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    If you're a highly active person or just have a regular exercise regime, you'll understand the impact that post-workout nutrition can have on your energy levels and you're body's recovery. Consuming proper nutrition after you've elevated your heart rate in the first hour after you've finished is critical to building lean muscle, kick-starting your metabolism, and ultimately giving your muscles the nutrients they need to recover.

    Before you reach for a sugary granola bar or a handful of trail mix, let us tempt you with this delicious post-workout smoothie, rich in protein and Amandean Anti-Aging superfood, Marine Collagen.

    Why is Collagen Important For Post-Workout Nutrition?

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is the building material to renew cells in all areas of the body including: hair, skin, nails, eyes, teeth, cartilage, bones, tendons, internal organs, arteries, blood vessels, and the immune system. Collagen accounts for 80% of all connective tissue and 75% of the skin.

    When you consume collagen after a workout your body stands to benefit in a number of ways including:

    - Your bones and joints will be healthier
    - Your muscles will recover more quickly
    - You'll decrease your risk of injury
    - The nitrogen levels in your body will balance out
    - You'll restore nutrients depleted by strenuous exercise

    The benefits are numerous so let's dive into our recipe:


    Post-Workout Blueberry Smoothie with Marine Collagen

    Ingredients (Serves 2)

    1 banana
    1 cup frozen blueberries
    1 cup coconut milk
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt (Best to get the kind with no sugar added)
    1 Scoop of Amandean Premium Marine Collagen
    2 Tablespoons of Almond Butter


    Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. If you are having a hard time blending or getting a smooth enough consistency, add a little more coconut milk or water. Serve immediately.


    Get Amandean's Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Made From Wild Caught Fish.

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