. This month, in honor of Earth Day, we are proud to double our best efforts and make an even more significant impact. Keep reading to learn more about Amandean’s sustainability journey powered by rePurpose Global, and find out how you can be a part of the 2024 Himalayan Foothills clean-up project.

    Amandean and rePurpose Collab: Where It All Started

    Let’s take a short trip down memory lane and look back at the very beginnings of Amandean’s sustainability journey. We have always focused on using selectively sourced, high-quality ingredients, employing sustainable production practices, and working with superior formulas. 

    We have also remained committed to using BPA-free plastic packaging to keep our product intact, allowing for proper storage in different temperatures and conditions while also considering our carbon footprint. As a small business, we’re proud to say that we’ve been highly focused on our path of sustainability and integrity, from choosing clean ingredients to going plastic-neutral in 2020.

    On this journey, we decided to join forces with an organization that shares our vision and offers complete transparency in all its waste management procedures. Partnering with rePurpose Global was a no-brainer, as its approach to waste management is systematic and objective. They recognize plastic waste pollution as a global issue while understanding that plastic packaging still represents the most optimal solution for many businesses. 

    Through our partnership with rePurpose Global and Waste4Change, we’re working to remove just as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging. The road to plastic neutrality starts with transparency. The first step is being honest about how much plastic we use in production as a brand. 

    Once this number is determined, each brand donates the amount necessary to remove that amount of plastic, known as a plastic offset credit. The donation is directed towards ensuring fair, ethical conditions for waste workers, who represent the core of this sustainability operation.

    What does a partnership with rePurpose Global and a plastic-neutral direction mean for Amandean? Here’s an overview:

    • By working with rePurpose Global, we’re funding their waste management process, including collecting, processing, and re-using plastic waste;
    • Our funds cover the equal amount of plastic used in our product packaging, meaning we’ve achieved a Net Zero Plastic Footprint;
    • By aiding in removing the amount of plastic we’re producing, we no longer participate in global plastic waste production;
    • When you make an Amandean purchase, you’re actively participating in the waste reduction mission, as we fund and support the management of plastic waste that would’ve otherwise ended up in our oceans, land, and air;
    • As a part of our rePurpose Global partnership, we support Waste4Change, an Indonesian-based waste management social enterprise with a holistic approach. This enterprise focuses on waste management in nature and other vital spheres, including in-store recycling and event waste management. 

    Find out more about the beginning of our coalition with rePurpose Global and Waste4Change here.

    rePurpose Global Earth Day Campaign

    Sustainability is always at the top of our priorities, but in April, we feel even more determined to celebrate our planet and participate in its restoration. As a special Earth Day project, we’re proud to announce that Amandean will double our rePurpose donations for the month of April. 

    This means that instead of covering the cost of plastic removal equivalent to one month’s packaging, we will help remove twice as much! And by we, we certainly mean our valued customers as well, since a percentage of April sales will be directed towards a noble, eco-conscious cause.

    As part of the Earth Day Planet vs. Plastic campaign, rePurpose selected a location requiring immediate waste management action. The breathtaking Himalayan Foothills, home to a plethora of endangered flora and fauna species and a critical biodiversity area is currently facing an ecological crisis thanks to the piles upon piles of accumulated waste that contaminate the area. 

    RePurpose partners have joined efforts to salvage the Himalayan Foothills, one of the most remote places in the world and home to several international forest reserves. In addition to plastic-filled rivers and affected wildlife, communities in this area are also impacted by waste buildup and burnt plastic.

    The Great Himalayan Cleanup campaign will include multiple waste removal actions across eight natural sites of the Himalayan Foothills, aiming to protect and preserve this wounded ecosystem. We can’t think of a better way to acknowledge Earth Day than to participate in an environmental project of such magnitude!

    Join the Planet vs. Plastic Movement

    Companies and brands that use plastic in their production should bear most of the load regarding plastic waste management. However, even though it may seem like a drop in a bucket, the choices we make as individuals also make a tremendous difference. 

    Here are some tips to keep in mind as a mindful, responsible citizen of the Earth trying to decrease your plastic footprint:
    • Support businesses that want to be a part of the solution, have a plastic-neutral status, and support waste management organizations;
    • Avoid plastic over-consumerism and opt for more sustainable solutions and reusable packaging;
    • While on the topic of re-use, repurpose plastic containers instead of throwing them away;
    • Avoid household products containing microplastics;
    • Use reusable bags when shopping;
    • Get rid of single-use plastic items, such as straws.

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