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February 07, 2018 4 min read

While the benefits of collagen are widespread and largely publicized, you may not have even heard of Liposomal Vitamin C, nor how it combines with collagen in such a beneficial way. Both collagen and Liposomal Vitamin C play important roles in how our bodies function, but the truth is that their benefits multiply when we use them together. In fact, the sole production of collagen in the body is impossible without the assistanceof vitamin C.

Why Collagen?

Approximately one-third of the entire protein supply in the human body is precisely collagen, which makes it one of the most valuable bodily constituents. There is hardly a body part that doesn’t contain collagen in its structure. Smooth muscle tissues, bones, digestive tract, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels – even hair and nails all include a certain (mostly substantial) amount of collagen, which has further anti-aging and gut-health benefits.

Research suggests the importance of quality collagen supplement in preventing the distribution of pathogenic substances and toxins. Moreover, 80% of your skin is composed of collagen, and it is collagen that ensures its elasticity and flexibility. It is also one of the main elements in bones, along with hydroxyapatite. As far as muscles are concerned, collagen fibers are responsible for providing muscles with the strength they need in order to achieve movement. Collagen can also be found in cardiac muscles, besides the smooth and the skeletal group. Unfortunately, as we age, the natural production of collagen decreases, which means that supplementation is essential.

Why Liposomal Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a common household vitamin that most of us have taken at some point in our lives. As beneficial as vitamin C is, there are two main barriers when it comes to traditional vitamin c supplements. First and foremost, vitamin c tablets, pills, or capsules are water-soluble, which means that our body is unable to store them, making it necessary to either supplement regularly and consistently or ensure your diet is precisely proportioned to get the right amount daily. Secondly, conventional forms of vitamin C have a typically low absorbency rate (around 20%) given that they become diluted in the process.

By contrast, Liposomal Vitamin C supplement has several key advantages over traditional forms of Vitamin C. Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) delivers vitamins straight into the bloodstream, and directly to the cells in need. The protective layer of the liposome that carries the nutrient protects it on its way to the cells without irritating the digestive tract. Since the nutrient reaches the target cells without leaking on its way, and the body is able to absorb a much larger quantity of vitamin C. In short, the bioavailability of Liposomal Vitamin C in the body is up to 90%, a significant increase from traditional vitamins.

The human body requires a dose of vitamin C daily since it isn’t able to produce it on its own. Vitamin C is one of the most valuable antioxidants in the body, which means that it is engaged in fighting free radicals as well as environmental toxins such as pollution and smoke. Antioxidants create a shield around the cells protecting them from free radicals - dangerous atoms which may damage or destroy the cells they attack in their quest for the electrons to pair with. Various studies support the belief that high-quality Liposomal Vitamin C supplement helps in repairing of bones, tendons, and ligaments. Moreover, it has a distinguished role boosting your immunity, helping to fight various diseases and infections.

Why take Collagen & Liposomal Vitamin C Together?

Aside from the individual benefits of taking a quality collagen supplement and vitamin C on their own, the combination of these two supplements is of high importance. One of the most prominent reasons for taking both is to increase collagen production in the body. Namely, vitamin C is the nutrient that triggers the production of collagen, which decreases as we age. The human body is no longer able to produce the amount needed; without enough collagen production, our body can be lacking the ultimate glue which holds our tissues together. Neglecting this condition can even lead to scurvy, which (although uncommon) carries serious consequences to the bones, teeth, muscles, and organs.

Vitamin C comes to the rescue by combining with lysine and proline, which results in the forming of the initial form of collagen in our bodies – procollagen. However, vitamin C doesn’t only take part in the first phase of production. Although we talk about collagen as an entity, there are more than 14 different kinds of it, which inhabit different body parts. When it comes to separate productions of all these types of collagen, vitamin C actively participates in every single one of them.

The protective role of Premium Liposomal Vitamin C as an antioxidant fighting free radicals is very significant for collagen as well, according to many studies based on the relationship between collagen and vitamin C. No structure in the human body is immune to the attack of free radicals and toxins, which is where vitamin C is so effective. Basically, it shields the structure of collagen after taking part in its production.

Vitamin C is constantly being used in the cycle of collagen production which is continuous in the body. Since the natural production of vitamin C is impossible, constant replenishing of our bodies with vitamin C is required, especially since it is the fuel that powers collagen creation. Being that collagen is one of the essential elementary units of the body, and vitamin C is one of its building blocks, it is no wonder that scientists keep emphasizing their alliance.

Our body requires daily supplies of vitamin C for many reasons, especially to continue producing collagen. Being that we need all the vitamin C we can get, liposomal delivery is the most effective and bioavailable method to take this nutrient. Whether you’ve never taken either collagen or liposomal vitamin C, science suggests that you’ll maximize the benefits by taking them together.

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