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June 14, 2019 11 min read

For many, the most beloved season of the year is upon us: Summer! But summer might also signal a bitter-sweet realization. On one hand, we all know what’s coming: longer days, warmer nights, bonfires, beach parties, and of course - getting that sun-kissed glow on our skin.

So, is there really anything to be anxious about? Well, to be realistic - no. But it is only natural for you to want to welcome the season with your skin well-hydratedand protected, your hair at its best, and your figure better than ever - and there is nothing wrong with a dose of perfectionism. Having that in mind, we’ve gathered up a “get ready for summer” list addressing each and every one of your concerns, so you can enter the summer with your confidence sky high. Without further ado, let’s get right into this pre-summer guide, as there isn’t much time left!

Skin-Loving Nutrition

Come summertime, we will be showing a lot more skin than usual, especially if you’re sporting a bikini. While this may not make everyone too comfortable, with the right skin care routine, not only can you have plump, youthful-looking skin, but you can also keep it protected in the sun, which is a primary concern during summer months. While most people might gravitate towards topical solutions (which you should definitely continue using in combination with nutritional products), all-natural skincare supplementation is something you should use religiously, and not only during the summer.

Skin Health & Aging

As much as the sun boosts our mood and is absolutely necessary for our health (vitamin D is a must), overexposure to sunlight can be rather unforgiving for the skin. Not only isUV radiation responsible for up to 90% of visible changes on our skin attributed to aging, including premature aging, wrinkling, lack of elasticity, and pigmentation unevenness, it is also related to multiple skin health issues.

A lack of collagen, the most abundant structural protein in the human body very much present in the skin, can be greatly felt. Insufficient levels of collagen in the skin have been found to cause skin dehydration, leading to dryness and wrinkles, a study on the skin-aging strategies finds. Furthermore, consistent oral supplementation with collagen has been associated with a higher level of skin elasticity, moisture, and evaporation.

According to anotherstudy focused on skin, daily consumption of aCollagen Peptides supplement has been found toreduce visible signs of aging. Therefore, not only can collagen supplementation increase the plumpness and smoothness of the skin, but it also has a major role in protecting the skin against sun damage and reversing any signs of skin aging.

Collagen is, without a doubt, naturally present in our skin, but that is not a permanent privilege - as its production slows down as we age. Therefore, among many other bodily functions jeopardized by the decrease in this production, skin health may be one of the most affected aspects. Luckily, all-natural collagen supplementation has been found to promote collagen production, making up for the decrease in its manufacturing process, thus replacing the depleted collagen (which can be a direct consequence of sun damage).

Bumps on the Way to Flawless Skin: Cellulite & Stretch Marks

Dry, flakey skin and wrinkles aren’t the only concerns when it comes to the appearance of the skin. A very prominent skin condition, mainly among women, iscellulite, which can often seem permanent and irreparable. While cellulite is a rather stubborn, persistent “flaw” in skin texture, it is certainly not something you have to live with for the rest of your life. Its intensity and location, however, depend on many factors - mainly genetics.

According to HealthLine, cellulite is rooted underneath the skin, and is actually a buildup of fat. However, the prominence of cellulite on the outside layer of the skin largely depends on skin elasticity, which is largely influenced by collagen levels in the skin, as we’ve learned before. Furthermore, a study on the effect of collagen peptides on cellulite morphology, including 105 women taking collagen peptide supplementation for six months, found collagen to have a rather beneficial effect on skin texture and waviness.

Needless to say, nutrition plays a pivotal role in the appearance of the skin, as well as cellulite formation. In addition to cleaning up your diet as you’re getting ready for summer, you should also consider taking an all-natural fat-free Collagen Peptides Powderin order to reduce the appearance of “orange peel skin”.

When it comes to skin texture,stretch marks may be just as common of an issue as cellulite - and equally frustrating. While there’s nothing wrong with textured skin and there’s no need to beat ourselves up over not having “photoshopped” skin (we're all about skin positivity here at Amandean!), certain flaws can be managed and even significantly reduced.

Stretch marks appear due to the skin stretching, which causes damage to interconnected skin fibers, or the middle layer of the skin. The skin fibers are usually prone to stretching - but not if it happens rapidly, or if the skin lacks elasticity. Once the fibers get overstretched, stretch marks appear on the skin, and they can be rather prominent in certain cases.

A studyconducted by Genovese L. and colleagues addressed the role of Collagen Peptides in skin texture and elasticity. After daily consumption of oral collagen supplements, patient feedback was very positive regarding skin texture and elasticity, as well as photo-protective effects.

Since collagen is one of the prevalent structural elements of the skin, its decrease or depletion can result in a thinner skin barrier prone to textural changes, including stretch marks. Therefore, in order to protect the skin at the cellular level, boost its elasticity and hydration, non-GMO collagen supplementation is recommended.

Sunbathing, Skin Health, and Vitamin C

Now that we’ve established the immense role of collagen in skin health and beauty, it is clear that we should do everything in our power to hold onto that irreplaceable nutrient. Well, one of the crucial steps in keeping collagen levels in an optimal state isvitamin C consumption. Even though collagen production is natural, it still needs to be supported, and that’s wherevitamin C comes into play,regulating the synthesis of collagen. Therefore, all the aforementioned functions and benefits of collagen largely depend on vitamin C consumption - as it is not naturally available in the body.

But, it wouldn’t be fair to think of vitamin C as nothing more than collagen’s favorite sidekick. Vitamin C itself is a potent skin constituent, as well, present in both the dermis and epidermis. While topical application of vitamin C is recommended in some cases, issues such as limited absorbance and lack of stability of these solutions can be encountered, according to a study by Alexander J. Michels. On the other hand, Liposomal Vitamin C, thanks to the revolutionary liposomal encapsulation technology, grants high bioavailability as the nutrient is packed in the form of easy-to-absorb liposomes.

