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"Helps With Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic Pain"

“As a sufferer if Rheumatoid Arthritis I wanted something good for me to take that may help with my chronic pain. Someone had told me about collagen, but being a vegetarian, I hate having my food come from an abused farm animal. I do eat fish from time to time, so I thought it couldn’t hurt. I’ve been religiously taking this collagen for about a year now in my coffee and I have felt a lot better. I actually crave this stuff now. I use this in my bulletproof coffee and I’m in heaven. As a side, it has also smoothed out some of my 44 year old wrinkles which is a plus too. I haven’t noticed much growth with my hair, but it’s definitely shinier. I am a forever fan.”
-M., Amazon Customer

"My Collagen Arrived On Time And Undamaged!"

“This is our second container of it. We are mainly taking it for our tendons and joints. My husband had achilles surgery last fall and healed amazingly. I have arthritis and torn labrum in my shoulder so I'm hoping it will help me heal. We take it in our coffee in the morning. I've only used Amandean brand and I plan to stick with it. Love your products! Thank you.”
-J. T., Amazon Customer

"Easy Mixing And Very Neutral - Almost Flavorless!"

“My husband and I use collagen peptides as a way to support our active bodies. Amandean’s product is the easiest mixing, smoothest, most neutral flavor (very nearly completely flavorless), that we have tried. We have been through four other brands looking for one we really like, and Amandean is it!”
-A. W., Amazon Customer

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Our Fans Go Crazy For Us!

"At least 10 of my friends and colleagues have commented on my skin looking great. Now, I already had great skin but I don't think it’s a coincidence that this started up two weeks into using this collagen".


"Life Changing Skin Results for Rosacea! Wow! I honestly had no hope that they would make any noticeable difference, but my skin is crazy smooth and looks visibly different."


Collagen Has Been A Life Saver For Me! My hair, my skin, my nails, my joints. I could go on and on. I can’t imagine not having this in my life. Latest comment I received “you are getting younger while we are all getting older". Awesome stuff!"


What is Collagen good for anyway?!

Collagen Distribution in the Human Body

The Rolls Royce of Collagen for elevated
skincare & graceful aging.


Upgrade your daily nutrition, Upgrade yourself.
Start with Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides.


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Harness the true power of antioxidants
with revolutionary Liposomal formulas.


Collagen Coffee Anyone? Take your favorite
Collagen with you anywhere with
Travel-Friendly packets.


Feeling inspired in the kitchen? Your favorite recipes
get a boost with Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin.


Pain, Pain, Go Away! Boswellia is nature's
gift to help you feel & move better today.


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Super Ingredients
for Superhumans
Daily Rituals Inspired
Relationships that Help you Thrive
Fuel For Superhumans