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July 28, 2020 7 min read

In this article:

  • Our Superhuman combos: Ideal product pairings to subscribe to
  • What are the benefits of Amandean subscriptions?
  • Managing your subscriptions: delivery schedule or changing addresses
  • Subscribing to multiple products in one order
  • Subscription gifts & discount codes
  • How to manage your account

Subscriptions aren’t a new thing when it comes to magazines or streaming videos, but why not prioritize your wellness over your vices? Though a pizza subscription sounds pretty amazing, what about getting that must-have tub of skin-loving collagen powder delivered right to your door? Running out of your favorite products that keep you feeling and looking your best kind of sucks.

So, here’s your guide to Amandean’s subscription program ( recurring orders if you prefer). After plenty of customer requests from our fans and family, we’ve introduced subscriptions as a way to connect with our loyal customers and reward their much appreciated loyalty with more value & convenience.

Feel free to think of our monthly subscription program as Amandean’s VIP customer club, where you’ll receive regular updates on seasonal promotions, new product launches, and wellness education. With every recurring order on 1 or more products, you’ll save money, receive free expedited shipping, and you can change or cancel your subscription anytime you’d like. No hard feelings! Now, let’s answer the most frequent questions regarding our wellness subscription service.

Our Superhuman Combos: Best Supplement Combos

It has never been easier to stay on top of your supplementation and nutrition needs. At certain times, we all fall short. Spending hours googling and researching different supplement combinations and then dreading the potentially negative side effects is no fun for anyone. In ourbundles collection, you will find a quick guide to some of the most beneficial subscription combinations for targeted areas of health - whether it be skincare, a full-body detox, anti-inflammation, or healthy joints. What’s great about our subscription program is that you get to personalize your monthly delivery frequency according to your needs, and we will keep you updated about your orders via email.

Beautiful Skin from Within

This skincare bundle combines the master bodily protein -collagen, and the nutrient necessary for its production, vitamin C. Collagen, one of the main constituents of skin, islargely responsible for its elasticity, hydration, texture, and overall structure. Unfortunately, the aging process doesn’t work in our favor, as collagen productionbecomes significantly limited after the age of 25. What could limit it even more is a decrease in vitamin C levels, as it is the necessary factor in the natural collagen manufacturing process. What’s more, vitamin Chas been found to hydrate, fade hyperpigmentation, help with dark undereye circles, and act as a potent photoprotective agent.

Healthy Joints Combo

Joint pain, especially if it’s chronic in nature, can make even the simplest of daily tasks uncomfortable and sometimes impossible. If you’re physically active, whether just recreationally or at a more professional level, joint health is of utmost importance. The Healthy Joints Combo features the omnipresent collagen protein, found in the very structure of joints. Optimized collagen levels arethe prerequisite for healthy joints, their flexibility and mobility. The second member of the joints bundle is our powerful anti-inflammatory Boswellia Serrata. Boswellia is an ancient natural remedy (you might know it as Indian Frankincense)targeting the inflammatory process at its very root. Last but not least, Vegan Omega-3has been found to reduce swelling and stiffness in joints.

Anti-Inflammatory Combo

In this bundle, we’ve gathered up the most powerful inflammation-fighting products we have, for some serious anti-inflammatory action. We recommend you pay special attention to this combination if you’re struggling with inflammatory conditions in your gut or simply persistent post-workout soreness. Beef Gelatin, another form of pure collagen protein,has been found to significantly reduce inflammatory symptoms, as well as joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. What’s more, its dominant amino acid glycine is ananti-inflammatory agent protecting the tissue structure. And, as you already know, Boswellia is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory natural supplements out there, so the two make a perfect match!

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Our Monthly Subscriptions

How do I sign up to Amandean's recurring orders?

Simply choose the Subscribe & Save option on any product page. We will automatically create an account for you at the time of check-out. All you need to do to check the status of your order is login to the Customer Portal, where you’ll find all the needed information.

Once you subscribe, feel free to specify your desired delivery frequency (every 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 days), according to your needs. No need to create reminders - we’ll send an email prior to delivery, where you can revise and manage order options. Also, keep in mind that you can change the selection of products, or cancel at any time!

Can I change my delivery schedule once I’ve signed up?

YES, you are in absolute control of your delivery schedule. All you need to do is login, click on Delivery Schedule on the left, and adjust the frequency of all the upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions.

Can I subscribe to more than 1 product at a time?

Absolutely! You can do this in two ways. Via our online store, simply select the product or products you wish to subscribe to, specify the quantity and frequency and you’ll be taken through to the checkout. Alternatively, if you’re already subscribed to 1 or more products, you can manage your subscriptions via email or by clicking on our "Sign In" button on our landing page. Once you are logged in, click“manage account",select the Subscriptions tab, and then choose the option Add product. The pop-up that you see next is where you search for additional products, and select them for your future deliveries. Needless to say, you’re in absolute control of the delivery frequency, as well as first shipment date. If you’re unsure of ideal supplement combinations for your goals, make sure to check out the earlier mentionedperfectly tailored bundles!

Can I skip a delivery?

In case you need to postpone your next delivery, you should know that is completely allowed in our subscription program. Simply choose the "Skip Next" option on your delivery, and you won’t be receiving your upcoming subscription. Also, if you change your mind, you can schedule your delivery again by clicking "Unskip".

Can I change my delivery address if I plan on being away?

If you plan on being away, you can simply cancel the upcoming delivery by choosing
"Skip next" on your delivery. In case your plans change, you can always “unskip” your delivery (choose the option Unskip).

Do you need to create an account in order to subscribe?

We wanted to save you time by skipping manual account setups. Whether you subscribe or not, the process of buying from us is basically the same. The moment you choose the Subscribe & Save option for one or more products, we will create an account for you at check-out. No need to fill out any forms. This process is automatic. Login to your customer portal at any time via email or from our landing page to verify, edit, or change any information concerning your subscription!

Can I gift a subscription to someone else?

Gifting subscriptions at Amandean is coming soon! In the meantime, if you wish to pre-pay for a subscription as a gift to a friend or loved one, email us at info@amandean.com and we'll get it set up for you!

Can I use a discount code with my subscription?

All subscription plans come with a 10% discount on every single order. Additional discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with your recurring orders.

Where can I manage my account?

When selecting a recurring order for the first time, an account will already be created for you. In your notification emails sent along with your order, use the link titled‘Manage account’ to login and change or cancel your subscription. You can also login to your account from our landing page. You'll see a button on the top right-hand corner that reads "Sign In" where you will be directed to your subscriptions account.

Still have questions? We’re all ears! Send us an email or speak with a product expert today by emailing us here:

Summary Points

  • Our Superhuman Combos are product bundles that help to optimize your health and beauty goals by using them together
  • Amandean subscriptions are customizable; change your delivery & address as you see fit
  • Easily subscribe to more than 1 product at a time simply by selecting Subscribe & Save on any product page
  • There's no need to create your profile manually - we do that for you the moment you've selected the Subscribe & Save option

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