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    Even though Halloween is only celebrated for one day a year (what a bummer!), most of us simply disregard the fact that the spookiest holiday of the year is short-lived, and we pretty much see it as an entire season. (who's with us!?). There is absolutely nothing wrong with dedicating the whole month of October to these festivities, since we all love a bit of the imagination and fun that goes along with Halloween!

    When it comes to Halloween decorations, we’re pretty sure most of you have already carved your pumpkins, filled the house with skeletons, stocked up on candy, and picked out a killercostume. But, have you thought of any Halloween menu specials yet? Whether you’re hosting or attending, a Halloween party just calls for a few themed beverages to go with the theme. And even if you’ve decided to sit this one out and celebrate by binge-watching a marathon of Halloween movies, our Haunted Apple Cider Cocktail with Liposomal Vitamin C will only contribute to the spooky - yet festive - Halloween atmosphere!

    So, you’re probably thinking Apple cider? What’s so mystical about that?Well, you’re right - nothing in particular about this drink would necessarily be a direct association with Halloween. That’s why we’ve decided to “spice it up” a bit and add a touch of Halloween magic - that being edible luster dust - which will create a haunted, foggy appearance we’re going for!

    Haunted Apple Cider Cocktail with Liposomal Vitamin C

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    But why stop there? While you may not be too concerned with the health benefits of your beverages during holidays, it’s always a bonus when you can enrich your drinks with a few healthy nutrients - in this case, Liposomal Vitamin C. The best thing about this beverage is that all-natural Liposomal Vitamin C “sneaks in” numerous health benefits, while not altering the texture of your cocktail.

    Why add Liposomal Vitamin C?

    Even though vitamin C is an absolute necessity when it comes to optimal health, humans have not been blessed with the ability to produce it naturally. Surprising isn’t it!? Therefore, vitamin C must be obtained from our food and by supplementation. In the latter case, a liposomal supplement form is the most efficient. When it comes to liposomal encapsulation, the idea behind this form of Vitamin C is that your body receives more of the actual nutrient than traditional Vitamin C tablets, powders, or capsules, which offer less absorbency than liposomal delivery.

    Vitamin C has been recognized as one of the body’s most important antioxidants, boosting the immune system and defending the body against inflammation. Furthermore, it has been found to aid in blood pressure regulation, while being an important factor in overall cardiovascular health. Finally, vitamin C is also a vital component of skin, preserving the skin cells by preventing photodamage induced by UV rays.

    When it comes to Amandean’s all-natural Liposomal Vitamin C, what should be noted about this premium supplement is that it offers fast absorption and high bioavailability, up to 6x greater than traditional formulas. It’s also non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and soy-free and will help to boost your body’s natural collagen production, which slows as you age. Win-win!

    So, let’s get into our haunted cocktail recipe!

    Haunted Apple Cider Cocktail with Liposomal Vitamin C

    Halloween-Inspired Cocktail with Liposomal Vitamin C


    1 oz apple cider of your choice

    1 ½ oz pomegranate juice

    ¾ oz grenadine

    1 ½ oz spiced rum (which can be replaced with additional ¾ oz pomegranate juice and apple cider for a non-alcoholic variant)

    ¼ tsp edible luster dust(in color of your choice - just make sure that it isn’t similar to the color of the actual drink - otherwise it won’t be as noticeable)

    1 tsp of Premium Liposomal Vitamin C 

    The Recipe

    Simply mix all the ingredients together, adding the luster dust last, in order to determine the exact quantity needed to get the haunted look of your choice!

    If you prefer your cocktails with ice, add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and mix them up with some ice!

    Bonus tip: In case the luster dust settles at the bottom of the glass, make sure to provide your guests with something to stir up the cocktail with and reintroduce this gloomy effect!

    Soy-Free Liposomal Vitamin C

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