Even though vitamin C cannot replace your sunscreen, it can certainly contribute to overall photoprotection from the sun. Vitamin C has a significant role in protection against UV (ultraviolet) damage due to its antioxidant activity. Being a strong antioxidant, vitamin C combats free radicals and limits their damaging influence. However, when exposed to UV lighting, the vitamin C levels in our skin can drop significantly, which calls for all-natural vitamin C supplementation.

What’s more, higher intake of oral vitamin C supplementation has also been linked to increased skin hydration, in addition to better skin-aging appearance. Therefore, as far as internally shielded, smooth skin is concerned - collagen + vitamin C is an unbeatable combo for the summer.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair!

All the sun, sand, and salt in the summertime can have yourhairbegging for extra attention. Just like your skin, your hair should not be neglected while you’re out there living your best life. After all, you’ll need silky, shiny, strong crowning glory to go with your smooth, tanned skin! And when hair is mentioned we have to go back to square one - theall-mighty collagen.

Yep, collagen is literally EVERYWHERE. As a matter of fact, collagen makes upmore than 70% of the dermis layer, which makes it vital to the health & strength of your dermis. And without a healthy dermis, there would be no healthy hair - since it is where the roots of hair are located. Furthermore, it has been found that dermal cells “play a pivotal role in the regulation of hair growth”, thereview of hair follicle dermal cells finds.

Collagen also has a remarkable role inthe hair growth cycle, since it strengthens blood vessels and enables them to distribute nutrients adequately, allowing for a speedy recovery of the hair follicle. Withclean-sourced collagen supplementation, you’re accessing the very root of the issue (literally) and protecting your hair not just from the heat and breakage in the summer - but in the long run, as well.

Supplementing Your Way to a Summer Body

When it comes to preparations for summer, one of the biggest concerns that seems to be on everyone’s mind is the shape they’re in. The tendency of relaxing and losing track of weight during winter months can easily get out of hand, and come summer, we need to deal with the consequences of late night snacking, a sweet tooth, and an expired gym membership. This is the time when we start the hunt for the most effective diets, workout regimens, and secret tips. While there is certainly no magical solution, certain additions to your nutrition can make a world of difference.

Starting a certain regimen or cleaning up your diet is never an easy task, especially if this change is sudden and you want to get in shape ASAP. When it comes to weight loss, collagen should be one of your closest allies.

First and foremost, focusing your diet around protein can do wonders for your figure, since protein is a rather filling nutrient that can keep you feeling full for a long time, astudy by Larsen and colleagues suggests. Furthermore,collagen hydrolysate supplements have been proven to be40% more satiating than soy, casein, and even whey (which is a very popular alternative.) Not only did participants ofthis study find collagen to be more satiating, but they also confirmed that they ate less at their next meal - 20% less to be exact. In addition, yet anotherstudy found collagen to have anappetite-suppressing effect, based on the fact that collagen promotes the release of satiating hormones.

Focusing on muscle mass doesn’t only have great results on the aesthetics of the body, but it also contributes to weight loss and an overall toned figure. Muscle mass is a system used to burn fat in the body, and the more lean muscle you build, the more fat you’ll be able to “spend”. Collagen, as a structural protein, has been found to promote lean muscle building in combination with resistance training, which makes it a perfect choice for your post-workout drink.

Moreover, if you’re experiencing joint stiffness and inflammation from amping up your pre-summer gym sessions, make sure to add collagen into your daily nutrition, as it speeds up therecovery byreducing joint pain. Even in cases of extreme pain caused byosteoarthritis, participants felt a significant drop in symptoms - an impressive 40%. Dealing with your soreness face-on, with proper stretching andsoy-free collagen supplements, you won’t spend another day in bed scrolling through Instagram and fantasizing about the body you should be working for!

What may have caught your eye while scrolling through numerous articles and magazine spreads on perfect summer bodies is the idea of doing a detox, which is often recommended - if done correctly. While some believe that detoxing is just another misconception, it is, in fact, a natural process happening in our body, and it should be encouraged. Through detox, we’re able to release bodily toxins and not only lose weight, but retain optimal health.

And when detox is mentioned, there is, without exception, one supplement that comes to mind - Reduced Liposomal Glutathione. Glutathione is known as the body’s master antioxidant, ensuring the release of cellular waste and toxins from the body, especially in liposomal form - which enhances the detoxification. According to the National Medicine Journal, glutathione represents the main component of our natural detoxification system, which acts on a deep cellular level.

Bonus Tips!

Now that we’ve covered all the topics regarding summer preparation, we can focus on fun summer activities. When mixing your favorite cocktail, you may not be thinking much about its ingredients, but having all those previously listed collagen benefits in mind, you might want to give our Collagen-Infused Cocktails a shot! Whenever you have the chance to mix health and pleasure - make sure to do so.

Speaking of cocktails, a not-so-fun part about them is… well, the next morning. Waking up with a pounding headache may spoil the summer fun, so we’ve found a way to ease the unpleasant consequences of over-indulging. All-natural Reduced Liposomal Glutathione, being the strongest antioxidant and the most effective detoxifier, has been known to reduce hangover symptoms by removing acetaldehyde (a very toxic compound alcohol breaks into) from our system.

Finally, we know that during the summer you will spend most of your days outside, and carrying large containers of your essential supplements stack in your beach bag is simply not an option. With ourTravel Nutrition, you’ll be able to take your supplementation regularly and enjoy the benefits no matter how hectic your schedule gets. For our full selection of all-natural, high-quality supplements, make sure to visit ouronline store and stock up on your summer nutrition essentials!

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